Barili Limestone Cave System

Barili Limestone Cave System

Barili Limestone Cave SystemCaves by the sea in Barili (Photo: Kareen S)

Exploring Barili Limestone Cave System

Barili Limestone Cave system is located in one of the popular municipalities of Cebu Province, Philippines, obviously called Barili.

The Cave is located around 30 miles in the southwestern part of Metropolitan Cebu.

Around the Barili Municipality, you can find intricate and numerous caves that form part of the Barili cave systems

Barili has mountainous environment which keep the cave system hidden from people’s eyes. Most of these caves are unexplored and only the easy to access caves become popular.

During the Second World War, most Cebuanos hid among these cave to protect themselves from the advancing Japanese soldiers. Some even believed that some treasures and wealth are still hidden inside some of those caves, either being kept but were left behind by the invaders or by the locals themselves who were well-off.

Either such stories are facts or fiction, the most interesting point is that the Barili limestone cave system is fantastic enough to be explored and further studied by explorers and experts.

Brief description of limestone caves

Limestone caves, such as the Barili’s cave system, is called a ‘solutional cave’ (by Wikipedia) which is usually created in the soluble rock limestone.

It is said that this kind of cave is a usual type. However, Barili cave can also be formed due to other elements such as dolomite, marble, salt beds and others.

Caves such as this one are adorned with calcium carbonate products that include in the shapes of flowstones, stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, columns, calcite rafts and other interesting forms (Wikipedia).

The Limestone Cave
There are some experts in Cebu that can help you explore and enjoy the cave system of Barili’s caves. They offer various tour guide services for reasonable rates you can get.

If you already know how to explore caves, then you know that you need or must have some basic skills in climbing rocks, crawling narrow places, climbing ropes, among other necessary physical capabilities.

In Barili Cave System, the present tour guides offers can take around three hours to complete.

Most of them offer 6 hours or so, including your arrival, lunch, and other activities you are offered to experience for their package offers. Such cave guided tours offer necessary equipment but you might have to prepare your own gears as well.

Mouth of a cave in Barili looking towards the seaMouth of a cave in Barili looking towards the calm sea (Photo: Kareen S.)

Some Preparations
To be sure that you are prepared to this adventure, you will need the following materials:

  • Outdoor shoes (preferably for wet and dry environment)
  • Extra shirts, towels
  • Waterproof backpack (or waterproofing material to keep our bags and other materials keep from getting wet)
  • Camera, video, etc.

You can find many service providers that offer such outdoor and adventure activities. Some of them specializes these activities while others are offering them as part of the resort’s activities and offers to their guests. Sample guides include: is not affiliated with them, so you may contact them directly if you inquire or decide on embarking to such activities.

More nice places in Barili

On your way to the cave, you will enjoy the lush green forest, river system and pass by Kalusinda Cave where you can also see a waterfall close by.

Among other attractions in Barili, you will enjoy a popular waterfall called Mantapuyan Falls.

Sayaw Beach is a popular beach in the area where you will enjoy its clean and fresh seawater. Nearby you can explore smaller caves and rock formations.

Certainly, there are more in Barili Municipality. Further resorts and attractions will be featured in this website, so please visit frequently.

Thanks for reading up to this part. Have a great day!

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