Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort
or "Triple B"

Heavenly Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort

Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort is also popularly called the “Triple BBB” by many.

This famous bar and resort is beautifully established is Alcoy Town, south of Cebu City, Philippines. It is situated where you can perfectly view the sea and the surroundings.
It takes about 2 hours to get there by car.

It is an accommodation with restaurant, swimming pool (with Jacuzzi), and offers various interesting activities and professional events services.

Entrance gate of the beautiful Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort Bar in Alcoy.

Above all, it can provide you a great place for relaxation, comfort, and great holiday experiences.

Now, let’s check out some…


Bodos Resort offers various sorts of interesting things to do and fun adventures while you stay and enjoy your holiday on this area. Here are some offers…

Adventure Trips
You can make your request and arrange with its joint-venture partner that specializes in preparing trips for interested guests. You can do adventures or visit places, such as islands, Kawasan Waterfalls, Simala Shrine, among others.

Partners: Adventure Philippinen, DiveCenter, Boot Tours

Dive Trips
You have to consult with the Dive and Adventure Center through Bodos Resort management for your interesting scuba diving or snorkeling adventures. You will be visiting popular dive sites where you’ll encounter or observe colorful and amazing creatures the live underwater.

Boat Tours
You can tour places as many as you want depending on your arrangements. You’ll visit neighboring islands or islands belonging to other provinces, such as Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Negros Island, which are located also in the central Visayan region where Cebu is.

Beautiful location of Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort located above the hill overlooking the beautiful blue sea.


Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort has very qualified host and team that can organize your requests for events, seminars, or any, and facilities that can satisfy your needs and requirements. Some of them include…

Its restaurant serves both fantastic local and international dishes of your choice. Bodos does not just order supplies from anybody. Its food ingredient suppliers must prove HACCP Standard. The restaurant offers various cuisines including vegetables, salads, which are not applied with chemicals but only natural insecticides directly coming from the farmers nearby.

More great facilities you can enjoy with…

Pool & Jacuzzi
Pool bar
Wellness & Spa
Bird’s Park
Souvenir Shop

View of pool and jacuzzi at Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort in Alcoy

Other services:

Wedding Celebrations
Bodos Resort has a great view for being a resort in this area. They can provide complete decoration, catering service, live band and sound system for the ceremony and celebrations afterwards.

Special Overnight Packages

Pick up service (from Cebu or vice versa). This service can make travelling to this nice resort a lot easier and more relaxing. Of course, you need to book ahead at the management to make sure you don't wait that long.

Other Events
Bodos Resort has a Function Hall that can be used as place for any sort of events, such as team-building, seminars, conferences, folk events/dance shows, etc.

Other services: laundry, room service, WiFi access, backup generator, etc.


Bodos also offers great rooms for guests. The rate can change according to season or anytime without prior notice. So, please make sure you directly confirm it from them. Here are the accommodations…

Balcony Rooms (1-2 guests: PhP1490): fan, terrace with sea view, 1 double and 1 single bed
Double Deluxe (1-2 guests: PhP1850): aircon, hot/cold shower, mini bar, TV, internet access, DVD, etc.
Triple Deluxe (1-2 guests: PhP1850)

In order to find or contact this place, here is the info if you don’t have it yet…


Bodos Bamboo Bar, Alcoy, Cebu 6023, Philippines
Phone: +63 32 4839119; +63 32 4839024; +63 923 4484877

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