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Jaw-dropping Cebu Cheap Budget Accommodations -

Over 160...

If you have a tight budget or you're a pretty practical person, you are in the right Web page.

I can show and guide you to cheaper accommodations in this provincial islands.

So, instead of spending your money for sleeping, you could use it for delicious food, nice beaches, and other more really necessary things on your holidays... Right?

And, if you're a real backpacker you can just pitch your tent in the right places for FREE! I can tell you about that later on, though.

OK, let's check out what Cebu has got to offer...

In Cebu City, there are popular major districts where you can find these cheap and budget accommodations. Such district/areas include:

  • Cebu City
  • Lapu-Lapu City
  • Malapascua Island, and
  • Moalboal.

Let's take a look at them one by one...


This city has more than 60 cheap accommodations available... They are:

  • Cebu Guest House, Sugbutel Bed & Bath, Pe're Aristo Guesthouse, Cebu Business Hotel, Virgin Beach Resort, Verbena Capitol Suites, Allson's Inn, Europa Mansionette Inn,Hotel de Mercedes, and more...

You can easily access them for both business and leisure. They are easy and conveniently situated, nearby many historical sites, tourist attractions, resorts, or business addresses...

http://www.wego.com/hotels/philippines/cebu/cheap-hotels is one of the websites that you can search for - information, photos, booking, or other stuff.

Again, you can check out the websites I included above. OK, let's now proceed to...

LAPU-LAPU CITY, Cebu Budget Accommodations

Lapu-Lapu has more than 50 Cebu cheap budget accommodations available for you... This city, as you may know already, is located in Mactan Island where the international airport is... and where luxurious hotels & spas are.

But since you are a wise traveler, you can find much cheaper but comfortable accommodations too.

The price range is US$18-50. Although it's quite cheap it's a little bit higher compared with Cebu City's rates. That's because Lapu-Lapu City is where the hot white beaches, luxurious resorts, export processing zones...

B&B and Inns

Some places (B&B and Inns) recommended by TripAdvisor include...

http://www.tripadvisor.com/ is the world famous travel site where You can actually browse them. Just type in "Lapu Lapu B&B and Inns" and you'll surely find your prospective accommodation.

Of course, you can find much cheaper ones if you really dig deeper. But be careful, you might get disappointed if you do that.

OK, let's go further and try to find your accommodation on a beautiful island, the famous...

MALAPASCUA ISLAND, Cebu Cheap Budget Accommodations

Yes, this nice pretty island popular for its white beaches, water sports, resorts, and diving sanctuaries, has more than 40 tropical accommodations.

You'll be staying in cottages or bungalows close to the sea. Check out...

Check out this site for more available accommodations and rates.

Visiting that site will lead you to some individual sites. Pick well your accommodation, and enjoy!

NOTICE: Many smaller islands in this province have very few or even don't have hospitals and medical facilities. If you're not very healthy, don't risk to visit isolated islands unprepared!

Now, we're going back to the city. Let's investigate the famous place called...

MOALBOAL, Cebu Cheap Budget Accommodations

This famous tourist destination district - for its beautiful beaches and world well-known diving spots - has around 20 various accommodations that await you. Are you ready to see your prospective accommodation? There, you have...

  • Cheap Backpackers Hostels
  • Discount Hotels
  • Group Accommodations
  • Group Booking for cheap Hotels
  • Student hostels Accommodation
  • Cheap youth hostels

http://www.hostels247.com/ is the place to see those accommodations & rate details. You can also type in "Moalboal Accommodation"...

Or, click any related links for Moalboal accommodations on this site.


Cebu Cheap Budget Accommodations are also available, of course.

The accommodation price range is US$18-99... Please check the accommodations out at the best trip advisor - www.tripadvisor.com

Here Comes the RATE range!

To summarize the cheap accommodations... The rate starts from US$8... to US$35 a night.

That's pretty cheap, right? Cool!

OK, then. Happy hunting for your budget accommodation!

NOTICE: Since rate changes, please verify your accommodation details!

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