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Tropical Cebu Weather & Forecast

In Cebu, the temperature is almost similar all year round. It is neither hot nor cold since the province is an island. However, similar to other big cities, Metro Cebu is warmer/hotter compared to the cooler and fresher small islands surrounding the mainland.

Cebu Weather Forecast. The weather in this province is almost always fantastic all year round.Malapascua Island, Cebu Province

Of course, you can't feel the hot weather and humidity if you were on a beach or closer to such areas where there's plenty of refreshing and clean sea breeze.

Average Temperatures

The average low temperature on the island is 75 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius). Don't get too excited because does not occur during day time or most often. Of course, during night time and by the beach can be as low as that temperature.

However, if you are in the forested areas or in the mountain resorts, you can have much lower temperature and could be chilly especially during late at night and before sunrise.

And the average high temperature is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). That's not so bad, right? That is somehow a normal temperature in a tropical places in the world. However, temperatures in the cities, such as Cebu itself, could be higher than that due to the concrete buildings and the asphalt roads that absorb the sun's heat during day time.

The hottest month of the year in Cebu is May, but generally, summer in the Philippines starts from the last week of March to May. That tells us that Cebu weather is great for travelers who do not want long hot weather. But May is not noticeably hotter than any other month...

Rain & humidity in Cebu

As a tropical part of the country, Cebu experiences the normal rainy season. Certainly, during summer time (from end of March to May), you don't expect any rain to come making the temperature go up.

It also means you need to get close to places that have cooling resources including beaches, swimming pools, thick forests, or huge department stores.

April is suppose to be the driest month, but you may see over ten inches of rain also. It usually rains more in December that you can sometimes see over forty inches of rain in a month.

Due to the rains throughout the year, the province is humid which can be mistaken as hotter than its actual temperature. Normal humidity is 80%.

Cebu weather forecast feed

When you are on the island, you may check out first the weather and see some hints to guide your day's activities.

This Visayan island offers fantastic weather almost all year round. It is advisable that you prepare the basic necessities you need to use before heading away for a day or so. Use sunblock, sunglass, umbrella or hat, light-colored clothes, a bottle of water or any liquids.

That's just to remind you in case you are too excited to go out without preparing anything. Anyway, here is the weather forecast today...

Thanks for checking out the weather.

Have fun, enjoy your day and be safe as always!

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