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Steamed Lapu-Lapu Dish


Steamed Lapu-Lapu Dish page describes one of the popular local culinary specialty in the province. It celebrates the province's heritage and local hero.

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Marina Mall – A One-Stop Shopping Haven in Mactan Island, Cebu

mactan island boat port movenpick

Marina Mall

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An Unforgettable Experience at J Centre Mall

jcentre mall

J Centre Mall is a shopping center in Mandaue City, Cebu. It is a favorite place not only for shopping but also for entertainments, foodies, and chilling

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Busay Falls in Camotes Islands

busay falls pool haidedesu

Busay Falls on Camotes Islands is a small cascade but with a cool and refreshing pool. It is popular among locals and travelers who enjoy freshwater and nature.

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Discovering the Joys of Gaisano Grand Mall of Mactan

sm city souvenir shop

Gaisano Grand Mall

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Exploring the Grandeur of Robinsons Galleria Cebu

robinsons galleria front evening view

Robinsons Galleria Cebu page describes this amazing mall in Cebu City that has it all. Shop anything, eat any dish you want, and be entertained...

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Cambais Falls in Alegria

cambais falls chasing potatoes

Cambais Falls in Alegria, Cebu, is an amazing natural site to be. It offers wonderful views and you can enjoy its cool waters ideal for trekking and hiking.

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Boljoon Municipality in Cebu

boljoon town office

Boljoon Municipality in nicely located in the southern side of Cebu Province in the Central Philippines. Whale shark watching and Boljoon Church are some of the famous attractions in the area.

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Incredible White Malapascua Island | Cebu


White Malapascua Island article describes this famous island's beautiful features. It attracts not only holiday-makers but also divers who love sea creatures.

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Unique Yooneek Beach Resort

yooneek beach resort building facade

Interesting Yooneek Beach Resort of Bantayan Island is one of the resorts that provides best facilities and services to its guests both local and foreign. Enjoy the white beach, blue waters...

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Alcantara Municipality

alcantara municipal building

Alcantara Municipality is located on the Southeastern side of Cebu Province in the Central Philippines. It offers exciting travel resources including hiking and beach areas.

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Boljoon Church Archaeology | TravelingCebu.Com

boljoon church rectory view

Boljoon Church Archaeology describes an exciting finds by team of experts in the grounds of the old church. Among them are gold jewelries & ancient ceramics.

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Bakhaw Beach Resort


Secluded Bakhaw Beach resort is a rare and beautiful white beach - undeveloped natural beauty of Camotes Islands. It is tranquil and far from being spoiled by developers. Still, you can avail basic facilities including cottages, boats, small stores, among others.

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Cebu IT Park

cebu IT park

Cebu IT Park is one of the modern symbols of progress in Cebu. It is both a leisure and work space combined to create a modern way of living a better life.

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Cebu North Bus Terminal

jeepney philippine flag design

Cebu North Bus Terminal offers the best mode of transportation in Cebu. You can comfortably go to the northern places via buses, mini-buses and vans.

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