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alegria-dive-resort-coralsHand and soft coral (photo by Alegria Resort)

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Alegria Dive Resort is in Alegria Municipality, a 4th class municipality of Cebu Province, Philippines. The municipality is interestingly bordered by the famous town of Badian, and the municipalities of Dalaguete, Alcoy, and Malabuyoc.

Mainly, Alegria is more popular with active outdoor activities such as canyoneering, hiking, and nature exploration. That’s is because the area is adorned with natural beauty, verdant forest, rivers, waterfalls, and streams freely flowing over rocks and gigantic boulders of varied shapes.

Not many people know that Alegria does not only possess the land treasures (including the waterfalls and all there is), but that it also has the sea with fecund and bio-diverse sea life. For this reason, Alegria is also ideal and tested by experts to be the best for undersea exploration.

That is how the Alegria Dive Resort was born. The resort was mainly established to cater to the needs of diving enthusiasts and sea life conservationists.


TRIVIA: ‘Alegria’ is derived from the Spanish word ‘Alegre,’ which means cheerfulness in English. Alegria celebrates Kawayan Festival (‘bamboo festival’); becoming the “Organic Vegetable Basket,” and home of the first onshore oil field in the country – the Alegria Oil Field.

Obviously, Alegria Dive Resort offers diving activities to its guests who mostly come to enjoy the sea by exploring its waters. Enjoy the sea creatures. And feel the thrill of living even for a moment in a different world.

Below, I am primarily describing the exciting world of the living creatures that breathe with water – not air!

exciting features awaiting!

In this resort, you will be introduced and guided to the house reef nearby. The house reef is fecund with different and colorful creatures. You will meet with damsel fishes, sea horses, sea turtles, hard and soft corals of various species.

You will also discover fields of Staghorn corals on top of the reef. The reef is a newly discovered rich area that only a few scuba divers and snorkels have so far explored. You can say it is still a virgin reef – not over-exploited! Sooner or later, the ridge will be as famous as Moalboal, which is quite crowded nowadays, by the way!

In addition, you will also encounter more interesting and colorful creatures including Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Lionfish, Hawkfish, nudibranch, among many. Also, you can spot barracudas. Occasionally, a whale shark and dolphins can be spotted.

white-nudibranchWhite Nudibranch

the reef

Divers and snorkelers find the entrance to the reef quite easy. As you enter, you will be floating above the sandy and rocky area where you will be greeted with smaller creatures such as the Leaf Pipefish, Frogfish, and seahorse hanging on the sea plants.

As you move further and deeper, you will be seeing the myriad species of very colorful soft corals and disperse hard corals.

Crown Jewel of the Reef

This is the part of the reef that you will see what you are meant to discover. Be amazed by the fields of beautiful and brightly colored hard corals. This is the place and time that you will tell yourself:

“I don’t want to forget this experience… I must take photos or videos”!

After taking photos of the beautiful creatures, you can start preparing for a wall dive. You can do this either by diving straight over and then quickly drop down. Alternately, you can find your way by going along the edge of the reef and find your way down from about fifteen down to forty meters below.

Professional divers can dive down deeper. It’s COOL!

seahorseAn orange seahorse

Amazing Creatures Below

Creatures of the deep can be found below, such as the giant clams. You will be advised to bring a torch so that you will better see the small caves and anything that dwells inside them.

Of course, other features of the wall include the impressive overhangs, and wall crevices that run from the bottom to the top of the reef.

Alegria Dive Resort’s professional divers and instructors will teach and tell you everything they have learned or knew about the area. They can explain to you how fishes behave. Tell you what species are inhabiting the area. And they can tell you which areas and what activity you should engage with.

More Unexplored Sites

That Tanon Strait, located adjacent to Santa Filomena, is an unexplored sea world. The resort is prepared to discover its hidden jewels. They are working with some marine biologists, environmentalists, in collaboration with the officials in the area.

The purpose is not only to find new sites for enjoyment but also to study and document everything there is in such new sites.

Fun Diving Lessons and Rentals

Alegria Dive Resort offers PADI Reef Conservation Course, Fish Identification Course, and PADI Project Aware Course. You should contact them for further information, especially the discounted offers you can get.

Snorkeling is the most basic but fun to do as a sea activity. Even adults do it because it’s simply a fantastic experience. No need for heavy equipment. Moreover, no worries about facing dangerous situations.

Of course, on the other hand, scuba divers have the freedom to move around underwater. They can freely stay for long and therefore enjoy longer the sea creatures and the world they live in.

PADI Skin Diving
This course includes both skin diving and snorkeling. It means that you need to practice prolonging your stay underwater – by holding your breath for a few minutes. Dive to see the aquatic life up close and personal.

When you can learn snorkeling properly, you will enjoy and comfortably explore underwater. Explore the lakes near you, the ocean or other bodies of water worth observing.

PADI Scuba Diving Courses offers...

  • PADI Scuba Diver
  • PADI Discover Scuba Diving
  • PADI Open Water
  • PADI Adventure Diver
  • DDI (Disabled Divers International) Scuba Diving Course

alegria dive resort's accommodation

As a resort, a group can rent bedrooms with amenities comfortable enough for guests in such an environment. You may check out the accommodation offers…

There are two bedroom houses for a rate of 2,000 Pesos per night.

Bedroom 1: Kingsize Bed
Bedroom 2: Double Bed

Each room can accommodate up to six guests. It is a ground floor with around 70 square meters in space size. The bathroom comes with both shower amenities.

The two bedrooms are built close to the beach where you can experience the mesmerizing sunset over the Tanon Strait and relax your evenings. The location is close to the attractions in Alegria and the surrounding area.

For this accommodation, you will have the cooking facilities, spacious dining area, shower, tables and chairs, mineral water, and FREE WiFi service!

more resort amenities

Alegria Dive Resort offers anything you want to experience and enjoy with while you’re under their hospitable roof. The services include…

  • Scuba diving
  • Scuba diving course
  • Snorkeling
  • Snorkeling Tours
  • On-Site Shop
  • Transport Service
  • Daily Excursions

getting to alegria dive resort

It all depends on where you are coming from. Yes, if you are from Cebu City take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal. Alegria is about 117 kilometers from Cebu, and it should take around two hours to get there.

The resort is on the main highway of Barangay Sta. Filomena, Alegria. Let the driver know that you will get off at the stop right outside the resort.

Pick Up Service
If you plan on arranging a pickup service, the resort requires that you indicate your location and destination through email (or phone). Please, use the contact details below...

  • Address:  Bulacao, Sta. Filomena, Alegria, Cebu 6030, Philippines
  • Telephone:  PH +63 324767132; UK +44 7875545032
  • Email
  • Email.
  • Website:

Thanks for reading through this informational page. Hope this helps.
Enjoy your day, and safe travels!

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