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Camotes Islands, Cebu Secluded Islands

Come to Cebu secluded islands...

Peace of mind, away from hassles, FREE from noise and distractions. Is that what you need right now? Then you need to be at any of Cebu's white secluded islands' amazing tropical spot.

There are marvelous places here that allow you to be left alone and be just yourself. Right in one of these secluded places, you don't need luxurious facilities or distracting technologies. You only need to be on a particular spot of white sand and just dream away!

Now, get ready to look at this page to enjoy, relax and experience a stress-free life...

This island is known for its pristine clear water, powdery white sand, clean environment, fresh air, spectacular sunrise & sunset

The Camotes Groups of Islands is one of 'Cebu Secluded Islands' and is comprised of four islands and three sub-islands, making them more attractive with their various topography & environments.

white-santiago-bayWhite Santiago Bay

Let's check it out...

  • Discover: varied bird species, abounding flora & fauna, Lake Danao Park ("the Lovers' Lake"), coconut trees
  • Oceanfront Resort: fine white sand, a seashore to frolick with around, wide stretch of beach extending as far as your eyes can see
  • Caves: Timubo Cave - very accessible and safe cave; clean cave pool inside, stalactites and stalagmites, amazing for small groups of visitors

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Yes, it sounds too good to be true! But, fortunately, it's so! If you're so interested and dying to see the place, here is the page for...Camotes Islands Resorts

OK, let me introduce you another unsurpassed and one of the 'Cebu secluded islands' famous to both locals and foreign visitors due to its long stretch of white sandy beach. This is the truly awesome and one and only...

Bantayan Island

In this stunningly beautiful island, you have lots of choices for accommodations nearby the beach with affordable prices.

Never miss this one among the various and unique secluded islands in Cebu Province. Put it on top of your lists, at least, it will keep you going especially when life is tough and you dreamed of going somewhere that offers what you exactly need most!

So, explore its natural beauty, thread its white sand, embrace and be embraced its crystal waters. Being not so "developed" island, it is secluded, quite, peaceful... Although the island has been hit severely by storm, it is fast recovering and serving seriously more than ever its guests (update info, 2014 January).

A famous person of the island has positively contributed is worth the mention - Vaughn Brady. He was a sky diver, entrepreneur, world traveler, creator of the island's Hard Rock Kafe 7 Kiwi Cottages in Santa Fe.

Although Bantayan Island is very tranquil and laid-back, it's also the place where you can do almost all active water sports. One of such sports is skim-boarding.

CLICK the link for more Bantayan Island Beaches & Resorts. Book A Room!

Sumilon Island Resort

Sumilon Island is one of Cebu secluded islands' popular destination with white sandy beaches and blue waters.

The island is almost a private and secluded resort, but the original settlers are there living their usual relax island way of life. The resort that makes the island more inviting, easy to access, and more comfortable to guests is the one and only Sumilon Bluewater Resort.

Sumilon Bluewater Resort could be the best place for you to...

  • Discover the island: romantic beach picnic, trekking Sumilon (island's amazing trails, binocular provided for bird-watching), evening dinner parties at various locations
  • Explore the ocean: snorkeling trips to see colorful fishes, sea animals, etc.
  • Scuba Diving adventure - explore the island's designated official marine sanctuary; stunning reefs, abundant diverse tropical marine species;
  • Amuma Spa: Signature therapies & Amuma Spa Inquiry
  • Events: Weddings & Private Engagements
  • Accommodations: Deluxe Rooms & Glamping Tents
  • Dining: The Pavilion Restaurant (local & international cuisines); Theme Dinners (Buffets: BBQ Cookout, Island Clambake, Bingo Dinner, Pool Area, Seafoods, Pasta & Pizza, Barrio Fiesta)

Aren't you convinced yet? I believe you are already thrilled to visit and dreaming to be there soon (and so I am especially when you are setting in front of your computer doing the same chores!)

You can find out more about this famous island in the southern part of the province by just clicking their official website.

More Beaches & Resort Facilities in Cebu...

Just in case you are still searching for more and various choices, please feel free to scan more pages with descriptions and some photos. Here is the link of this same Cebu travel guides...

Cebu White Beaches & Resorts

Make sure you click that link to find all sorts of resorts and attraction in Cebu Province.

Wishing you'll find the place you've been searching for. Please, visit more Cebu secluded islands for adventure and relaxation.

Thanks a lot for visiting and reading through this page! You are most welcome to come by again or more often to discover more Cebu secluded islands & travel destinations, vacation, leisure or business, and events or celebrations facilities right on the beach.

Have a sea of fun and enjoy the rest of your day!

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