Cancalanog Falls

enchanting cancalanog falls

cancalanog-falls-basinTurqouise Cancalanog basin (photo by: asa ni quen)

cancalanog falls

Cancalanog Falls is located in Alegria Municipality, a town which is about 3 hours from Cebu City. The attractive waterfall is one of Alegria’s favorite travel destinations. It is gaining much attention from both local residents as well as travelers from other provinces.

You can get to Cancalanog Falls through various points of origin. And the best thing that one can get is that you will begin experiencing its beauty even while on your way.

You will be greeted with immense lush vegetation and be awed by the rolling mountains and hills around. Birds on the trees will be singing, bees buzzing, winds caressing your hair and skin.

After the mountainous parts of Alegria Municipality, you will be passing through the byzantine road, and you will not miss looking towards the vast and verdant vegetation down below the mountains. More so, you will also witness the immense blue ocean with great awe.

As you get off from your motorcycle (habal-habal) ride, you are ready to walk for about fifteen minutes to reach Cancalanog. You will be following the trail down the mountain; then you will be brought to a fantastic sight of the forest area.

basic facilities

Entering the falls' location is not free! A certain amount (PHP50 or so) will be collected from all visitors.

  • You can purchase refreshments and snacks where you can find the registration area.
  • A toilet is available for all visitors.
  • An overnight stay and a night swimming will be allowed but with proper permission from the operator.
  • If you are brave (or trying to conquer your fears), you can jump off into the ten-feet deep water from the cliff or from the bamboo bridge built close to the pool.

Just to tell you that the whole place can be crowded a bit during high seasons, but it is generally quiet during off periods. Since the site tries to attract more visitors, it can be a little bit commercialized, and in fact, some parts of the falls are intentionally developed to direct the flow of water into the pool basin.

enchanting cancalanog features

From a distance, you will be reminded of places with the similar spectacles, such as the Hinatuan Enchanted River in Surigao or other places in the world that you might have seen as travel ads.

However, you do not have to compare this falls with any other falls since they are all unique and each has its own peculiar features and beauty. So, it would be unfair if you compare one with another.

Although the water resembles with other enticing falls, do not expect to find a high-falling waterfall from Cancalanog – it is just a cascade, a smaller version of a waterfall. Even then, you can expect a spectacular of turquoise water enveloped with rocks which created the inviting natural and refreshing cold swimming pool.

Of course, the environment is serene and peaceful as it is tucked and hidden from the busy and noisy modern world. As the sun sets late in the afternoon (starting 5 PM), it gets dark, and you can feel around you that things are getting ready to rest for the night. So, it means that you need to get back on the road and take your ride back to town before it gets dark.

getting to alegria municipality

Most travelers approach Cancalanog from Malabuyoc Municipality, which is about 22 kilometers away from it. Indeed, you can get there from any point in the province including from Cebu City.

From Cebu City, the capital of Cebu Province, head to Cebu South Bus Terminal where you have options of public transports. here is your guide:

  • Take a bus (maybe Ceres bus line) for a fare of around PHP170
  • Get off at Sangi in Alegria then take a Habal-habal ride (around PHP75/one way) for Cancalanog direction
  • Get off from the motorcycle then walk for about 20 minutes to the waterfall
  • You should arrange with the motorcycle driver to pick you up at a particular time for your departure back to the provincial road where you can get the bus back to Cebu or any point of origin.

Hope this helps your search. Please, let us know should you need further details.
Thanks for reading and share if you find this helpful.

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