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Kota Beach Resort on Bantayan Island

Kota Beach Resort is rightly called by its name due to its safety curve-shaped beach resort area. Besides being safe, Kota has white sand beach that is great for fun activities and fantastic sunrise view. It is worth your time and resource to relax at this paradise.

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Anika Island Resort | Bantayan Island

Anika Island Resort is a fantastic and ideal place for your holiday and beach activities. It offers great cottage accommodation, facilities, food, fun, adventures, and island activities. I have been there and promised to return someday... and more often.

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Amazing Cebu Badian Island | Traveling Cebu

Great Cebu Badian Island Resort & Spa is a special place in Cebu where you can find solace amidst the noise of your daily life. Enjoy this tropical island with complete hotel amenities. Treat Yourself Tropically!

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Hanging Florentinos Eco Park | Balamban

Florentinos Eco Park is an environmentally-friendly resort that offers amazing views of verdant mountains in Balamban, Cebu. The resort is dubbed as the "Little Tagaytay in Cebu" by visitors who enjoyed its lovely settings. It offers relaxing ambiance and facilities.

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Fantasy Lodge Cebu | Samboan

Fantasy Lodge Cebu Samboan is a lovely and old-fashioned style resort tucked by a hillside overlooking the sea in Samboan, Cebu Province. The resort offers verdant and serene environment with its interesting facilities such as cliff terraces, sunset view, kawa hot bath...

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Sagastrand Beach Resort | Olango Island

Sagastrand Beach Resort is a fantastic holiday destination located on Olango Island, Cebu. It offers beach area, pool, nice accommodation, island hopping and more exciting services and facilities

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El Paradiso Resort | Alcoy

Amazing El Paradiso Resort is a beach relaxation facility built in Alcoy Municipality, which is popular for its white sandy beaches. The resort offers comfortable accommodation facilities, leisure and activities, services and amenities suit for a family.

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Dive Point Alcoy Resort

Dive Point Alcoy Resort is both a vacation and diving facility in south Cebu, Philippines. It offers comfortable accommodation facilities, best holiday offers, standard diving courses and onsite classes. The trips to dive sites and islands are some of their great offers.

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Bobel Hayahay Beach Resort

Bobel Hayahay Beach Resort is a relaxing place and space for your holiday on Bantayan Island. This resort offers affordable accommodation and spacious white sand beach.

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Coco Seaview Beach House

Coco Seaview Beach House is a property situated close to the beach with fantastic sea view. The house is built with natural materials--wood, cogon grass, rattan, etc. It has gardens, dining outside settings, spectacular sunset, and refreshing sea breeze.

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Cool Coal Mountain Resort | Argao

Coal Mountain Resort is a fantastic relaxation facility located in the mountains of Argao, Cebu. The resort offers exciting activities, relaxing facilities, and serene environment which suits to a family and group's holidays or weekend break.

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Turtle-Shaped Carnaza Island

Carnaza Island is a small and beautiful island to the north of Cebu. It offers sparkling emerald waters, verdant hills, lagoons, and fun activities. A 1000-Peso budget can make your day an unforgettable experience in your whole life.

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Cangcuaay Private Beach | Oslob

Tanawan Cangcuaay Private Beach is a resort open to public guests. It offers an exciting beach area featuring amazing rock formations and emerald waters where you can enjoy some beach activities. They offer budget fees but satisfying and affordable facilities and services.

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Voda Krasna Beach Resort on Alcoy Town

Voda Krasna Beach Resort is one of the few great providers of exciting beach facilities and services in Alcoy. It offers bungalows by the roadside property overlooking the sea and native huts on top of rocks with fantastic sea views and cool breeze.

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Cebu Westown Lagoon | Mandaue City

Cebu Westown Lagoon is an amazing place for relaxation and parties in one place. It offers cool pools, entertainment facilities, event venues, accommodation, a restaurant and bars. Both adults and children love the replicas of the kingdoms and dragons motifs!

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