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Since Cebu is becoming a hub for business, travel, international exchanges, among others, food plays a crucial role above all.

One of the best Asian cuisines and the much-gaining popularity food is the Vietnamese style delicacies. Some of the reasons why Vietnamese menu gains popularity nowadays is because of its common and/or basic ingredients being used by many Asian countries.

I cannot even sometimes tell the differences in taste among Asian foods. Having tried and lived in other countries, names of food and their origins seem not to matter to me anymore…

They ALL taste good to me anyway!

However, for the sake of naming food and their origins, let’s take a look at any Cebu Vietnamese restaurant…


Hai Phong Restaurant - A Cebu Vietnamese Restaurant

This Cebu Vietnamese restaurant offers the best of this country’s special dishes and delicacies. Some of its known noodles include…

Ban Hoi – noodles usually served with pork , onions and some additional ingredients; Bun Chai, Cao Lau & Mi Quang.

For the soups, the top ones include: Bun Oc, Pho, Hu Tieu, and Banh Canh.

And then, of course, this Vietnamese restaurant provides rice - Com hen, Com chien Duong Chau...

and dumplings

Banh Bot chen (with soy sauce) & Banh Xeo – a crepe with mushrooms, onion & peanut butter.

Rolls are also popular menus in Vietnam, which is being served by Hai Pong. Some of the traditional rolls dishes are…

  • Banh trang cuon & banh cuon – rolls with mushrooms, seafood & some sausages;
  • Banh cuon – shredded pork with rice;
  • Cha go – contains yam, crab meat, shrimp, and more ingredients.

Buffets, Parties & Gatherings

The good news is that Hai Pong does not only serve meals the usual way. It also accommodates and hosts bigger groups for parties and all sorts of gatherings you may have.

For such big groups, there are function rooms that can fully accommodate such huge number of visitors and Vietnamese food lovers.

YOU can have a full meal with as low as 100 pesos only!

Now, for you to find and contact this Cebu Vietnamese restaurant, please use the following basic important info…

Business Hours: 11AM – 2PM, 6PM – 11PM (24/7)
Address: Unit II, Crossroads Mall, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City, 6000, Philippines
Telephone No.: 032 233 9388

Another popular Cebu Vietnamese restaurant (and Thai restaurant) in Cebu is simply but interestingly named...

Little Saigon Big Bangkok (or LSBB) - Cebu Vietnamese Restaurant /Thai
Most probably, Thai and Vietnamese have a lot in common that it is not so difficult to establish a restaurant that provides both food varieties.

That is why Little Saigon and Big Bangkok accommodate visitors and diners of both menus. This family owned and operated establishment is located in Guadalupe, Cebu where they live as locals.

Dining at LSBB

The restaurant is set to accommodate 15 diners in an open street-side garden. This setting offers you an ambiance and feeling to be dining by the streets of Vietnam or Thailand. Obviously, that is an exciting experience that one can have in this restaurant.

LSBB prepares fresh ingredients from the interior kitchen and bring them out to the outdoor kitchen where cooking and serving happens.

Most of the fresh and clean herbs and vegetables being used as ingredients are locally grown and specially selected to compose the daily menu.

Business Terms:
Cash only is accepted at the moment
Accepts & prefers reservations.
Takeout service is available.

LSSB Origins
The original concept and inspiration of this restaurant springs from the owners’ experiences and time spent in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and India. The various and inviting taste of these cultures’ food offers them visions to establish their own place…

“Watching the food being prepared was just as fun and rewarding as eating it. Coming back home, the question we kept asking ourselves was, “Why don’t we have anything like that here?””. That’s how LSBB was born…

Daily Menu

  • Satay – pork or chicken skewers in turmeric served with peanut sauce.
  • Dried red curry – chicken or shrimp with dry red curry, coconut milk, slowly-cooked home-made style
  • Yum nua yang – Thai style beef salad with fish sauce, lime & chili dressing…
  • Roti canai – a Malaysian/Indonesian style grilled bread & curry dipping sauce and peanut sauce.
  • Hanoi style grilled pork – grilled thin slices of pork, served with hot nuoc cham mam dipping sauce. It goes well with Thai Som Tum papaya salad.
  • Pad thai – Thai fried rice noodles with shrimp, bean sprouts, tamarind, cilantro, green onions, chili, peanuts…
  • Pulled pork – usually cooked slowly for about ten hours and served with side dishes & sauces in Vietnamese Banhi Mi style sandwich…

Of course, they also serve Salads and starters.

Main Courses

  1. Bun cha – it’s a grilled pork meatballs, noodles, greens, papaya, & nuoc mam cham sauce – Hanoi’s lunch-time favorite
  2. Thai hot pot – street-side hot pot of meat and veggies

Now, if you are ready you can locate and contact this restaurant ahead for your reservations with the information below…

Location: Andres Abellana Extension Between V. Rama and main Abellana Extension (near Guadalupe Barangay Hall, next to Racdaes Japanese Language school) Guadalupe, Cebu 6004 Philippines

Email: littlesaigonbigbangkok@gmail.com
Phone: 09173119859 and 032 415 0228
Website: http://littlesaigonbigbangkok.com/menu/

You can find more Vietnamese (or Thai) restaurants in Cebu City. The ones mentioned below are just some of them for your convenience.

Saigon Quan Parkmall
Parkmall, Ouano Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu
Telephone No.: 032 238 7325

Hai Pong Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine
Unit K, Crossroad Mall, Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu
Telephone No.: 032 233 9388

Lemon Grass
Telephone No.: +63.32.233-8601
Address: G 110 Level 1 La Terraces Ayala Center’ Cebu City, Philippines

That’s all for now I can provide you.

Now, try to check them out by contacting and visiting any of the Cebu Vietnamese restaurant above. That’s the only to see if they really are capable of satisfying your food gourmet desires.

You may recommend this page to your friends. And if there are some information that need special mention, please be kind to leave a message or anything at all below.

Great thanks and enjoy your dinner.

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