Important Cebu Swimming Pool Safety Tips
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Cebu Swimming Pool Tips

Since humans are not fish, we need to learn how to adapt in the water. We breathe air not water. So when much water gets into our lungs it can’t carry enough oxygen first to the brain and the rest of our body.

Drowning is the second most common cause of death, especially among children below the age of 14 in the US. Such accidents occur when a kid accidentally falls into a swimming pool – backyard pool, public, resorts, or anywhere.

For that reason kids in their early teens or younger must be properly watched by adults, parents, or other water safety professionals.

Swimming Pools Tips

Yes, Cebu swimming pools are really great on this tropical province. They are specially built to attract adults and children alike. Of course, there are separate pools for adults and kids in hotel resorts – such as Mactan Shang-rilas, among others.

However, you should remember that a pool’s sides and bottom are made of tiles and other rock-solid materials. Therefore, a minor slip or fall could be painful and really dangerous thing to happen.

Before you get into the water, you should know how deep the water is by checking out the deep markers (big numbers painted on the pool side). Don’t dive off the side of the pool unless the water is deep enough. If deep enough it’s fine, but it not you might hit the bottom and hurt yourself… ouch!

Additionally, you have to test the water temperature before you dive in. This is to prevent the cold water to shock your body and might cause your blood pressure and heart rate to rise suddenly…

  • Cold water might accidentally cause you to open your mouth – thus breathing in some water; and
  • Cold water can also cause your muscles, especially arms and legs, to slow or cause to cramp your muscles making it difficult to swim or even stay afloat.
    I have such experiences, although not so serious, so you can take it from me.

Standard Rules for Children to Follow:

Kids should not be left alone in the pool – even in your home’s private pool. An adult or lifeguard should be present or must be called for an emergency.

Kids should not be allowed to sneak into pools when the gates are closed and no lifeguard is present. Gates are there to keep kids away. Notices and reminders posted near the pools must be kept for your own safety.

Cebu swimming pool rules or any rules must always be obeyed. They are made to keep you and others safe.

Kids should swim with a buddy and with swim gears – life-jacket for example, if necessary.

Slippery when wet! Yes, it means that you should walk carefully around the pool area – never run or chase friends…

If you are learning, stay at the shallow end at the depth that is safe for you.
Never push others into the water or jump on them. You could hurt both of you.

Inner tube, air mattress, beach ball, or any water toys can help you float and are fun. But never rely on them or trust your life to them. They could lose air or float away.

Never chew, eat or have something in your mouth while swimming because you might get choked. Mouth is important for you to breathe and you can’t do that if there’s something inside it.

Some of these tips are from website and I added some more based on my own experiences.

Yes, that’s all folks and kids! If you have some interesting safety tips, please tell us below.

Guys, be safe and have a waterfall of fun at Cebu swimming pool!

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