Cebu Beach Safety Tips!
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Cebu Beach Safety Tips

Another body of water that needs greater safety measures due to its unpredictable behavior is the irresistible water on the…

“It's hard to resist a day on the beach, but you'll need to know some safety rules for swimming in the ocean. Swimming in the ocean is trickier than the pool because of waves and currents, which can change” (

In Cebu province, the waves in the islands are not that huge compared with those in Hawaii or other Pacific islands. However, you had better check out with the lifeguard (or locals) to find out the present sea waves and currents’ condition.

Waves are dangerous since it can knock you or push you down to the ocean floor. So, kids must be close enough to adults especially when the waves are rough.

When you are in the sea, don’t try to swim far from the beach because you might become too tired to swim back to shore. You may start swimming from the deeper part towards the shallower shore area.

Even people who can swim well may encounter strong water currents – undertows or riptides – that they don’t even know it’s happening. If this happens, swim parallel to the shore or until where the current stops pulling you away.

When things like this happens, stay calm, don’t panic, and call for help.
And, when you see jellyfish or Portuguese man-of-wars never approach or touch them because they might sting you. If it happens ask for medical assistance, although it could not kill you it makes you suffer for days.

Aside from jellyfishes, you should also be careful with sea urchins in Cebu. They are usually black in color and have long spikes that could really make you suffer when you accidentally step on them. Locals usually use natural method (human urine, if you dare!) to make the spikes come off from your hurting foot.

(Pssst! It's not part of Cebu beach safety tips.)

Or you could use warm water with vinegar in it to make the brittle spikes come off and ease your pain.

Basic rules you must keep while in the sea

Other important Cebu beach safety tips:

Don’t swim alone – especially for kids and non-professional swimmers!

Always swim in areas where there is a lifeguard or anybody who sees you in case of emergencies – drowning, shark attacks, and other accidents that may occur. Keep in areas marked for swimmers only and never go beyond them.

If the bottom of the beach is rough, rocky, or not comfortable for a barefoot swimmer, better use footwear.

Never swim too far away from the shore or where there are no swimmers.
Never play a joke by pretending to be drowning or anything like that – lifeguards or other helper will drown you instead! (kidding)

It is also advisable not to swim or stay close to piers, rock pilings, or anything solid that could hit you because of sudden water/wave movement.

Don’t turn your back on the waves; instead face them so that you’ll know what’s coming.

More practical water safety tips

Learn to swim from adults or other trainers. Also learn courses related to boating and other water safety lessons.

Sunscreen is necessary especially if you have lighter skin – particularly in tropical countries where the sun light is strong that can cause skin cancer and other skin abnormalities.

It is also good to wear sunglasses and a hat for protection from direct sunlight’s harmful elements.

Bring with you a bottle of water, juice, or other drinks to keep yourself from dehydration.

Always obey Cebu beach safety rules or stop your water activity when there is a warning of storm or possible tsunami/tidal wave occurrence.

Get out of the water when there is lightning and thunderstorm – many died of water electrocution while swimming.

Don’t swim in the dark. It’s simply impractical to swim when you can’t see clearly or anything.

As already mentioned above, test the water temperature to see if it’s not too cold to give you muscle cramp or blood pressure rate to go up.

Don’t swallow water or open your mouth while swimming. You could take in germs that can make you sick with diarrhea or other ailments.

Always take shower with soap or other body wash, shampoo, or body cleanser to remove any virus or small elements you might have brought with you from the sea or swimming pool.

Do you find these Cebu beach safety tips helpful enough?

If you have rules of your own please add it down below and we would be VERY grateful!

Have fun and be safe!

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