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Cordova Home Village

Cordova Home Village is one of the best places to be on the island.

It is established in a two-hectare piece of resort property where part of the village is still undeveloped making it both look very tropical and natural compared to the standard well-groomed resorts.

All typical resort facilities and amenities are available aside from its close proximity to the beach and other fun water activity shops and places.

Accessibility of the resort to all centers of cultural and business makes it an ideal place to spend your vacation or business accommodation base.

Cordova Home Village is only about 25 minute-drive to/from the airport – Mactan Cebu International Airport (also Cebu’s domestic airport).

And FYI, Cordova Home is not only for vacation or business accommodation place, but it also offers various package services related to social events and business activities, such as weddings, seminars, among others.

Now, let’s check out some more features of this fantastic island establishment.

Nice General Features of Cordova Home

The facility is accessible not only to guests who rent a room for a day or longer but also for day guests who rent a cottage for a day. It means that everyone is welcome to use their facilities, some of which might be limited only to resident guests, and enjoy them for a day.

Day Use for Cottages & Corkage Rates (temporary rates)
There is an entrance fee for day users at Cordova Village. For kids below 10 years of age will be charged (Php50 in this writing) and 11 and above years of age guests (Php100 as of this writing 2014).

Cottages that can accommodate 15 guests cost Php500, small cottages for 10 guests cost (Php400) and the open tables is Php200. Please, note the rates here can only be used as guides and should not be used as fixed rates since the resort changes them without prior notice or depending on the season.

Corkage charges will be asked from guests who bring their own consumption supplies for the day. For food products, you will be charged Php200, and Php80 per bottle of softdrinks and Php200 per case. I supposed, hard drinks and been would cost the same as the softdrinks would.

Fun & Interesting Facilities

Although unique, Cordova Home Village is a typical resort in the sense that it offers the usual favorite facilities to resort guests and visitors. How, similar and typical it is, we can check them out as in the following.

Fully airconditioned rooms
Yes, this resort offers air conditioned rooms to most and selected accommodation facilities. Certainly, there are also non-airconditioned rooms available for a more budget-conscious or the environmental-friendly guests and users.

Pool Bar and Restaurant
These are great features of great resorts such as this, and as I said, these are typical features among fantastic resorts, right? Having these facilities would really offer relaxing and satisfying experience for guests who seek them.

You will enjoy the cool tropical water of the pool while sipping your drink available from the pool bar. Children’s swimming pool is also available that includes safety facilities such as floats and watchers.

Other facility close or beside the resort includes: sits, tables, loungers for sunbathing, and the restaurant. Day users and residents can both avail the restaurant’s services.

More Great Facilities

Here are more of the facilities that you would usually use or enjoy with while on business or vacation…

  • 18 hours room service availability
  • WiFi accessibility 
  • Health/gym usage for free
  • 24-hour security service
  • Billiard tables 
  • Parking spacious for various vehicles availability
  • Gardens, etc.

Yes, these are some of the facilities and certainly there are more that have not been mentioned. You can discover them when you visit the place yourself.

Now, if you are looking for a place where you can hold a very special event in your life, such as wedding ceremony or party, birthday celebration, anniversary, family gathering, seminar, business meetings, among other events then this could be the right place for it.

Cordova Home Village does not only offer accommodation facilities but also facilities for such events. Having your event in this place could be practical and economical since you can get discounted rates for services that will be prepared, arranged and cleaned up after the event.

The resort usually provide you any of such events through a package deal. Make sure that you contact with them directly for more detailed descriptions and arrangements for clearer deals and understanding about the details. Here is a package for a particular event as an example of their package offer…

Party Package Offer
A party for 40-70 guests will be offered 4 main courses of food during the 4-hour party. This party costs … an extension every hour costs Php500. Please, inquire from the resort directly if you want to learn more about holding parties or any event.

Now, one of the most interesting features that we need to know or learn more when searching for resorts is their accommodation or room and all its features. The following lines will describe very briefly on Cordova’s accommodation and rooms.

Various Accommodation & Rooms

This great facility offers numerous accommodation or room types on this island. You certainly have various choices depending on your needs and tastes or preferences. Here they are…

40 Rooms. These are the usual and standard rooms especially for two guests occupants.
12 Apartment Type – For sure, these apartment type rooms are prepared for occupants who wishes to spend longer days compared to those who stay for a day or two only. That’s because this type of accommodation has a built-in kitchen facility for the occupants to prepare their own food.

18 Studio Type. These type of rooms are basically for guests who prefer to occupy a private room and alone. This is good for solo travelers and business people who need time to fully relax quietly and privately.

6 Family Rooms. Yes, this is fantastic for families, especially those with younger children who want to feel at home while on vacation or holiday. Children can have more freedom to play around and not disturb other guests within the resort facility.

4 Duplex. They are great for those who wants to get rooms for small groups and clusters of friends that prefer to stay close by each other’s groups. It could be just a nice name for an accommodation for a group occupants.

More Fun on Mactan Island

Aside from the facilities being offered by Cordova Home, you can also find fantastic activities and places you might be interested in.

Such of these places include dive shops and island tour service providers, shopping stores, historical sites, cultural and game parks, and other interesting things.

Close and accessible to Cordova Home establishment are the following places which are located within 10 to 30 minutes or so by car…

Mactan Island Aquarium
Mactan Marina Mall
Marcelo Fernan Bridge
Baniland Tower Center
J Centre Mall
St James Amusement Park
Ayala Center (Shopping Mall)
Taoist Temple
SM City (Shoe mart shopping center)
Cebu International Convention Center

There are more of such places you can visit. Please, ask your hotel’s Front Desk staff for more available places and details on how to get there.

Finding Cordova Home Village

Locating this resort on Mactan Island is quite easy. You may use the address below and other contact details if you want to learn more about their offers.

Address: Sitio Datag Cansubing, Cordova, Mactan Island, Cebu 6016, Philippines
Phone:    +63 32 514-9731 / 520-2363
Mobile:   0929-211-1825 / 0923-870-7162

Thank you for visiting this website and we hope this offers you some insights and relevant information. Search this site deeper or visit again to find out more sites and travel destinations being featured.

Until your next search, have a great day!

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