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cebu-restaurantsA restaurant at SM City Cebu

Enjoy Cebu Restaurants...shrimps, crabs, fish, lechon...

The beautiful tropical beaches are not perfect with the yummy Cebu restaurants and their exotic dishes, among others.

As a thriving province and with the influx of travelers, new residents, expats, and passersby, Cebu has also been catering to their cravings not only for delicious but also for gratifying food of all varieties.

Sample of Cebu Restaurants food being served on the island.Delicious Cebu seafood!

Experts on the field of providing total satisfaction to its customers, restaurants' chefs with long and great experiences abound in the province, including the famous hotels to restaurants of various customer capacities.

International, fusion and traditional Filipino cuisines are not hard to find in Cebu nowadays.

You can find restaurants in strategic corners, familiar places, and in most luxurious establishments such as hotels, and malls' food courts or diners.

In Cebu, you can easily enjoy, Chinese, Korean, Western, Mediterranean, Japanese, Fijian, Mexican, African, and many other international gourmets, menus, culinary or whatever you may call food you want to enjoy with while in the island.

Delicious buffet food in one of Cebu Restaurants.Buffet seafood!

In addition to international dishes, you can also indulge yourself with local and traditional Filipino special dishes in any Cebu restaurants. Because of many islands, cultural variation, languages and customs, food in the Philippines also vary in many ways.

Some regions prefer food with coconut milk while others prefer otherwise. While other regions prefer to have some chili or pepper others prefer a sour and sweet mixture of sauce over a meat...

Okay... before you really get hungry or angry, you can pick from any of Cebu restaurants available below. Just click the link to open a new page for greater details...

Chinese Food Among the popular and oldest Cebu restaurants is the Chinese one which goes back centuries ago during the olden days of trading... Some of the thousands of Chinese dishes, here are some: Wor Su Gai (boneless chicken), peking duck, turkey soup, roast pork tenderloin, asparagus chicken stir-fry, chicken wings, barbacued pork, fried rice, bean curd with black mushrooms, beef & peppers in black bean sauce, beef lo mein, beef satay, bok choy chicken soup, bean curd (tofu) etc.

Chinese restaurants here...

Japanese Dishes sushi, teriyaki chicken, mizutaki, chicken resotto, oyako-don, tatsuta recipe, satoimo chicken goma misoni, beef teriyaki, shabu shabu, sukiyake, hayashi, niku dofu, pan-fried beef & onion recipe, sashimi, ika-geso-age, chan chan yaki, steamed salmon, deep fried mackerel, kaki fry, ikameshi, sake steamed clam, unagi with eggs, etc.

Japanese restaurant here...

More Japanese restaurants here...

Indian Food makki paneer pakora, arhar dal with green mango, bhel puri, mango lassi, moong dal vada, mango chicken salad, mango salsa, ghiya raita, tandoori chicken chaat, tarbooj sharbat, amer chatni, instant dhokla, kebabs, navratan korma, shahi paneer, roomali roti, naan, aloo paratha, fried rice, chili chicken, gobhi manchurian, samosa, aloo tikki, etc.

Indian restaurants here...

mexican restaurant

Mexican Menu chicken enchiladas, taco soup, mexican lasagna, beef tamales, chicken empanadas, quesadillas, salsa, tacos carne asada, mango salsa, chicken fajitas, pico de gallo, chipotle shrimp taco with avocado salsa verde, super nachos, gold medal sizzling fajitas, baja fish tacos, burritu, tilapia ceviche, baked jalapeno poppers, sliders with chipotle mayonnaise, etc.

Mexican restaurants here...

spanish restaurant cebu

Spanish Food filetes empanados con ajo, urta a la rotena, potaje de garbanzos y espinacas, cordero asado, macaroni en salsa de tomate con chorizo, caldereta de cordero, cochinillo asado, bacalao con samfaina, fabada asturiana, tomates rellenos de atun, cocido madrileno, paella vegetariana, paella valenciana, carillas con tomate, pescado frito con sals, estofado de rez a la catalana, alubias blancas con chorizo, etc.

