Amazing Aguinid Falls in Samboan

aguinid-falls-samboanTop-tier of Aguidnid Falls, Samboan

aguinid falls

There are two reasons, at least, that you visit Samboan Municipality--beaches and waterfalls. And another reason why you must go is that Samboan offers very interesting heritage and colorful history.

Yes, Samboan is a great place for beach lovers and for other vacation and adventure activities. I explored the area and enjoyed Aguinid that I will never forget my experience!

One of the fun adventures you can do is visit the falls, especially Aguinid Waterfalls. The meaning of ‘aguinid’ in the English language is to ‘slide’ down slowly. This explains the falls since you’ll see the waterfall flowing or sliding against the rock walls.

It takes around 4 hours to reach Samboan and you need to get off at the town proper where you can see a special landmark—a round-shaped kiosk with a farmer statue on the rooftop. Why the statue was built on top of the structure, a seemingly relevant question which you should ask the town officials.

Samboan Falls was one of my planned destinations when I decided to explore South Cebu in 2016. It was a very rewarding travel and would remember it till the end of my life!


Aguinid is just one of the 5 popular waterfalls in Samboan. Aguinid is located in Barangay Tangbo, a green and farming area of the municipality. When you arrive at the place, you will be welcomed by the proud locals, and they will ask you first before you do about your destination.

Aguinid Falls is a five-tier waterfall, a feature that can easily amuse or attract visitors. You can see that each tier is unique and this feature makes it truly unique and incomparable with other falls in the area.

However, you need to exert some effort to climb some rock walls to see the tiers themselves. However, it is all right if you stick only to one of the tiers and not challenge yourself to reach the other levels.

The first tier of Aguinid is around 10 meters high and has about 5 feet deep water at its base where you can swim in and enjoy its refreshing effect. (Hmm, not that very high, huh?).

From this tier, you can reach the second by walking for about 5 minutes. The third level can be reached in another five minutes through the rock walls of the second tier. The fourth tier has the highest height (about 30 meters—that is high enough!), which is about ten minutes’ walk from the third tier.

aguinid-falls-poolOne of the 5-tiers of Aguinid Falls

Going from one tier to other tiers is not that easy since you need to be fit enough to climb the limestone walls, which are quite slippery hence dangerous. For that reason, most visitors prefer to stay only close to the first two tiers of Aguinid.

The water falling from Aguinid runs for over two kilometers from its base and will converge creating what we call “Tangbo River” of Samboan. That river can be your other destination when in the area.

To Aguinid Falls

The closest and most accessible way to get to Aguinid Falls is through Barangay Tangbo. From the town proper, it takes around 10 minutes to reach this barangay (township) by motorbike and another 5 minutes’ walk to get to the park.

For the residents, the falls is their favorite hangout place or when they wish to spend a break and have their picnic by the falls’ soothing ambiance with family members or friends.

Other Waterfalls in Samboan Municipality
Da-o Falls
It is around 120 meters high and is most probably the tallest among the Samboan waterfalls, including Aguinid. Just right above the waterfalls lie another falls (or cascades) which are also worth exploring, but quite challenging to be reconnoitered.

Da-o Falls has a catch basin that is only more than five feet deep. Some people say that it was once a deep pool but the earthquakes filled in the pool with rocks coming from its surroundings.

The other falls are Bonbon Hidden Falls, Tabon Falls, and Binalayan Falls, among others.

Now, if you are really interested to explore the area and find Aguinid, you might need to check out our suggested road map…

aguinid-falls-samboanOne of the 5-tiers

finding aguinid falls in samboan

Just get to Cebu Province, and you can easily find Aguinid. Outside Cebu, you can as well get there as we will try to outline below.

So, here’s how you can get there…

From Cebu City
At the capital, go to Cebu South Bus Terminal take the Ceres Bus with Bato-Barili route. It takes around 3 hours to get to Samboan. The bus leaves every hour...

Early Trip: 2 am for non-aircon; 5 am for air-con bus
Last trip back to Cebu City: 7 pm from Samboan

From Dumaguete
Take the Fast Craft from Sibulan to Liloan, Santander or Tampi for Bato, Samboan. From Liloan, Santander you can reach Samboan via Ceres Bus that goes to Bato route.

From the neighbouring island of Negros Oriental, it is a 20-minute fast craft ride from Sibulan to Liloan, Santander or Tampi to Bato, Samboan. From Bato, Samboan you can reach Samboan town by taking a motorbike for hire (or habal-habal).

Moreover, finally, from Bato, Samboan you can reach Samboan town proper by hiring a motorcycle (habal-habal).

aguinid-fallsSo near...

More Exciting Samboan Attractions

When you are in Samboan Municipality, it seems just endless to enjoy various sorts of interesting sites and activities you can do – ranging from the less active to the more physically and challenging activities. So, below you can find more of these areas, nature, and structures.

  • Villa Isabella Beach Resort
  • Gorion Beach Resort
  • Balay’g Sawa Falls
  • Boluntaryo Monument (WWII volunteers monument)
  • Bonbon Hidden Falls
  • Binalayan Falls (Hidden Falls)
  • Calatagan Caves
  • Candayvic Falls (kang Inday Marivic)
  • Colase Marine Sanctuary
  • Campanario de Antigua
  • Grotto of the Virgin Mary and Via Crucis
  • Jacob’s Ladder (Escala de Jacob)
  • Kang Yup-ot Spring
  • Kang Porning Cave
  • Mini Falls
  • Mount Bartolina
  • Ponong Lake
  • St Michael Archangel Church
  • Samboan Museum (Museo de Samboan)
  • Stone Walls – Barangay Baska and  San Sebastian
  • Tabon Falls
  • Watch Tower and Belfry at Samboan town center

If you are seeking some thrills and country travel destination, then you might be keen on heading to Samboan Municipality and see what your experience would be like. If you do, please tell us your story.

Thanks a lot for visiting this page and I hope this is helpful.

Please, come back again and find out more interesting places for adventure, leisure, vacation or business on the island.

Have a great day!

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