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cebu-sunset-viewSunset at Bacalla Woods

Brief Introduction

Bacalla Woods Campsite in Cebu, Philippines, is a great place to make camping and outdoor adventure memories.

With its breathtaking landscape of rolling hills and forests, Bacalla Woods provides visitors with an unforgettable experience.

There are plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy such as fishing, swimming in the river, or going on a picnic.

Visitors can also explore the surrounding area with various trails leading to caves, waterfalls, and waterfall pools.

Additionally, visitors can take advantage of the camping facilities available at Bacalla Woods with tent rentals and other amenities to make your stay unforgettable.

Whether it's a family getaway or just a regular camping experience, Bacalla Woods is sure to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone!

Exciting Bacalla Woods Campsite

Bacalla Woods Campsite is one of those exciting places established in the forested area of Cebu. It is a camping ground that offers adventure facilities inside a natural world. It is popular among youngsters who are quite adventures and love electrifying action.

Most of the accommodating and homey travel destinations in Cebu are usually not initially for business purposes. The owners didn’t have that plan. Most of them created those lovely places for their families (and friends) to entertain themselves and take a break from their daily chores.

Such a place is the Bacalla Woods Campsite. This facility was formerly a holiday abode created by Bacalla family. Now, it is not only making the life of the family easier and happier but also the visitors and adventurers who come to experience the place.

One of its attractive offers is experiencing being thrown back and forth on a swing. This swing gives you an adrenaline rush as you are on it because as if you are ‘flying’ though momentarily. Adding value to that experience is the fantastic panorama of the surrounding verdant mountains and sights as far as your naked eyes can see.

Within Bacalla Woods Campsite, is a house which offers you a great view of its natural environment. You can even enjoy the sunrise from that vantage point.

This swing is only recommended for the adventures but not the faint-hearted ones. It would help if you did not doubt yourself when you decide to take the challenge – for safety reasons!

Yep, you may use their hammock – a lot safer if you want to be sure.

bacalla-woods-campsite-swingThe famous 'Swing'


When you are in the area, you can do and explore lots of possible activities. Perhaps you can ask the guides of the facility as they are the experts in the area. Ensure that you employ all safety measures for yourself and the group. Sometimes deviating from the original plans and not following the ‘strict’ rules could be exciting. However, the rule in the jungle is to follow your guide’s instructions.

Now, let’s see what this place has in store for your adventures…

The Swing
This is to repeat (again) that they have this exciting and adrenaline activity for you – just make sure you are into this if you really want to try! No matter what, hold on tight to the ropes and don’t pass out!

Tent Pitching
Yes, as mentioned, you can bring in a tent and set it up in the campsite’s ground for FREE. If you don’t have one – get one or borrow from a friend (but better purchase one if you plan on doing this activity as a hobby). Maybe you are a lot safer from mosquitoes and other insects living in the woods. But if you prefer, you may just rent a hammock and no worry about packing up and setting up a tent!

Sleeping in a Hammock
Yes, you could do this if you want to but setting up one for yourself is not allowed in this campsite. You have to rent one from the management. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to bother carrying this around when traveling.

bacalla-woods-campsite-hammocksHammocks (for rent)

Bugho Falls
It is a mini waterfall (not like the Niagara or Victoria Falls!). You will enjoy your trek to the area from Bacalla Woods Campsite. Good for exercising your leg muscles and joints. You will have an astounding view of the surrounding while on your way. You will be passing through creeks, streams, and from time to time cool off your feet in them!

And more...

  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking, trekking
  • Surfing (at nearby beach)
  • Skateboarding
  • Falls climbing
  • Yoga Camps
  • Trainings - first aid, etc.
  • Spring bathing
  • Singing, playing musical instruments
  • Cloth Yoga (using a piece of cloth to support one's body from touching the ground)

As the place have no strong light sources, unlike the city, you will have a great vantage point to the skies. You will see stars, comets, and the Moon assuming that you are there of a non-rainy season. Of course, summertime is the best time to stargaze.

For this activity, you can download apps which I will describe some as below…

Star Walk 2
You can have this in your iOS or Android. You just point your phone to the sky and Star Walk 2 will track the night sky and help you find the constellations

Star Chart
It is FREE, for iOS and Android devices. This is a great option if you are starting for a free app. This app lets you point your phone at the sky and will let you know what you are looking at.

