Celtis Resort on Malapascua Is.

Celtis Resort Malapascua


Celtis Resort on Malapascua

Celtis Resort is a fantastic beach resort established on Malapascua Island. It is a resort that offers most of what you want to experience on an island. If you can or want to, you can avail its scuba diving facilities.

If it is your first time to have heard about Malapascua, you will know that the island is a popular destination for divers and enthusiasts who want to dive deeper and discover the underwater world. It is like a Mecca or Rome among pilgrim divers who spend their holidays underwater.

Close to Celtis are major dive centers where you can arrange your dive and other sea adventure preferences. No! I mean it is Celtis Resort that will happily organize your dives or PADI course with their friendly partners. They can assure you that their partners are highly-qualified, experienced professionals and have been into both theoretical and experiential business.

Malapascua Island is around 4 hours by car or bus from Cebu City and is located in the northern tip of Cebu Province. You need to get off at Maya where you can take an outrigger boat that will bring you to the island itself. This boat only takes around 20 minutes to reach this beautiful island.

bounty-beach-malapascua-islandBounty Beach, Malapascua

Fun Sea Activities

As mentioned above, Malapascua is great for diving and snorkeling because of its fecund marine life. You can either ask the resort to arrange any of your preferred fun activity or take the offers from other providers located right close to the resort.

Scuba Diving
World War II Japanese shipwreck is one of the famous wreck diving sites close to this island. It is where you’ll encounter colorful fishes and corals and lots of macro life underwater.

Monad Shoal, one of the famous diving spots for advanced divers, is a cleaning station for deep water thresher sharks. Experts and experienced divers visit this shoal early in the morning to observe threshers because these creatures appear mostly in the morning due to their sensitivity to light. Manta rays are observable in the afternoon.

Malapascua Celtis Resort advised that you will have great chances of encountering or observing manta rays and thresher sharks in the months of July to November. These fantastic sea animals love to stay at their cleaning station during rainy season – but know that you have to get up as early as 5 in the morning…yup they are early risers!

malapascua-island-bantigue-coveBantigue Cove, Malapascua Island

For sun seekers and beach walkers
Malapascua Island’s white sand beaches are perfect for hiking. It takes around 3 or more hours to circumnavigate the whole island – a great experience. The time depends on your speed but you had better enjoy your hike and take time to explore its nooks and corners.

If you prefer, you can just lie down on the beach to tan and enjoy the soothing sound of the waves. Doon’t forget to bring your water supply and a lunch box and enjoy your picnic anywhere you like doing it.


Sunbathing and coconut oil massage
At Bounty Beach (the most famous one on the island where many resorts are established including Celtis Resort) you can have an excellent sunbathing space, on a white sand, and a panoramic view of the sea. While doing your sunbathing, some women may approach you to offer their massage service.

The massage is of course undeniably great, but what you will especially get is the coconut oil they apply during the massage. The coconut oil is not only proven healthy (although some dispute it!), but on top of that, these local masseurs extract and produce the oil traditionally – that means, there is no artificial or chemical ingredients mixed into it! You will certainly get a sparkling skin right after the massage Now, go and try it as I have!

island-tours-malapascua-islandBangka (outrigger boat) on Malapascua Island

Day Trip Dives
Celtis resort will generously and gladly arrange your day trip  or dive if you decide to. Two of the famous diving and snorkeling spots are the Dona Marilyn shipwreck and Calanggaman Island. At Calanggaman you can do picnic and other fun beach activities. Calanggaman Island is very popular islet with long stretch of white sand beach topped with coconut trees. Just imagine the view!

