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Cebu Island Hopping. It is one of the most common and a must activity for visitors of the province. Visit  white islands, swim, snorkel, seafoods, etc.


It is one of the most popular recreation activities in Cebu Province. Locals have been doing it for a long time...

Basically you 'hop' islands by visiting them (with beaches usually) taking motorboats and enjoy your activities there.

With the influx of visitors and tourists from other countries, it became one of the most common and popular offers among dive centers, beach resorts, and other small private businesses.

What's exciting when you do Cebu island-hopping?

Depending on the package of your organizer, you could do almost anything you like. But, basically, they have the following outline of activities:

  • Beach Party. Yes, a party. You will have tents, lechon (roasted pig), barbecues, grilled fish, & other local seafoods, etc.

  • Beach volleyball. Other games too...

  • Swimming. Depending on the beach of the island, the tour guide informs if the water is deep enough for swimming

  • Snorkeling. Part of the package is to provide you snorkeling gadgets

  • Fish Feeding. You can only do this when you dive with gears to make it more interesting. It's your close encounter with colorful small fishes.

  • Scuba Diving. Some packages include this one, but there is a separate package for scuba diving enthusiasts...
  • Beach Massage, etc.

  • Options: jet-skiing or parasailing, etc.

The photo below shows your rigger, or 'bangka' in Pilipino language, that would take you to the islands...

This is the type of transport (called bangka, pumpboat, outrigger, etc.) for Cebu island hopping, transporting goods & guests.

Sounds & looks very exciting, right? That's why it's a very popular adventure especially among Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, and other tourists that come in groups.

Now, your next question is...

Where or which islands do we do island-hopping in Cebu?

Island hopping is big in Mactan island and Moalboal district. However, you can enjoy this service almost everywhere in the province, depending on the resort you are in. Most of the time, resort managements arrange this service if you ask for it.

And, usually the organizers bring your group to some nice and selected islands, which are not so distant from each other.

So, for example, in Mactan area, you'll be guided to the islands or beaches, marine sanctuaries of...

  • Gilutungan
  • Talima
  • Nalusuan
  • Olango
  • Pandanon

Doing the Cebu Island-hopping, depending on your service provider, the number of islands you'll visit vary.

http://www.islandsbanca.com/ is one of the sites where you can check out the details. You can also find more related topics in this site as you continue scanning.

In Moalboal, another fantastic area, you can see island hopping information at this website: http://www.lovesbeachresort.com/moalboal_dive_safaris.html

From these websites, you can also enjoy surfing their Dive Safari packages. So, what is a dive safari? I thought it's only in Africa!

Cebu island-hopping & Dive Safari

You know that on land, you can see lots of animals. That's the same concept with dive safari also.

With some proper training or experience in diving, you'll enjoy the underwater creatures, corals, gentle sharks, sea turtles, and various kinds of colored fishes.

And you'll also experience the thrill of floating, like in a zero gravity environment.

Scuba diving or snorkeling can be part of Cebu island hopping package. Whale shark watching could be your other choice, especially when you are in Oslob Municipality.

A beach and diving resort in Cebu, Moalboal is one of the best provider of safari dives. They offer a 4-day safari itinerary visiting around 10 places. Most of the places are great for scuba diving, aside from the usual lighter activities such as swimming, etc.

For a day's dive only, the safari organizer also offers dive packages. You will be visiting three stunning marine sanctuary islands...

  • Balicasag Island. You'll encounter schools of jacks & tuna; meet the colorful reef-dwellers: parrot fish, trumpet fish, cuttlefish; angel fish & batfish on the walls, etc.

  • Sumilon Island. Its reef allows you to discover anemones, soft leather & fan corals. You can also encounter the bigger fishes - white and black tip sharks, and schools of jack fish.

  • Apo Island. The island is a marine park and under the protection of Siliman University. For that reason, it has spectacular corals with variety of fishes, such as black snappers, eels, angelfish, butterfly fish, white tip sharks and manta rays.

Yes, that's the Cebu Island-Hopping... They are great offers and most of all not really expensive.

If you want some more preferences or anything, you may search any of the related topics found on this page!

Thanks for the visit. Happy safari, dive, vacation... Keep safe!

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