Asian Belgian Beach Resort

asian-belgian-beach-resortAsian Belgian Beach Resort

Attractive Asian Belgian Dive Resort

Asian Belgian Beach Resort

Asian Belgian Beach Resort is located in Moalboal – one of Cebu Island’s most popular and best diving destinations.

There are just so much to explore in this area. Aside from the amazing underwater bio-diverse marine life, you can also enjoy the islands nearby.

You can enjoy the sea or dry land adventures! Your choice at this resort!

Asian Belgian is just one of the great resorts that provide you access to the tropical relaxing and adventure resources in this part of the island.

Moalboal is one of the most active and lively beach destinations in the province. You can dive or jibe, you can swim or just day dream, you can socialize or lay lazy on your lounge…

Anything you want for in a holiday can be offered by Moalboal through Asian Belgian Beach Resort.

Fun Dive & Water Activities

You don’t have to be a diver to enjoy this place, but all the more FUN if you are thinking of becoming one, or at least, learn to dive a bit.
Just in case, Asian Belgian resort offers…

Package Beginner – Introduction Diver Course – 1day (PhP3000)
This course is only a day activity where you can dive two times, wow! You’ll be with a dive instructor and provided equipment, as included in the package.

PADI Open water Course (4-5days) (PhP12000 – 20% discount for 2 persons)
This course is a bit serious now since you’ll be learning theories on diving and dive skills. During this course, you will have 8 open water dives in Moalboal. Just like a short course, you have to stay in this resort’s accommodation.

Advance Open Water Course (4-5 days) – PhP9000
Being expert divers, their experienced instructors will bring you to the top dive sites in Moalboal to learn a lot more about diving. The more you develop skills all the more you’ll enjoy diving. “The deeper it gets the cooler you feel”.

Check out for special dive offers with big discounts (save 20%).

Scuba Equipment Rental (Free)

  • Boat Dive at Night (1400Php) - includes a Dive Master
  • Boat Dive at Day (1300PhP) - includes a Dive Master
  • Reef Dive at Day (1000PhP) - includes a Dive Master
  • Reef Dive at Night (1200PhP) - includes a Dive Master
  • 10-Boat Dives (11000PhP) - includes a Dive Master
  • Dive Computer (200PhP) - per dive or 500PhP per day

Asian Belgian Facilities & Services

Of course, for those who are not aquaholics, you’ll have other exciting adventurous experience too. The resort offers…

  • Motorbikes
  • Kayaks
  • Free Wifi
  • Mountain Trail Bicycle
Seaside Restaurant

Since you are already by the sea, you’ll have all the chances to try various marine flavours. The restaurant offers seafood and great atmosphere and view while enjoying you delicious dishes.

Being a fishing village, Moalboal offers all fresh and varied species of fish and sea food products.

The location of Seaside Restaurant offers a spectacular sunset view just over the magnificent Pescador Island.

Pick Up Service

Asian Belgian Resort can also pick you up 24x7 but you need to pay for that too. They have a van that can accommodate about 4 people.

To really enjoy this place, you need to find and stay at their…

Accommodation at Asian Belgian Dive Resort

Asian Belgian Dive Resort offers the following tropical choices of accommodation types…

Native Cottage for 3 (PhP1999 – for 2013)
This cottage is about 30 meters from the sea. It has an air-con and fan, hot water, etc. Staying in a native style cottage gives you an ambiance of a real break from concretes and unnatural buildings, aside from its unique ambiance.

Seaview Room (PhP3500) – satellite tv/min bar/free breakfast
This room provides you direct sight of the blue waters of Moalboal's sea. And certainly, you'll have not only a fantastic view but also refreshing and healing sea breeze in this part of the province.

The Seaview Room is for 2 persons, 1 double bed, sea view room, satellite TV, mini bar, air con & fan, Wifi, etc.

Dolphin Watch Rooms (PhP4000)
You would probably have guessed already why it is called this way. You can seldom see dolphins through this room if you are lucky--in a distance only! This room is for 3 persons, 1 double bed, 1 single bed, satellite TV, aircon & fan, free Wifi, hot water, etc.

Please, see the updates, just in case, on the rates or any changes facilities, services and other details through the search box below. Just type in "asian belgian beach resort"...

Finding Asian Belgian Beach Resort

asian-belgian-beach-resortA beach view from the resort

Asian Belgian Dive Resort can be easily contacted by phone as indicated below, especially when you want to get answers straightaway.

However, if you wish to see first or read something about this dive resort then you might want to check out it nice website which is especially for your convenience.

Whatever you do, please enjoy scanning pages and searching for your dream vacation or break from any noise...

Phone:    +63 (032) 3585428, Cellphone: (Sun) 0943-386-5498


You can email them directly only through their official website.
You may use French, Dutch, or English when contacting them. Wow, linguists!

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Enjoy your holidays, then!

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