Cebu International Golf and Resort

cebu international golf and resort

cebu-golf-coursesGolf course lawn with sea view at Cebu International Golf property

cebu international golf and resort

Cebu International Golf and Resort is a fantastic place for relaxation and holding various sorts of social events. It is situated in the Municipality of Badian, which is about three hours from Cebu City – the capital of the province.

The property is about 97 kilometers from Cebu City and situated in the middle of serene environment and breathtaking sights of the area.

Cebu International Golf Course is a few minutes away from the national highway of Badian Town. This national highway extends as far as Lambug Beach which is around eight hectares close to it.

Badian Municipality, if you do not already know yet, is famous for its white beaches and crystal clear waters, verdant mountains, springs, waterfalls, and above all for its exhilarating outdoor activities, such as canyoneering and trekking.

Now, regarding the golf course and resort, you will find that it offers an 18 hole par 72 course on a well-developed and groomed green lawns of grass. Just like all golf courses in the world, you may rent a golf cart available on site.

Some interesting details that we need to know are below…

philippines-golf-coursesGolf course lawn (photo: Cebu international golf and resort)

amazing facilities and services

This golf resort is not only for golfers and avid golfer fans but also for those of you who love rejuvenating surroundings and environment that can provide various sources of relaxation and even a space for social events.

Here are the property’s offers:

Special Holidays Packages for all occasion for…

  • Golfers and non-golfers
  • Group Tours
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Families or Individual Travellers
  • Diving Trips
  • Island Hopping, etc
cebu-resortsSwimming pool at Cebu International Golf Resort

the resort

As mentioned above, the golf course and resort is perfectly located in an area where you can avail most fantastic holiday destinations. Besides that, you will have fantastic views of your surroundings and will have time in the world to explore the area.

Yes, you have a fantastic view of the sea! Moreover, of course, you have direct access to the sea and beach area where you can do photo sessions or simply relax and explore rock formations

Swimming Pool
Most great resorts in Cebu have either swimming pools or the beach area. This time, Cebu International Gold and Resort has both of them – the beach and the pool.

Not just one swimming pool but two medium size swimming pools. The pools have areas separate for children and adults. Moreover, the rates are different – for kids is half than the adults’ rate (PhP100 and 200 respectively – could change without any prior notice).

cebu-hotels-resortsAccommodation at Cebu International Resort, Badian, with an amazing sea view.

resort accommodation

Cebu International Golf and Resort offers rooms and villas. You may choose a villa that is tucked in a quiet and serene location where you can enjoy peace with family or friends. Alternatively, you can choose from any room located close to the sea with a grand view of the sunset.

In particular, if you choose to stay overnight or for a more extended period, you could settle in at their King Suite Room for more excellent space and comfort. The King’s room is with a king and queen beds, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen area.

If you need to fit in more members and friends, you have to request for extra beds (and maybe additional charges for this facility).

Yes, this is one of the most important things that one should not miss out. You cannot enjoy anything or any beautiful thing if your stomach is empty, right? I should be right!

At the resort, you will not starve as they offer anything nice and tasty in the area. You can have all sorts of seafood, meats, veggies, and anything they can prepare.

The resort has a restaurant, and they are kind enough to bring in your food and request them to prepare it for your – not free anyway! You may also cook using the grilling facility they offer.

pinoy-foodsKorean and Pinoy food

What kind of Food?
Hmm, you can start with the local or Filipino traditional food, such as grilled squids, fish, shrimps, clams, shells, and everything edible from the sea. Be assured that you will eat the freshest ones as the resort itself is by the sea!

Aside from seafood, you will enjoy the local dishes including lechon (whole roasted pig), kinilaw (fresh sushi Filipino style), adobo (pork or chicken stew), among others. Of course, you will have pineapple, mangoes, and other native fruits.

Korea food is also included in the menu, yes kimchi is available.

Three meals a day is being offered with a menu of your choice.

Contact Details:
Phone: 0312729145

badian-fallsKawasan Falls (Badian Falls)

Badian Travel Destinations

As aforementioned, Badian Municipality offers various travel and relaxing activities and sites. You may have to coordinate with the resort itself or contact any travel agency available in the area.

Here are the most popular places:

You may click any of those pages to see some details of your prospective travel destinations in Badian area.

getting to badian municipality

Taking a bus is one of the most practical means to get to Badian as testified by most travelers there.

Head to Cebu South Bus Terminal and take a bust that has a signage ‘Bato via Barili’ at the front windshield. Alternatively, simply look for signs where you can find a bus and ask ‘conductors’ calling for passengers traveling towards the area.

Of course, there are alternatives such as Vans, rental cars, taxi cabs or your private vehicles. V-Hires (vans) are mostly available in SM City Cebu mall’s parking area and other places in the city.

Travel time should be over two hours for buses but lesser for Vans, cars or private vehicles.

Now, you can find out more about Cebu International Golf and Resort and its amazing environment if you decide and travel there.

Hope this page helps your search. Searching hotels using the resources in this site (such as Agoda) could be the quickest way to reserve or book your accommodation.

Have a wonderful day and safe travels!

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