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Boyla Hotel and diving resort on Mactan Island, CebuA rooftop view from Boyla Diving Resort (image: facebook photo)

Boyla Hotel Diving Resort

Boyla Diving Resort is both a hotel and a diving facility on the fantastic Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

As a diving resort, it is owned and personally managed by a certified scuba diving instructor that has been certifying divers in more than 20 years of its service.

The secret of its being a great diving learning facility is its friendly atmosphere and high standards in terms of adhering to strict and proper rules of safety measures.

Due to its high standard service, Boyla Diving Resort has earned a lifetime membership with both local and international diving associations (National Association of Underwater Instructors & Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

In addition to this serious business of diving, it also offers lighter and fun activities, such as boat tours, jetskiing, among others that will be mentioned shortly below.

Fun water activities

The following activities are the major interesting water activities offers at Boyla Hotel and Diving Resort.

However, some of them could be available only at some seasons or depending on your preference.

Therefore, you might need to inquire ahead of time what they can offer to you and what your requests are.

There are more than what is shown here and this serves only as guide to their main activities offers...

Boyla hotel and diving resort two diversBoyla diving resort's two divers at facebook
Fun Dives

This is for divers who passed certain qualifications in order to dive and have fun in the diverse waters of Mactan and its surrounding diving hotspots. An experienced dive tour guide will accompany your underwater tour to make sure you’ll get the best experience of marine life.

Dive Tour
Diving tours in the spectacular waters of Mactan area and nearby islands is also one of the best offers to divers who want to see and experience directly the beauty of Cebu’s colorful and diverse marine life.

Safari Diving
Obviously, this is a very interesting activity (and maybe a ‘bit’ dangerous too, just like a safari in Africa where you could encounter tigers and other wild animals!!).

Then, that would be more fun. Boyla Diving Resort will bring you to various places in the Visayas Regions and nearby popular diving spots, such as Moalboal, Malapascua, Dumaguete, Siquijor, Bohol, among other places.

Visiting Islands (commonly called “Island-Hopping”)
This is a common but fun way of enjoying vacation at once. Locals and foreign guests love to do this since it is very light and quick way to see nice places, enjoy white beaches, and enjoy food and drinks in various places (or islands).

Among the islands you’ll visit are the sanctuaries, including Hilutungan, Nalusuan, Talima and other islands such as Pandanon and Cabilao in Bohol Provincial Island.

More interesting activities

Aside from those expert diving and long distance tours, you can avail light and quick fun activities close to the resort itself as well.

Some of the offers include the following fun rides…

Jet Skiing
Ride a quick and adrenaline pumping but very fun Jet Ski experience. Ride above the waters of Mactan Island and take in the refreshing wind caressing your skin.

Have fun and get a hawk’s view from above the waters of Mactan.

Yellow Banana Boat Ride
Your family or friends can surely enjoy riding together at one time and ‘capsize’ together and get wet… and ride again!

Simple Snorkeling
Mactan’s underwater offers great and colorful attractions including the corals, fishes, starfishes, critters and everything that live under the sea. No need to sweat out to enjoy… obviously!

Wake boarding
This is a very fun adrenaline pumping activity, but only for the experts and very daring ones. You’ll be drawn by a speedboat while riding your board and ride atop the waters with high speed…

Water skiing
Fun Fishing

Island Barbecue Party
This is cooking and eating out on an island with a personal cook. You can do this with your family or close friends to enjoy time together on an island with delicious dishes and enjoyable environment and refreshing cool breeze.

Basically, these will be your menu…
Grilled seafoods such as prawns, fish, squid, crab and pork and chicken barbecues.    
For the desserts, you will enjoy Cebu’s delicious mango, banana, and pineapple among other local fruits. Cooked rice, of course, is vital for Filipinos, but could be optional for other guests from other countries.

Indoor pool
It is available for both swimming for relaxation and diving lessons inside the resort.

Boyla Hotel & Diving Resort Accommodation

Boyla Diving Resort also has a hotel established right in front of its diving center. Its hotel rooms are great for your stay after having done strenuous day’s activities, or for just relaxation and tranquil rest.

The rooms have hot and cold showers, cable TVs, air-conditioned facilities, and spectacular sight of the bird sanctuary called “Olango Island”.

Just make your requests and you’ll be given quality service on this fantastic island and resort facility.

For further information and room rates, please contact the resort directly using the information below this page.

Cool diving lessons

Boyla Diving Resort offers great courses you can choose from. Depending on your background in diving, you can have shorter or longer hours of theoretical and actual lessons.

It offers both NAUI and PADI Courses. Here they are…

Dive master course
This is a professional level that certifies you to teach others to learn diving and guide guests.

Rescue Diver
Obviously, you are already an expert diver and you’ll learn how to help other divers in a dangerous situation.

Emergency First Response
This is a required course before you become a Rescue Diver already mentioned beforehand.

Open Water Course
This course is the basic level that introduces you to learn the fundamental and necessary skills to become a good diver in an open sea. Passing this level will earn you a certificate, a certified diver.

Advance Open Water Diver
This means that you are honing you diving skills so that you can dive as deep as 30 meters below the sea level. Surely, the deeper you dive the cooler it gets! It is cool since you’ll see more of the amazing underwater life, take photos, explore wreck, or encounter interesting creatures during night dive.

Boyla hotel and diving resort, Mactan IslandFacebook photo of a scuba diver swimming with a whaleshark, by Boyla Hotel Dive Resort

Finding Boyla Diving Resort

You may use the following contact details for your inquiries or any sort of action you want regarding this place.

Address: Buyong Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:    (032) 492-1823
Hotel Reservations: 032-4957895
Telefax:  (032) 492-1800

Now, if you are really interested in finding out how to go to Cebu if you are somewhere in the world far from the province, you will need to read a guide on getting to Cebu. Just click the link and you will know how to get there and discover Boyla diving resort. Have fun!

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Thanks a lot for dropping by and scanning through this page. Hope this helps you find what you’ve been searching for, or at least point you to some direction.

We wish you all the best and have a wonderful vacation.

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