If you and your friends are seeking for real diving adventures, here are the island’s popular sites to do it…

Malapascua Island's Popular Dive Sites

Normally, and depending on your accommodation provider, you need to arrange the trip with a provider offering service trips to such places as below. These dive sites are briefly described for you to have some ideas and probably choose from among them…

Monad Shoal: thresher sharks and manta rays
Gato Island: fish and shark tunnel
Lapus Lapus: spectacular coral growth and a huge variety of marine life
Chocolate Island: beautiful shallow dive site perfect for marine photographers
Kimud Shoal: a small shoal near Monad
Nunez Shoal: a stunning wall dive with a great variety of life
Maripipi: excellent dive plentiful fish life including sharks and rays
Manok-Manok: beautiful multi-colored soft tree corals
Tapilon wreck: World War II Japanese cargo carrier; barracuda fish, etc.
Maria's point: macro life for advance divers only
Calanggaman Island: fishes sanctuary multilevel dives
Dona Marilyn: a sunken passenger ferry with delicate corals and fishes
Pioneer wreck: World War II Japanese gunboat; for divers trained in decompression diving only

If you think you have chosen a couple of the sites briefly described above, you may then inquire or ask your resort for further details. As for Celtis Resort’s diving offers, you can find the price list on their website.

Great Facilities & Services

Celtis Resort has rooms with excellent facilities designed for all guests from around the world. Each room is air-conditioned, has hot and cold showers, safety box, private terrace, and a 24-hour electricity service.

The resort has its own garden where you can have space to relax after your day’s activity. While relaxing, you can avail the offers from the resort’s bar, which is actually conveniently located near the garden where you can enjoy the refreshing sea breeze.

What to eat
Being an island does not mean isolated, cut-off from civilization and that you will starve! Far from it!

Malapascua Island is becoming more international and so is its food. Many restaurants offer both fantastic Western, Asian, local and traditional, Latin American, and fusion dishes. That’s because Malapascua Island is populated with both locals and expats who are running resorts, diving schools, restaurants, and various local services to visitors of the island.

Most of these great restaurants are located along the beautiful Bounty Beach area, where many events happen especially during peak season. Bars are also open offering mostly the popular drinks you can find anywhere in the world!

Smaller Restaurants
Gings Ging Eatery is a small restaurant that serves local dishes and popular among backpackers and other visitors.

Kiwi Eatery is another one that serves delicious seafoods and some adapted international dishes. it is located close to the barangay’s Hall near the school.


More Services Available

Celtis Beach Resort can also provide you motorbikes and bicycles for rent if you wish to explore the corners of the island by yourself or with companies.

WiFi is Free – yeheey!

Around the bar area, you can eat, drink, play darts, send emails (chat, text, etc) or enjoy the garden area which is in proximity to the bar.

Private Transfer
You may also avail this service if you want to get to this resort without any hassle at all. Celtis Resort Malapascua offers 4500Php each way for 1 to 2 guests. The points of transfers offers is Cebu (airport) City and Malapascua. Please, inquire from them directly for greater details.

Motorbikes and bicycles are available for you if you don’t want to walk. They are for hire and rent.

Tropical Island Accommodation

At this update, you will find that Celtis offers only a standard room but with choices: air-conditioned room and non-air-conditioned room. Check it out…

  • Standard Air-Con Room: 1700PhP (1 guest); 2000PhP (2 guests)
  • Standard Electric Fan Room: 1000 (1 guest); 1500 PhP (2 guests)

The rooms have en-suit showers with hot and cold water supply, safety boxes, toilets, private terraces with garden views, and other amenities. Certainly, you might have to ask the front desk if you need something else for your comfortable stay which they will glad provide for you when possible.

To see for any updates in rates, photos, facilities or any changes about the resort, you may just search it through the search box below. Booking through it is also quite easy, safe and practical…

Finding Mantas & Celtis Resort

To get to this resort and the island, you may use the following details.

Address: Malapascua Island, Barangay Logon, Daan-Bantayan, 6013 Cebu, Philippines
Cell phone Philippines only: 09771366885
Cell phone France: (00+33)636668073
Email: celtis@hotmail.fr
Webmaster: serge
Website: http://www.malapascua-celtis-resort.com

For further details on getting to Malapascua Island, you can click this link here and you’ll be transported to the page with complete descriptions.

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