Cebu Swimming Pool Safety Tips

boljoon club fort med pool sunriseSunrise sight at Club Fortmed Resort in Boljoon, Cebu.

Cebu Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming is a delightful activity, especially in the tropical paradise of Cebu, where the inviting pools offer a refreshing escape.

However, it's crucial to remember that water safety is paramount, as humans are not naturally adapted to aquatic environments.

Our bodies are designed to breathe air, not water, and water entering our lungs can lead to drowning – a significant risk, especially for children.

This article is helpful to readers who will enjoy Cebu swimming pools and others who do the same in other parts of the world where water is a pleasurable escape.

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Useful Drowning Prevention Tips

Drowning ranks as a leading cause of accidental death, particularly among children under 14.

Often, these tragedies occur when a child inadvertently falls into a pool, be it a backyard pool, a public facility, or a resort.


  • constant adult supervision is essential for children, especially those in their early teens or younger.
  • Adults, parents, or certified water safety professionals should always be present to monitor kids around pools.
swimming pool safety tipsCebu Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Pool Safety Practices

Here are some basic pool safety measures and practices...

1. Understand Pool Design: Cebu's pools, such as those in Mactan Shangri-La and other resorts, are designed for adults and children. Pool surfaces are typically made of tiles and other hard materials, making slips and falls potentially dangerous.

Remind your kids to take extra care when walking and playing around the pool area. Tell them not to run since children don't walk but always run!

2. Check Water Depth: Always check the depth markers on the pool sides before diving. Avoid diving in shallow areas to prevent injuries.

If you are not confident or a newbie swimmer, it is safer to swim towards the shallow areas from the deeper areas of the pool.

3. Acclimate to Water Temperature: Gradually adjust to the pool's temperature.

Sudden exposure to cold water can shock the body, potentially causing a rapid increase in blood pressure and heart rate. It may also lead to involuntary inhalation of water or muscle cramps, hindering your ability to swim or stay afloat.

So, it is essential to gradually adjust to the pool's temperature to avoid such consequences.

Cebu Swimming Pools Rules for Children

swimming pool safety rulesKeep the rules for your safety!

Parents and adults should do the following...

1. Supervision is Key: Children should always be supervised in or near pools, including private ones. An adult or lifeguard should always be on hand.

2. Respect Pool Barriers: Kids must understand the importance of pool gates and should only enter a closed pool area under supervision.

3. Follow Pool Rules: Adhering to Cebu swimming pool rules or established guidelines ensures everyone's safety.

4. Swim with a Buddy: Children should swim with a companion and use appropriate swim gear, such as life jackets, if necessary.

5. Walk, Don't Run: Pool areas can be slippery. Walking carefully is advised to avoid accidents.

6. Stay in Safe Depths: Beginners should stay in shallower areas where they feel comfortable and safe.

7. Avoid Rough Play: Pushing others into the water or jumping on them can lead to injuries.

8. Use Floatation Devices Wisely: While inner tubes and other water toys are fun, they should not be relied upon as life-saving devices.

9. Keep Mouth Free: Avoid chewing or eating while swimming to prevent choking.

These tips, supplemented with information from [KidsHealth]( and personal experiences, enhance your water safety knowledge.

Safety is critical to ensuring a fun time at Cebu's swimming pools. Share your safety tips and experiences to help others stay safe and make the most of their pool time in Cebu!

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