Coco Grove Nature Resort

Coco Grove Nature Resort

coco-grove-nature-resort-beachBeach View (Photo by: @rencalago)

Refreshing Coco Grove Resort

Coco Grove Nature Resort is an excellent holiday property that nestles by the shore on Camotes Islands. It offers various facilities and services to couples, small groups and even bigger groups of guests.

The resort is precisely located in Heminsulan, Mangodlong. It is a resort closely collaborating with Mangodlong Roch Beach Resort. In fact, if you are staying as a guest at Coco Grove you have full access to all facilities at Mangodlong Resort.

Now, without any further adieu let us check out the facilities and services at Coco Grove Resort.

coco-grove-nature-resort-swimming-poolsCoco Grove Nature Resort's pools (Photo: Coco Grove)

Tropical Island's Facilities & services

As you might have guessed, although not fully surrounded by nature as the one in the forest and isolated places, Coco Grove Nature Resort is generally surrounded by coconut trees, palms, flowering tropical plants, Bermuda grass, daisies and more local plants inside the property.
Yes, you are free to stroll around and enjoy the green nature.

Twin Swimming Pools
Putting aside the beach for a moment, the resort is proud to introduce its twin cool swimming pools. These two are great for those who love pools and non-salty water. I admit that I enjoyed the non-salty water when I was little and would always reminisce those days in my happy childhood life.

Yes, kids love swimming pools, and they never stop swimming or playing in the water that their lips turn blue after long hours – that is only when the water is cold – but they never feel the cold!

Day Use of Swimming Pool: adult 75 kids 50 per head
By the pools’ sides, you can enjoy the loungers if you are planning to spend time relaxing, reading a book, typing on your laptop or just doze off! You can also find tables and benches under the mushroom-shaped shades by the pools.

coco-grove-nature-resort-beachviewBeach view of Coco Grove Resort (photo: @rencalago)

Free Wifi in Public Areas
Yes, this is great news especially for the younger generation guests who cannot put away even just for a moment their smartphones, right? However, if you really want to enjoy nature and the sea then maybe you need to turn off (?) or just not check your phone often!

Of course, you can brag to your friends that you are on a holiday or vacation at this resort or on Camotes Island with somebody (or some people whoever they may be). Keeping memories through pictures, selfies and upload to your social media!

Free Parking Area Inside
Now, this is great news for those who are riding their own vehicles all the way from Cebu or any point of origin in the Province. Coco Grove Resort offers a free and safe space for your vehicle for parking. I suppose you can leave it there until you exit the property (for free!).

Car Service
Arrange in advance or talk to the ladies at the Front Desk to reserve your trip using the tour vehicle. You can take it when visiting places on the island where you can find interesting sights and things.

Now, aside from accommodating guests on holidays or short breaks, Coco Grove Nature Resort also offers hospitable services to groups with other purposes. These include the following…

Catering special occasions

Below, are just samples of special occasions or events you can make to happen here on this part of the island...

Birthday parties (kids and adults)
Yes, your kids and adult members would love to celebrate their parties by the poolside and close to the beach. I suppose there is no limit on the number of guests for your party celebration.

Of course, make sure that you contact the management in advance for your arrangements especially regarding headcount for food (and menu), seating arrangement, motif, decors and all necessary materials for your memorable and fancy celebration.

Wedding Receptions
Certainly, your wedding reception can be held here with great ease. Similar to grand and important celebrations or events, you need to arrange meticulously for your dream wedding environment and atmosphere.

Swimming Party
I suppose this is for any sort of celebrations or parties. Most probably, this can be a birthday party, graduation party, or any party at all that will use the swimming and pool area. Your drinks and food can be served by the poolside so that you can enjoy your time without any trouble of moving from the pool to the restaurant area.

Fun Beach Activities & Games

You can certainly enjoy the beach area as a guest of Coco Grove using the long shore and wide beach of Mangodlong Beach Rock Resort. Here are samples of beach games you can enjoy with, and I should say that you can perform hundreds of fun games in that spacious white sandy beach area. For example…

Beach Volleyball
Play badminton

Those two are the common ones, but you can also play the following games some of which you already know or heard while some are quite unknown to you. Anyhow, if you do not know them, I suggest you consult Mr (or Ms) Google and get some ideas. Here they are…

How Low Can You Go?, Mini Golf, Beach Frisbee Golf, Water Bucket Relay, Let’s Go Fly A Kite, Limbo at the Beach, Beach Bowling, Tug Of War, Beach Style, Squirt Ball, Sand Hopscotch, Parachute Games, Slithery Snake Game, Bubble Blowing, Bocce Ball, Build an Inukshuk, Beach Treasure Hunt, Sand Angels, Do You Want to Build a Sandman?, Sand Castles/Forts, Animals, and Picasso in the Sand. Yeah, I got those games from this source:

At Mangodlong Beach Rock Resort, you will also find more interesting things around. One of them are the rock formations which are developed and turned into resting and horizon sightseeing places. On top of those rocks are shades with tables and chairs or benches where you can enjoy your food or drinks, and spend your time leisurely.

Tropical Rooms / Accommodation

Of course, you are always welcome, and the resort has some types of accommodation for your choosing. Please, visit their Facebook page of simply click the link here to see the rates, photos, facilities, and services.

If you prefer, you can also just type in the resort’s name in the Search Box and click Search to find out more about its accommodation details

For a little hint, the room is around or from PhP2,000/night, free breakfast for two guests, but it can also accommodate up to three guests.

Contact Details
Phone: Call 09999971723
Emails: @cocogrovenatureresort

Getting To Coco Grove Nature Resort
If you are coming from Cebu or anywhere from that mainland, you need to take a ship from Danao Port in Danao City, Cebu.

For more descriptions on how to get to Camotes Island, please check out this link for details.

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