Bobel Hayahay Beach

Bobel Hayahay Beach Resort

Bobel Hayahay Beach Resort, Bantayan Island, Cebu, PhilippinesFront view of Bobel Resort, Bantayan Island

Bobel Hayahay Beach

Bobel Hayahay Beach is a small but homely beach resort located on Bantayan Island. "Hayahay" in local language literally implies stress free and better life. That is exactly what the resort is offering to its guests.

You cannot easily see it on the top list among the popular resorts on Bantayan, however it is certainly nestling at the best spot on the island.

I discovered it during my last day of stay on the island while taking photos and discovering more resorts for this free travel guide website.

Just to say it again, this website aims to promote Cebu's travel or vacation resources including, above all but not limited to, beaches (and resorts) which are the best assets of Cebu Province.

When I saw Bobel Hayahay resort, I felt that it must be a simple yet serene and homely abode for guests.

So, I immediately grip my camera and positioned to take photos of this newly discovered holiday resource.

Now, let me describe a bit about this humble resort...

Beachfront view at Bobel Hayahay Beach, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Attractive Features

Bobel Hayahay Beach Resort is basically composed of two buildings standing side-by-side and established just a few meters from the beach.

Right in front of the building, you can find a small hut where you can sit, relax, chat, or anything you do while on a holiday. This hut, made of bamboo, wood and cogon grass-roofed is a great traditional ingenuity that beats the tropical scorching sun.

This cool hut is where you can leave you towels or your drinks while you enjoy the refreshing seawater of Bantayan.

Bobel Hayahay Resort is located right on Santa Fe area in the island's southeastern part where most popular resorts are established.

What makes this part of Bantayan Island very popular is its

  • long stretch of white beach,
  • expansive shores lined with coconut trees
  • safe and not deep or sudden slopes
  • gorgeous sunrise
  • great for water activities (such as surfing, UPS, kayaking, etc)
  • great for strolling and hiking, etc.

Other Services

Bobel Hayahay can and will be happy to help you reserve and book activities and services you wish to get while under their care. Some of them include:

  • island-hopping
  • motorbike/scooter rentals, mountain bike rentals, etc.
  • customized boodle fight
  • other water activities

Anything that is available on the island and that can be outsourced from other adventure providers can also be arranged through Bobel resort, if you ask.

Even if you just sit down and do nothing at all, you will enjoy every bit of its atmosphere.

In addition to what you can enjoy at Bobel Hayahay, you are not tied to it since you are in the middle of other resorts and you can always explore the whole area - although you are not really free to enter any private place unless you are permitted to do so.

So, anyway, this simple and affordable resort could be one of your choices for your holiday or vacation when you choose Bantayan Island.

Now, let's find out its accommodation offers.

Bobel Hayahay Beach's accommodation facility on Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Hayahay Beach Accommodation Offers

As aforementioned, this resort has two building with two stories each. they are not big but can accommodate a good number of guests.

Here are the rooms available:

Single Rooms - Aircon: PhP1,200; No Aircon: PhP1,000
Barkada Package: 8-10 guests, 4 Rooms - PhP4,000

New Aircon Room - PhP3,000 for 2-3 guests
Tent Space - PhP500/night; PhP100 per head

Check in: 2PM
Check out: 12Noon

Please, be reminded that the quotations (or rates) above are only guides and could change anytime and will go up especially during holiday seasons, such as Christmas, Holy Week and summer vacation.

Now, let's find out where this Bobel Hayahay Resort is located.

Bobel Hayahay Beach Resort. It is located on the fine white beach in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, the Philippines

Finding Bobel Hayahay Beach

As already mentioned, this resort is on Bantayan Island. But the complete address and contact details are as follow:

Address:  Sitio Pantalan, Barangay Talisay, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, the Philippines
Cebu Phones: 0933-9960423/ 0943-4333782;
Landline: 412-0939

If you are searching for ways to go to this amazing island, you may use our travel guide page. Just click Getting to Bantayan Island and use any method comfortable for you and fits your travel plan.

And, if you want to see more photos, rates, services and other details of resorts on Bantayan Island, you can visit our official affiliate world popular online accommodation provider - Agoda.

Have fun and enjoy your search.

Thanks for reading this page, hopefully you find this helpful.

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