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allure-badian-beach-villaFront view of the resort (source: Allure Badian Beach Villa)

Alluring Allure Badian Beach Villa

Allure Badian Beach Villa is a beautiful tropical beachfront property for rent. It is an exclusive vacation house located in Badian, Cebu Province, Philippines.

Guests will have private use of the entire property as if it is their own. Use its facilities. Its swimming pool, front yard, and beach area. It will be your home during your holiday. It is your perfect dream destination. A private resort!

Badian Municipality is about 110 kilometers south of Cebu City, the capital city of Cebu Province. Among the province’s municipalities, Badian is one of the most well-known destination with great beach areas and extended shorelines and white sandy beaches.

Among Badian’s famous attractions are the Kawasan Falls, three-tiered waterfalls, canyoneering activities, Lambug Beach area, Osmena Peak, fishing grounds, natural and eco-friendly attractions.

While on vacation, you can also go out into the sea and explore the islands. Rent a boat. Go fishing. Explore the underwater using a snorkel. Alternatively, explore the sea world using diving gears if you are into this activity.

Alright, let’s find out the facilities you can take advantage of during your memorable and convenient repose.

kawasan-fallsKawasan Falls

Allure Badian Beach Villa’s Rental Inclusions

The following facilities and items will be temporarily yours. And so will be under your care…

  • Air-conditioned rooms that come with en-suite bathrooms and a balcony facing the blue sea
  • Indoor entertainment room furnished with Karaoke and Cable TV
  • Private use of the swimming pool
  • Private use of the beach area
  • Outdoor activity area with a gazebo
  • Beds – bed sheets, pillows (towels are not included)
  • Well-furnished kitchen and ready to use kitchen utilities: stove, rice cooker, refrigerator, cooking ware, dining utensils, unlimited mineral water, and water dispenser, etc.
  • A parking space

The following information is taken from Allure Badian Beach Villa’s site as of this writing. So, please take note that their exclusive rental rate could vary or change over time depending on the proprietor’s decision. Here we go…

  • Half Villa Rates: 12 guests, 2  Family Rooms, Php 12,000 per night (weekday rent); Php 18,000 per night (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, holidays rent)
  • Whole Villa Rates: 25 guests, 4 Family Rooms, Php 15,000 per night (weekday rent); Php 20,000 per night (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays rent)

NOTE: Weekday Discount is not valid for some months such as from March to June. Please, check with the management for updated information.

allure-badian-beach-villaBeachfront view at Allure Badian Beach Villa

Getting to Allure Badian Beach Villa

Allure Villa is conveniently constructed closed to the provincial road of Badian. It is very much accessible by any vehicle. Therefore, your team or group can come taking any transport available for you.

By Private Vehicle
If you are coming from Cebu City, you should take the Cebu South Road (Natalio B. Bacalso S National Highway) and head towards South via the roads of Talisay, Minglanilla, Naga and then San Fernando. When you reach Carcar City’s roundabout, turn right and continue to Carcar-Barili Road.

The distance from Carcar City’s roundabout to Badian is about 66 kilometers. When you are in Badian Town, just look for the signs and directions leading you to Allure Villa.

Taking the Bus
You can take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal. As you a reach Badian Municipality, get off at Barangay Matutinao – it is located before the famous Kawasan Falls. Remember to tell that ‘conductor’ (fares collector) your destination in advance. Then, you can hire other transports from that barangay to Allure Badian Beach Villa.

contact details

This property is truly tempting to be used. Therefore, you can use the contact details below in case you want to learn more about the property’s offers and availability.

  • Reservation Phone: *Available 24 hours - (+63 32) 238-2828
  • Smartphone: (+63) 917 303-7685
  • Reservation Office: Allure Hotel & Suites, A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines 6014 (opens 24 hours)
  • Appointment Required; No Walk-Ins allowed
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Allure Badian Villa Address: Barangay Matutinao, Badian, Cebu, Philippines 6031

Thanks for reading this information about this villa. Hope this is useful. Should you have any question or clarifications to make, please direct them to the contact details above.
Have a great holiday!

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