Buswang Lake in Asturias

Buswang Lake

buswang-lakeBuswang Lake (photo: junrebayla)

Amazing Buswang Lake

Buswang Lake is located in Asturias Municipality, Cebu Province.  Locals are proud of the Lake and it's the town's major attraction drawing people from several places in the province.

In fact, the lake comes to mind if the name of this town is mentioned.   It is supposedly the biggest body of fresh water on the island of Cebu.

'Buswang' is a Cebuano word for the English word 'to flow out' or 'explode' from a trapped body of water, like a pond, lake, rice paddy, and the like.  Nonetheless, in this event, it is a term used to refer to the water flowing out from the mountainside to the lake that fundamentally forms it.

Visitors to the lake have a number of alternatives to make their stay enjoyable.  They could jump on a boat and explore the lake.  They are also able to go fishing around the lake while exploring it.  The lake is also the venue of some special events in the town, such as banca racing.  In one side of this lake iss a cave that can also be a prospective tourist place.

Quick Background of Asturias 

The old name of this town is "Naghalin," which comes in the Cebuano term "lalin" meaning "settlers from faraway places."  But, some people say the title came from the Cebuano term "naghaling," so to start a passion for cooking.  The second explanation might be the right one because it's near a place that was once called "Bagakaw" or fiery cauldron.

The town was once a portion of neighboring Tuburan before the king of Spain granted a petition for the creation of a separate town.  The city also includes six church bells which are considered as one of the rarest on the island.  The biggest bell weighs about one ton and if rung its call can be heard by humans over ten kilometers away. 

The nearest neighboring town of Asturias is named Balamban which is also famous because of its travel attractions, such as its own specialty food called 'Balamban Liempo'.  If you are crazy about pork barbecue, then you must try this original specialty.

getting to asturias municipality

Any mode of transportation will have no difficulty in reaching Asturias Town. 

V-Hire (Van)

If you wish to take a Van from Cebu City, go to Ayala Center Cebu where you can take this public transport. It usually takes less than two hours to get to Asturias town. The Van will travel via the Transcentral Highway, which is a shorter way to get there. And you will be there quicker but it also depends on the traffic flow and time of your travel. 

Private Car or Motorbike

If you are driving your private vehicle, you can head from Cebu City to Asturias via the Naga-Toledo Road.

more attractions

You can discover various places, attractions and resources in Asturias if you search deeper. The following are some we can mention here.

  • By The Lake
  • Policios Waterpark Resort
  • San Roque Hot Spring and Caves
  • Tree House

If you find more interesting places in Asturias, please share with us your story and we’ll be glad to hear from you.

Have a great day and safe travels.

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