Buko Beach Resort in Sibonga
"Spacious Place to Relax and Enjoy"

buko-beach-resortBuko Beach Resort's Native Cottages

buko beach resort of sibonga

Buko Beach Resort is a real place for both vacation and parties. You can easily find it in a private and secluded area in Sibonga, Cebu Province, Philippines.

Although located only around 150 meters from the national highway, it is free from noise and other sorts of pollution. 

Yes, it is by the sea and slowly improving its beach areas.

Close to this resort is the famous religious place of Simala Shrine, a shrine of the Virgin Mary, where believers flock to explore and adore.

fun activities & facilities

This very spacious beach resort is great for families or bigger groups who love to enjoy fresh environment and by the sea.

Buko Beach Resort offers various facilities especially for a day visitors. And so, here are the facilities you can enjoy with at the beach resort area…

Bamboo Cottages
Yes, there are cottages available only for day use. There are enclosed cottages for those who prefer to stay longer and have more private time.

And there are more bamboo cottages with open sides with sits and table in the middle for your day’s food and drink supplies.
If you really insist, air-conditioned cottages are available too.

Swimming Pool
This is a newly built swimming pool for both children and adults. However, you need to watch your little ones much closer for safety reasons.

Surrounding this pool are cottages, chairs and other facilities you will need while dipping into this cool water in this tropical county.

The swimming is wide and close enough to the sea where you can observe the horizon and inhale the fresh sea breeze to relax you spirit and body.

If you love barbecue by the pool, then you can have it! Buko management offers this service starting as early as 6 pm until early morning, wow! Just remember to do this during your vacation or holiday and not during working days!

simala-shrine-churchSimala Shrine Church

The Coconut Hut
Sounds very inviting name, right? Yes, as you might have guessed already, it is a both a restaurant and restobar.

This restobar offers great food and refreshments. As you enjoy your food and drinks you would be entertained by live bands playing local and international music.

Usually, the live bands only play on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, but other entertainments are also available in other days. People come in this part of the province to enjoy their evenings with food, drinks as well as music.

In addition, snacks are always available for those who love to munch something at night or early morning.

Of course, this machine is omnipresent in this country, and it is available right here! It means that you can enjoy singing in public with your friends or family if you don’t want to hear the band playing on those nights mentioned.

That’s right… challenge yourself to discover your hidden talent before it’s too late. The reward is that not how good you can sing be appreciated but the health effects when you sing and laugh.

Events, Parties, Social Gatherings, etc.
Buko Beach Resort is happy to accommodate and supply everything you need for your event or party. You can have this event at their restobar, or probably anywhere inside the facility if you make an advance booking and reservation.

Create happy memories…

more services

Yes, they have more services and facilities that you can enjoy with while at their resort...

Jumbo Size Trampoline
Sorry, but this is only for children. The reason why adults are not allowed to play on this facility is because they are not that as flexible as children are. If you really insist, then go ahead…

Beach Volleyball Court
This is another new facility for all visitors of the resort. This is fantastic for health especially for those who are busy doing their regular and boring daily routine and have no time to stretch their muscles.

Volleyball could be physically demanding and may require moderation for those who are not used to doing any physical exercise… just a piece of advice to prevent injury!
Parking Space for Free!

That’s right, parking space in this resort is free. You can park your motorbike, car or any vehicle without worrying for space.


Address: National Highway, Barangay Bagacay, Sibonga, Cebu 6020, Philippines
Phone: +63 905 665 1254 (Mike)
Email:    livinatdbeach@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BukoBeachResort

Surely, there are more to what have been described above about this resort. So, better check it out yourself for further details.

Thanks for dropping by and reading through this page. Hope this helps you find something useful. You may visit this site again more often to find more interesting places in the province.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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