Costa De Leticia Spa in Alegria

Costa de Leticia Spa. It is a great beach resort located in Alegria, Cebu Philippines, a famous area for beaches, diving, and other water activities.

Sunset at Costa de Leticia Spa beachfront  (Photo:


Costa de Leticia is a nice beach resort and spa with amazing view of the ocean.

It is located in the southern part of Cebu City, Cebu Island Province, the Philippines.

This amazing place for tourists, honeymooners and holiday-makers is about 2.5 hours from Cebu City.

Costa resort offers not only its great facilities but also the available historic and natural sites available nearby.

Let’s check out some…


If you are that active visitor, you can surely enjoy and have fun with Costa’s various activities and facilities. Here are some of them…

Whale & dolphin watching
Boating tours
Scuba diving
River climbing
Waterfalls canyoning

Whether you dive or just snorkel you can observe some of them: Snappers, wrasse, clownfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, tang fish, nudibranch (sea slug), hard and soft corals, sponges, etc.

More sightseeing, such as visiting Alegria Heritage Park, St Francis Xavier Parish Church, among others.

You can make your arrangement for any of the above activity and enjoy. Now, aside from enjoying the activities, you would surely need the basic human needs, including food.

If you are not very adept with adventures and adrenalin pumping events, you can also just stay and relax at Costa’s facilities within their establishment. Here are the…


Please, avail and enjoy the following facilities…

Coffee Bar & Restaurant
Infinity Swimming Pool
Toddler’s Pool
Spa & Jacuzzi

Function Rooms
It can accommodate 60 people who want to enjoy birthday parties, weddings, company team-building, tour, and any group event.

More Facilities

Costa de Leticia Spa is not only concern about the needs of its visitors but also for the environment, since we have the problem of climate change. So, in response to the need to promote environmental preservation, the establishment is using sun’s energy for some of the facilities…

Solar-powered air-conditioning
Solar-powered water heater
Cable TV
Hi-speed internet
Hydro/Aquatic Massager
Tour Sightseeing


Okay, here you’ll find some descriptions of the accommodations you might be interested to check out…

Family Room: 4 guests (Php4500), facing the pool & sea, hot/cold shower, king size bed/queen size bed, cable TV, internet, tub, air-con

Suite Room: 2 guests (Php4200); includes Jacuzzi, veranda, and other facilities and amenities

Standard Room: 2 guests (Php3000), has all the basic facilities except that its facing towards the mountainside

Single Room: 1 guest (Php2500), has all the facilities of a standard room, pool area and sea view


Costa de Leticia Beach Resort and Spa
Wireless Landline: +6322 2678785
Office no.: (032) 476 7040
Telefax: +6322 3433755/4226062

Around Alegria Town, there are some interesting places or sites you might want to visit. So here are some of them.


Batong Lunhaw Beach Resort
Cancalanog Falls - Compostela Alegria, Cebu;
Canlaob Spring - Compostela Alegria, Cebu
Mt. Lanaya - South of Alegria, Cebu
Lumpan Lake Alegria Cebu, Philippines  
Gusa Alegria Cebu, Philippines
Kambais Falls Alegria Cebu, Philippines
Libo Alegria Cebu, Philippines
Montpeller Falls Alegria Cebu, Philippines
Salay Cave Alegria Cebu, Philippines

Costa de Leticia & Spa. It is a beach resort in Alegria, Cebu Province, Philippines. Whale shark diving or swimming is popular on the island as tourist's activity.

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