Spanish restaurants here...

Korean Dishes bossam, buldak, bulgogi, chadol baki, daeji kalbi, dak galbi, donkatsu, galbi, jokbal, samgyupsal, soondae, tangsuyuk, al chigae, book uh guk, budae chigae, dakdoritan, galbitang, gamjatang, gomtang, haemultang, kimchi chigae, koatgaetang, maeuntang, mandooguk, sollongtang, soondaeguk, soondooboo chigae, tukguk, etc.

Korean restaurants here...

Thai Menu tou hu tod, geow grob, larb, satay, tod mun, prig nam som, gratiem jiew, hom jiew, prig bpon, pak gard dong, prig dong nam som, hom dong, king dong, nam pla prig, nam jim gui chai, prig nam jim, nam jim kow mun gai, nam jim tou hu tod, nam jim satay, nam jim moo ping, nam pla waan, kow moo dang, neur toon, gai pad gapow, kow mun gai, kow pad nam leab, kow pud pboo, rad na moo, me grob chow wung, soop naw mai, yum pla dook foo, etc.

Thai restaurants here...

menudo cebu dish

Filipino Culinary sinigang na baboy, chicken & pork adobo, crispy pata, pork menudo, beef morcon, kare-kare, beef stew, beef tapa, kaldereta, pork steak, longganisa, tinola, chicken afritada, rellenong manok, laing, chopsuey, kilawin, rellenong bangus, bicol express, pansit palabok, pansit bihon, pansit canton, pork barbecue, etc.

Filipino restaurants here...

american dish

American Food bacon baked beans, Yankee pot roast recipe, clams casino, corned beef hash, corned beef and cabbage, spaghetti and recotta meatballs, stuffed pork tenderloin, spaghetti with a caper, tuna, and tomato; rainy day mac and cheese, italian sausage and peppers, buffalo wings, sausage burger, smoked salmon bagel, fresh asparagus with ham, garlic and lemon; caramelized lemon roast chicken recipe, butternut squash dumplings with sage brown butter, etc.

American restaurants here...

vietnamese cebu food

Vietnamese Food cha gio viet nam, coi cuon, ca ri ga viet nam, canh chua dau ca, bbq five-spic cornish game hens, lam in a hot garlic sauce (thit cuu nuoc sot toi), stir-fried lam with min and chili, shrimp on crab legs (cang cua boc tom), suffed chicken wings, Vietnamese pork sticks with lettuce cups, vietnamese crepes, frogs leg in garlic sauce, mint chicken, barbecued shrimp past on sugar cane (chao tom), fired rice with sausage, srhimp and crab (com chien thap cam), hue rice, duck with sugar cane, etc.

Vietnamese restaurants here...

mediterranean dish

Mediterranean Food, Cebu Restaurants
butternut squash pilaf, lima bean spread with cumin & herbs, minted orzo pilaf, Turkish-style pizza, spiced turkey with avocado-grapefruit relish, shrimp saganaki, seafood couscous paella, salmon panzanella, roasted cod with warm tomato-olive-caper tapenade, mustard-crusted salmon, morrocan vegetabel soup (chorba), mediterranean lamb salad, mediterranean fish fillets, baked, penne, kumguat tagine, Greek fava with grilled squid, etc.

Click for Mediterranean restaurants here...

Mediterranean menu (Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Israel). All these great countries have contributed something special adding colorful, vibrant taste of Mediterranean cuisine. Key to Mediterranean food is its heart-healthy olive oil, protein-rich legumes, fish and whole grains.

The great flavors, health benefits of Mediterranean diet is difficult to ignore among health conscious individuals. Mediterranean food consumers are less likely to develop high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other health risks.

I hope you found this page helpful in your search for your desired taste on the island. If you are a vegetarian, then just visit Cebu vegetarian restaurants page.

However, if you are not one of them then just click the restaurant links above.

Enjoy browsing your Cebu restaurants! Bon appetit!

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