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Cebu Westown Lagoon | Mandaue City

Cebu Westown Lagoon is an amazing place for relaxation and parties in one place. It offers cool pools, entertainment facilities, event venues, accommodation, a restaurant and bars. Both adults and children love the replicas of the kingdoms and dragons motifs!

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Busay Holiday Pools

Busay Holiday Pools is an interesting mountain resort in Busay close to Cebu City. It provides amazing views and panorama of the city aside from its cool swimming pools for adults and kids.

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Cute Campalabo Islet

Campalabo Islet is a charming sandbar in Barangay Tajao, Pinamungajan Municipality. Visitors are enchanted to its white sandy beach that emerges and submerges with the seawater's ebb and flow. Its scenery is as cool as water, and breathtaking surrounding views are great.

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Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden

Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden is the country's one of its kind flower garden by the mountainside. This becoming famous garden has terraces of colorful and adorable flowers of varied species. Besides enjoying its beauty, Terrazas' offers would fully satisfy your visit.

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Green Lagoon Park in Compostela, Cebu

Green Lagoon Park is one of the biggest resorts in Compostela of Cebu Province. It offers great and various facilties for families, friends, groups...

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Allure Badian Beach Villa

Allure Badian Beach Villa is an exclusive beach resort villa that caters the needs of a family or big groups. The resort has complete room amenities, kitchen and dining facilties, outdoor and indoor spaces, swimming pool, and beach area available for various activities.

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Agua Azul Badian Resort

Agua Azul Badian is a beach resort located in Badian, Cebu. It used to be an artist's personal abode but sold to a family who took advantage of its crafted beauty. It is created and furnished with creative items. It is available for those who love art and beach for rent.

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Agtugop Cold Spring in Asturias

Agtugop Cold Spring in Asturias is an attractive and totally refreshing natural resource for all its visitors. It is a free resource where most active travelers and locals enjoy swimming, jumping off into it from the cliff and cooling off yourself especially during summer.

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Cabo San Miguel Resort, Asturias

Cabo San Miguel Resort in Asturias is a fascinating and interesting facility for vacation and events provider. It offers great facilities and services to beach lovers.

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Aabana Beach Watersport Resort on Malapascua Island

Aabana Beach Watersport Resort is proud enough to offer its establishment with personalized services and accommodations. It has fun water sport facilities for your holiday or extended stay. Been there and done that, fortunately! Great accomodation and location to unwind.

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The Baluarte of Alegria

The Baluarte of Alegria is of great historical significance of defence and freedom among locals. It is standing still at the heart of Alegria Heritage Park of this great municipality.

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Baluarte de Argao, Cebu

Baluarte De Argao is one of the few resorts that offers direct introduction to historic sites in Cebu. It does not only offer historic value but also facilities and services to guests.

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Robinsons Galleria

Robinsons Galleria is a new and trendy shopping centre in Cebu City. Come and shop or just simply enjoy the spacious and comfortable place with friends or family. Eat delicious Filipino dish, buy toys, shop fresh groceries, or relax and enjoy a movie with friends or family.

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Discover Cebu Minor Basilica of the Santo Nino

Cebu Minor Basilica or the Santo Nino Church of Cebu is one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines built during the Spanish period. This historical religious structure has played significant roles in the lives and progress of the Cebuanos and its leaders.

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Ayala Center Cebu

Fun Ayala Center Cebu is an interesting place to be for shopping or just relaxing. You can enjoy food, entertainments, shopping or simply window-shopping.

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