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Basdaku Beach Resort in Moalboal

Basdaku Beach Resort is a long stretch of white sand beach in Moalboal, Cebu. It is a very affordable resort with facilities that cater to needs of those who love beach and water adventures. Basdaku has a wide and white beach area ideal for your photoshoots, camping, etc.

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Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island is one of the best travel destinations in Southern Cebu. The island is famous for its shifting sandbar, diverse marine life, crystal-clear water.

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Bukilat Cave | Camotes Islands

Bukilat Cave is a natural cave attraction located on Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines. It is popular among locals and visitors for its awesome internal beauty and cool pool inside it.

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Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort in Camotes Islands

Mangodlong Rock Beach resort offers interesting resort with unique rock formation topped with tropical huts. This serene beach resort has fun water activities including scuba diving, snorkeling...

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Top Cebu 4-Star Hotels & Resorts

Best Cebu 4-Star Hotels offer the best accommodation you can get in town. They are close to the international airport and at the heart of the city.

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Solea Mactan Cebu Resort

Solea Mactan Cebu Resort is one of the modern resort hotel that caters to various sorts of guests. The hotel has 6 pools and venues for events and meetings.

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Cordova 10000 Roses Cafe

Cordova 10000 Roses Cafe is a new attraction on Mactan Island drawing enthusiastic and romantic visitors to see the glowing roses. Visit, enjoy and be romantic!

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Travel Cebu City Transports | Cebu Bluewaters

Various Cebu City transports will bring you to the great places on this tropical island. Take the small jeepneys traveling within Cebu City and buses outside it.

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Cebu Cable Car System

Cebu Cable Car System is an exciting new mass transport system that can ease the traffic congestion issues in Cebu. It will surely help, so should be set up.

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Hidden Beach Resort in Aloguinsan

Hidden Beach Resort is a popular budget beach destination in Aloguinsan, Cebu. It offers very affordable facilities, a clean white beach, and crystal waters.

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Kota Beach Resort on Bantayan Island

Kota Beach Resort is rightly called by its name due to its safety curve-shaped beach resort area. Besides being safe, Kota has white sand beach that is great for fun activities and fantastic sunrise view. It is worth your time and resource to relax at this paradise.

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Anika Island Resort | Bantayan Island

Anika Island Resort is a fantastic and ideal place for your holiday and beach activities. It offers great cottage accommodation, facilities, food, fun, adventures, and island activities. I have been there and promised to return someday... and more often.

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Amazing Cebu Badian Island | Traveling Cebu

Great Cebu Badian Island Resort & Spa is a special place in Cebu where you can find solace amidst the noise of your daily life. Enjoy this tropical island with complete hotel amenities. Treat Yourself Tropically!

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Hanging Florentinos Eco Park | Balamban

Florentinos Eco Park is an environmentally-friendly resort that offers amazing views of verdant mountains in Balamban, Cebu. The resort is dubbed as the "Little Tagaytay in Cebu" by visitors who enjoyed its lovely settings. It offers relaxing ambiance and facilities.

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Fantasy Lodge Cebu | Samboan

Fantasy Lodge Cebu Samboan is a lovely and old-fashioned style resort tucked by a hillside overlooking the sea in Samboan, Cebu Province. The resort offers verdant and serene environment with its interesting facilities such as cliff terraces, sunset view, kawa hot bath...

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