Boardwalk Beach Resort

Boardwalk Beach Resort in Compostela

Boardwalk Beach Resort

Boardwalk Beach Resort is a nice vacation facility situated in the Northern side of Cebu Province, Philippines.

It is very accessible even by a public vehicle (jeepney) from the highway to Danao.

It is a resort reachable in less than an hour to escape from the stressful environment of urban life and busy daily surroundings.

Coming to this place, you can enjoy the great view of the open sea, enjoy the cool swimming pool water, or play lightly with badminton.

This beach resort is recommended for group activities including both formal and ordinary events.

Your family, friends, classmates or group can use the place just for fun and parties for a day or overnight stay.

However, you can also use the facilities of this beach resort for any formal events, such as meetings, conferences, workshops or anythings related to business and official functions.

Boardwalk Beach Resort. The rooms and facilities of this resort is satisfying enough for travelers and vacation makers.

Boardwalk Resort (image:

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Fun & enjoyable facilities

You don’t have to do anything to relax and cherish your precious restful time.

However, if you feel the need to do something you can make use of their facilities built and prepared for all the guests to enjoy with.


Boardwalk has a nice and cool pool wherein you can spend your time in the world to refresh your stressed mind and body. And, there is a Jacuzzi to help massage your muscles while sharing nice stories with a friend, family members, or a loved one.

Barbecue Party

Yes, you can use a barbecue grill facility and have your small party with your family or anyone you came with. Would be nice to spend time preparing food with your loved ones or even with close friends…

Karaoke (Sing-a-long machine)

Most people, especially Filipinos, love karaoke (or sing-a-long) that they have their own machines at home. You can certainly enjoy this machine while having fun in this resort with friends or family.

Tropical Huts

These huts are being enveloped with tropical ferns, flowers, and other green plants giving healthy and fresh environment.

Conference Rooms

This beach resort is also great for your formal events such as meetings, conferences, workshops and anything related to business or official events. Please, make sure you contact and arrange with the management properly and in details you plans.

To enumerate the other facilities available, here is the bullet list:

  • Swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Karaoke
  • Badminton court
  • Huts, ferns, green plants
  • Cottages
  • Conference Rooms. Each conference room has its karaoke that can be rented (Php100/hour).

Tropical accommodation / rooms

Boardwalk Resort has a number of multi-level cottages and rooms available for overnight use. These rooms are not 5-star facilities but you will certainly enjoy and feel comfortable and satisfied with their amenities.

Here is a bit of room details…

  • Php1,800/night
  • 5 guests/room (maximum of 7)

Beyond the maximum number of guests, additional charge (200 pesos) will be incurred. But the good news is that all guests can use the swimming pool and other facilities including the barbecue grill freely.

Of course, you don’t just rest or sleep. You need to eat something so as to fully enjoy your break, especially when you consume a tasty food.

Here in this resort, you’ll have the chance to be exposed to the culinary talent of the chef (Tanya Tiongko). So, don’t miss that opportunity.

Finding Boardwalk Beach Resort

Boardwalk Resort is just some miles from the capital city of the province – Cebu.

You can easily find this resort when you reach Compostela Municipal Hall.

Reservations & Inquiry: 0920 952 6250 or (032) 516-5325 (Susan Tiongko)

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Boardwalk Beach Resort Swimming Pool. This facility is one of the beaches in Cebu that offers great facilities.

A pool overlooking the sea

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