Simple Cebu Beach Tips...
Make the most out of your experience!

Standard Cebu Beach Tips

If you prepared most of these basic things you can surely enjoy your beach experience. Your most basic props are the following numbered items:

1. Bring a towel, blanket, small mat, or anything you can lay on.
2. A towel to dry yourself after dipping in the water.
3. A Cover up
4. Bathing suit, swimsuit, shorts, or similar clothing you feel comfortable wearing
5. Underwear – especially if you feel uncomfortable wearing wet suits while not in the water
6. A hat, sunglasses, sunblock/sunscreen/suncream
7. Flip flops, beach sandals, or slippers are preferable and practical than wearing shoes.

Food & Drinks – Cebu Beach Tips

A bottle of water, juices, soft drinks, and other beverages or liquids are a must. Much better yet if you have an ice box to keep them cool. If you don’t have an ice box, you can wrap you cold drinks with a newspaper then with a towel.

If it’s not a party, prepare light meal box or sandwich, or anything that won’t get sour or spoiled easily. If you prepare sandwich or salad, do not use mayonnaise or anything that gets spoiled easily by heat.

Better prepare nuts, fruits, and other finger foods if you decide to stay all day.

Secondary Cebu beach tips

Baby powder is advisable if you want to attract less sand on your body. That’s because baby powder, especially the one with corn starch, absorbs the moisture and makes sand to come off easily.

However, you don’t need it if you prefer to take shower – if available in the area.
Make sure you have a special bag, plastic bag, or anything that can be used to contain your used clothing to prevent sand from coming home with you.

Safety Cebu Beach Tips

Do not go to the beach alone. Bring some friends or anybody you know just in case you need help for emergencies. It also helps you safe from stalkers and con artists.

Keep your valuables in a safe box at your hotel, house, cottage, etc. If you bring them with you to the beach, keep it close to you or where you can see them (thieves abound wherever people are busy doing something and are distracted).

Pick the popular or famous beaches where most people go. Or, if you re adventurous a guide or someone who knows the place to help you is advisable.

Never go to any place which you don’t know anything about.

In some Cebu islands where immediate emergency facilities are not readily available, it is advisable that you bring with you a backpack or any that contains basic medical emergency tool kits.

Finally, if you don’t know much about the beach you’ll be going to, ask your travel provider or locals about some do’s and don’ts in the area.

The best tip to stay safe in the water is to learn how to swim! Agree?

However, although you know how to swim you must know your limits. You may be an Olympic champion but it’s of no use when you develop a muscle cramp – it is when your body muscles suddenly tensed up and causes you pain.

When this happens, get out of the water if you can or ask for immediate help and take a rest. Massage the muscles to help it return to normal condition.

Yes, these are the basic Cebu beach tips. If you have your own wonderful tips when going to the beach, please let us know them too! You can add them below.

Be safe always and have a waterfall of fun!

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