Boljoon Municipality
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Boljoon Municipality

boljoon municipal officeMunicipal Office of Boljoon

Boljoon Municipality (name pronounced as “bol-who-on”) is ranked as a fifth class municipality in the southernmost part of Cebu Province in the central Philippines.

Based on the 2010 census, the municipality has a total registered population of over 15 thousand people (

The municipality is endowed with a total land area of 29,000 acres, which is equivalent to over 11 thousand hectares.

Most of the flatlands and hillsides are being tilled as farmlands planted with coconuts, bananas, sweet potatoes, yams, among other local crops as sources of livelihood.

As a municipality, it is bounded by other municipalities in this southern part of the province. Boljoon is bounded in the north by Alcoy Municipality, in the south by Oslob, in the west by Malabuyoc Municipality, and in the east by Bohol Strait.

At present, Boljoon is administratively subdivided into eleven barangays (townships). If you don’t know yet, Boljoon is famous for whale shark watching activities, and six of these barangays are located right in the coastal areas, including the Poblacion (town).

So, here are the 11 barangays of the now famous Boljoon…

Poblacion, El Pardo, Baclayan, Arbor, Granada, South Granada, Lower Becerril, Upper Becerril, San Antonio, Lunop, Nangka

Okay… Now, if you are interested to find out some more, let us show you a little bit more about Boljoon’s…

boljoon baluarteBoljoon's Baluarte

Interesting Features

Just like most places on this island, Boljoon Municipality is rich not only with natural beauty and resources but also in history and heritage.

For example, the municipality has been preserving its historic environment including its historic sites and structures. For one, Boljoon Church is known for being beautifully decorated with interiors--intricate carvings and bass relief. 

The church features a baroque rococo style, which is dominant during that period in Europe, an influence brought by Spanish architects and masons. Among other main features, the church has a main nave, twenty-eight pillars that support the walls, which is made of mortar and lime and are about two meters thick to withstand earthquakes and other natural calamities. At the same time, such churches served as refuge or fortress for local inhabitants during pirate attacks in the olden days.

boljoon church interiorInterior of Boljoon Church displaying its intricate architectural designs

Being a Historic Landmark

Boljoon Church is considered as the oldest surviving original stone church in the province. For being so, the National Historical Institute declared this structure as a historical landmark in 1999. Other churches built during that time were either totally destroyed or were rebuilt but with added new materials.

And in 2000, the National Museum declared the church as a National Cultural Treasure. These features made Boljoon Church one of the popular sites among visitors in the area.

In addition, it has been said that 16th century artifacts, such as china wares, have been dug by archaeologists at the front lawn of the church in early 2008. Hopefully, such findings would tell more interesting stories about this historic and amazing municipality. 

Boljoon ChurchOutside view of Boljoon Church (June 2016)

More Boljoon Municipality Heritage

Since this page only partially describes Boljoon Municipality, it cannot feature everything worth seeing and experiencing in this place. So, here below, I would just mention some of the heritages that Boljoon offers you when you decide to visit.

Some of the interesting places and sites include…
Watchtower Ruins at Ilihan, Eli Rock, Church Cemetery, Church Plaza, Patrocinio De Maria Church, Blockhouse Fortress, Esteban N. Yncierto Residence, Watchtower Near the River, Isidro Calonge House, Boljoon Bridge, among many.

If you are interested to find out and discover more places and sites worth seeing, please see them through this local government’s website link:

This link describes everything there is at Boljoon: history, heritage, guides, blogs, forum, picture gallery, and more. Details about places are nicely described in the link.

sunrise view cebuSunrise View at Club Fort Med

Granada Beach Resort, Palanas Mountain Farm ResortClub Fort Med Resort

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