Why Cebu Ads?

why cebu advertises?

To keep this website operating, up and running online and to serve as travel guides for Cebu guests, travelers and visitors, we need to put up ads.

If you have observed, ONLY big companies usually don’t have ads and they only advertise themselves. On the other hand, smaller businesses mostly have ads to support its survival—like this one.

We put up ads from diverse legitimate affiliate programs to support this website’s FREE contents for public use. This travel guide, as you know, promotes Cebu Province and its nice beaches—that in turn helps local business and local people’s livelihood. This promotion actually also includes the whole tropical beautiful Philippines.

Having said that, we would like to ask your support to keep this website running and serve its main purpose—promote the province and the livelihood of its people. You know, after Yolanda severely struck some islands, thousands of Cebuanos suffer because they were dependent on tourism, aside from the victims in other regions

how it works

We can only earn from the ads if you click and buy ads or any products put up on this site’s pages.

TravelingCebu.Com is a legitimate affiliate program member per ad company. The companies chosen are very popular, legitimate, legal, official and follow international conventions and by-laws of business. So there’s no need to doubt those companies, and you can always confirm their legitimacy by visiting their official websites.

And these big companies do not easily accept any website to be their affiliate member without credibility and valuable contents. We are proud to say that Traveling Cebu is one of those online sites that qualify their standard guidelines and stringent requirements.

When you buy any of the products available and linked through this site, you can always verify their legitimacy by checking out companies’ logos, trademarks, and other special and unique features for each company.

All of the companies being advertised here are operating internationally and you can always compare the ads being shown here with the ads being published in their official websites.

International Companies

The companies being advertised here include the popular and giant companies, such as the Google Adsense, Agoda Hotel, Site Built It!, etc. Again, the ads put up here are directly linked per each company's main website.

Please, check them out yourselves and avail their services and products to help support this free website and keep it running.

Sponsorship & Cebu Ads

Aside from being an affiliate member of those companies, we will also accept donors, supporters and sponsors for this site.

If sponsors are enough to support this travel guide site, then it would be great to get rid of the ads, which somehow distracts searchers and readers.

Thanks for understanding and reading to the end.
Please, visit more often and lend us your support.

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