Not Free - for Android and iOS devices. This app boasts that it is "the most realistic sky map" that can help you see the stars, constellations, and planets. By pointing your phone to the sky, it will show you an accurate sky map at night time

It is FREE! For your iOS or Android phone. This app has different versions, and depending on what you want to use, you may not or may have to pay.

This app has both FREE and non-Free offers. You can use it for both iOS and Android. According to the description, the app uses your camera to identify celestial bodies even during the day. You can also find the Hubble Space Telescope when you point your phone at the sky.

 So, there you go. Pick your choice for your stargazing!

Some Useful Reminders

Reserving your place in the forest of Bacalla Woods Campsite is good advice. This ensures that you can use their place when you arrive. Walk-in is still acceptable but not very practical.

For one, as already mentioned, you may not be allowed due to the number of guests. (or, you may be allowed, but you will have the not-so-nice location in the camping ground.

Second, you are still welcome, but you need to pay an additional fee. Therefore, a reservation could be useful in making your adventure more fun and comfortable.

Anti-mosquito Lotion. If you don’t have a good tent, then you certainly need this off-mosquito skin lotion so that you will be sleeping peacefully. Also, it will help you drive them away during your outdoor activities. They are totally annoying! I wonder what’s their function in the web of life! Please, tell me... ^^

Yes, you need food, water (or juice, drinks, etc.) and finger foods. The camp allows guest to prepare their food. You may have to bring in your cooking apparatus, however!

Getting to the Campsite

Cebu has more than enough transports that can bring you to your desired destinations anywhere in the province. Please, think of your plan and decide which transport suites to you and your friends or family.

Taking A Bus
This is easy. Head to Cebu South Bus Terminal and look for your destination (most likely at Door #8). Ask or look for a bus sign or screen that announces destinations such as Argao, Oslob, or Carcar. Before you settle down (if a seat is available) make sure by asking the conductor if they pass through San Isidro, San Fernando.

Bus Fare: 60-70 Pesos (estimate)
When you get off in San Isidro, you will see motorcycle operators waiting. Yes, they usually charge you more than your longer travel (motorcycle fare: about 90 to over 100 Pesos).

Jeepney Ride
You can also take this omnipresent transport to Bacalla Woods Campsite. You may start from Colon Street (near Starbucks or ask if you cannot find it). The Jeepney should be the one that travels to Bulacao. From Bulacao transfer to another Jeepney going to San Isidro, San Fernando – 44 or 45 (for a fare of about 15 Pesos).

Take a motorcycle from your Jeepney stop and pay similar fare mentioned above (around 100 more or less). Note that a motorcycle ride is at a maximum of two to three persons. You can save more with friends!

Of course, private vehicles could be much quicker to get there. You may also hire a taxi from any point of your origin for Bacalla Woods Campsite. Just make sure you have some ideas about the usual fare for your destination. Sharing a ride with your friends could be a good idea – easy, fun, economical and safety reasons!

Since you are planning to enjoy a camping activity, you don’t have to come early in the morning. A good plan. No heavy traffic. You can go during noon time and arrive there about 1.5 or 2 hours later.

Expenses Estimates

As the fare and rates change without any prior notice (and in case this article cannot be updated on-time), make sure you carry around extra amount (probably in your belt wallet, socks or something safe? ^^).

Here we go…

  • Hammock Rental Fee: 150 Pesos
  • Boodle Fight Fee: 100 Pesos
  • Entrance Fee (inclusion: overnight and breakfast): 200 Pesos
  • Bugho Falls Trek Fee: 50 Pesos

In total, you will spend around 600 Pesos for your wonderful woods camping activity and adventures at Bacalla Woods Campsite.

In addition to the information above, it would also help if you visit their FB page and contact them.

Address: Libo, Ilaya, San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: 0923-825-6945; +63 923 825 6945
Message: @BacallaCampsite

Guidelines to all Campers

The following guidelines are from Bacalla Woods Campsite to all visitors. It is important if you can keep them in mind for better use of the place and your personal safety.

  • Keep safe and dry by bringing a sturdy hammock with rain fly.
  • Bring enough supply of food and water. But they have fresh water from nature - spring
  • Be environmental - use reusable utensils and other materials. Ask the crew how to dispose your garbage.
  • Be peaceful with nature and co-campers: chill down after 10PM.
  • Wear suitable clothes and footwear for your activities
  • Bacalla Woods Campsite has a supply number of hammocks and tents. So, please book in advance - at least 3 days beforehand.

Hope this article is useful for your search and travel. If it does, could you please share with others? Would be glad and helpful!

Have fun and safe adventures!

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