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Circa La Playa Resort

Circa La Playa Resort is a fantastic resort for families and groups for total leisure. You can enjoy its cool swimming pools and more fun tropical services.

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Philippine Call Centers: Reinventing E-commerce

Philippine Call Centers are the flourishing businesses that cater to the needs of international customers to connect around the world.

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Simala Shrine Church

Simala Shrine Church is a very popular church and monastery located in the Southern Cebu Province. Visitors come to pray for miracles and enjoy the environment.

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North Sky Beach Resort

North Sky Beach Resort in Sogod is a nice place to relax especially during holidays with friends or family. It has fantastic pool and beach facilities.

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Bamboo Paradise Beach Resort

Bamboo Paradise Beach Resort is a budget resort with relaxing facilities and environment. Visit the historical sites, parks, and try its traditional delicacies.

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BellaVistaMare Beach Resort

Beautiful BellaVistaMare Beach Resort offers you the best place to search the ocean through San Francisco Bay and its white beach on Camotes Islands.

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Extreme Bacalla Woods Campsite

Bacalla Woods Campsite is an area that provides various exciting and challenging activities. One can learn new activity or simply camp out, mountain hike or bike, climb the rocks and waterfalls, surf the sea nearby, do yoga, or meet new friends and coexist with nature.

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Buho Rock Resort | Camotes Islands

Buho Rock Resort is a unique place known for its ship-like rock docking by a cliff. It is where you can see the blue ocean from the viewing deck of this rock.

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Socorro Beach Resort | Danao City

Socorro Beach Resort is an attractive relaxation property in Danao City, Cebu Province. It offers swimming pools, beach area, native cottages and more services.

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The Mactan Newtown Beach Club

The Mactan Newtown Beach Club is a nice beach area on Mactan Island and part of the Megatown development project property. This beach area was also a popularly known as Fortofino Beach.

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Talisay City in Cebu

Talisay City is a new emerging economic zone of Cebu Province. It does not only produce goods & products but also holds nice travel & leisure destinations.

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Looc Garden Beach Resort, Mahayahay Beach, Argao

Looc Garden Beach Resort is one of the places where you can fully enjoy Argao beaches. This resort offers accommodation for groups, a swimming pool and a beach.

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Kadaugan Sa Mactan Festival

Kadaugan sa Mactan is a historic battle against foreign invasion on the Island of Mactan, Cebu. Kadaugan celebrates the event, courage, culture and life.

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Popular Tingko Beach Resort in Alcoy Cebu

Tingko Beach Resort is the most popular public beach in Alcoy Town, Southern Cebu. It is a great place for family picnic and group activities for holidays.

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Hidden Beach Resort in Aloguinsan

Hidden Beach Resort is a popular budget beach destination in Aloguinsan, Cebu. It offers very affordable facilities, a clean white beach, and crystal waters.

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