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Coal Mountain Resort is not a mountain with coal. However, it is a cool resort as it is situated on top of Argao’s mountain. It is cool in all respects – environment, temperature, atmosphere, and resort’s features.

Coal Mountain Resort is indeed an ideal retreat to unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit from the troubles of busy and city life. A day is worth your time and resources. You are with nature. You will be nurtured naturally.

Getting to this ‘remote’ and serene place is not a problem. Any public transport can ferry you closer to this abode (transports are described below).
Now, let’s find out a little bit more about this resort’s offers.

Facilities & Services

The following services and facilities will be described, and estimated rates (as of this writing) are also shown. Here you go…

  • Entrance Fee: 150 Pesos. This includes a Day Tour to a Mini Zoo, Hanging Bridge, and swimming pool usage
  • Cable Car: 100 Pesos per guest and ride
  • Zipline: 150 Pesos per guest and ride
  • KTV is available in the resto-bar area.
  • Corkage (not applicable yet)
  • Mini Zoo (local animals including birds, monkeys, snakes, etc.)
  • Hanging Bridge (bamboo bridge high above enough for you to see the tops of the trees and more magnificent views of the nearby mountains)
  • Swimming Pool (two pools are available)
  • Cottages

If you need to really want to spend more time and cherish the healing environment and atmosphere, you may stay overnight at their comfortable and homey room of your choosing.


accommodation offers

Non-Aircon Rooms

  • 2 Twin Beds (1,000 Pesos): for 4 guests, no en-suite bathroom, with TV
  • 2 Twin Beds (1,200 Pesos): for 4 guests, with bathroom, no TV
  • 2 Twin Beds (1,500 Pesos): for 4 guests, with bathroom, cable TV
  • Common-shared Bed (1,500 Pesos): for 6 guests, with bathroom, local TV stations
  • Bahay Kubo (1 Twin Bed with louting): for 1,000 Pesos; no bathroom

Air-conditioned Rooms

  • Deluxe Room (3,000 Pesos): with breakfast
  • Standard Room (2,000/2,500 Pesos): with breakfast, size and other features vary

Getting to Coal Mountain Resort

You can visit the resort taking any available resources or transport at your disposal. Check out the contact details and transportation availability as well as rates.

  • Phone Numbers: 0908 778 8701 / 0918 965 6081 / (032) 516-5166 /
  • Facebook Page
  • Address/Location: Barangay Linut-od, Argao, Cebu

Coal Mountain Resort, if you are coming from Cebu City, is about 3 hours and approximately a hundred kilometers far. However, if you want to take advantage of the resort’s transport service, please check out the transport and their respective rates.

Of course, the rates also depend on your pickup point and number of passengers. Here we go:

  • 12-Seater Non-aircon Van: ₱2,500 from Argao to resort; ₱5,500 from Cebu to resort
  • 12-Seater Aircon Van: ₱3,000 from Argao to resort; ₱7,500 from Cebu to resort
  • 30-Seater Aircon Van: ₱4,000 from Argao to resort; ₱9,500 from Cebu to resort
coal-mountain-resortBamboo Bridge

Public Transport Option

Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal and take a bus the travels to Argao Town (Municipality). Get off at San Miguel Street in the town.

Then take a motorbike (Habal-Habal) to the resort (for around 150 Pesos).

Private Vehicle Option

Yes, you may get there if you decide to take with you your car or any transport. It could be a bit challenging as the road is basically rural and rough. Besides, it is difficult to see road directions.

Coal Mountain Resort is over 20 kilometers from Argao Town. Hiking to the resort from the town could be a great and healthy experience.

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Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy your travels.

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