Dalaguete Municipality of Cebu Province

Dalaguete Municipality

dakong-bato-beach-leisure-resortDakong Bato Beach Resort

Amazing Dalaguete Municipality

It has been told that the original name ‘dalaguete’ came from the local tree species called ‘dalakit’ or ‘dakit’ native to this area.

This tree species is related with banyan tree species that distinctively features many roots as part of the whole tree itself, which can be indistinguishable from the main trunk.

Dalaguete is classified as a first class municipality of Cebu Province in central Philippines.

Based on the 2010 census, Dalaguete recorded a population of over 60 thousand registered residents. Of course, the population is increasing and so is the economy in this prosperous municipality.

Political Administrative Subdivision

Dalaguete Municipality is divided into smaller political local units called ‘barangays’. Since the municipality has larger land area compared to other municipalities, it is subdivided into 33 barangays.

Here are the alphabetically ordered names of the barangays:

Ablayan, Babayongan, Balud, Banhigan, Bulak,  Caliongan, Caleriohan, Casay,   Catolohan, Cawayan, Consolacion, Coro, Dugyan, Dumalan, Jolomaynon, Lanao,  Langkas, Lumbang, Malones, Maloray, Mananggal, Manlapay, Mantalongon, Nalhub,  Obo, Obong, Pañas, Poblacion, Sacsac, Tapon, Tuba, Salug, Tabon

legend-dakong-bato-caveThe legend of Dakong Bato Cave

Travel Attractions in Dalaguete

With that number of barangays and expansive municipality feature, Dalaguete offers various resources for travelers and visitors of this area. Such resources included local festivals and celebrations, historical sites, natural springs, mountains, rivers, beaches and resorts, among other attractions.

Okay… let’s check out some interesting places and attractions of Dalaguete.

Utanon Festival

Utanon (means ‘vegetables’) Festival is an annual fiesta celebration of Dalaguete Municipality to honor its town patron saint—San Guillermo on February 9 & 10. This festivity highlights street dancing and competition showing off the “Utanon Festival”.

Yes, this is a competition of vegetable products among farmers in the municipality. Of course, prizes are given to the winners in a form of trophies to encourage better production methods and quality of vegetable products in the area, which are also being sold to other areas including the wet markets of Cebu City itself.

Due to its popular vegetable products, Dalaguete has been dubbed as the ‘vegetable basket’ of Cebu Province.

Baluarte or Watchtowers
Although many of such watchtowers are not quite prominent on the island, specific municipalities, such as Dalaguete, can tell their presence up to this day.

Watchtowers were built during the Spanish occupation of the province. These structures were built as towers where soldiers or watchers can keep an eye approaching pirates and moros that would try to attack villagers for various reasons (slavery, resources, etc.). The watchers would then sound the alarm when they spot unfamiliar boats approaching.

It was said that there were three watchtowers in Barangay Obong built in the late 1700s and early 1800s by Augustinian priests and locals. However, some of them are untraceable since the structures are gone—probably used by locals to build their houses, or maybe just lying buried underground waiting to be discovered by hardworking anthropologist!

Dalaguete Parish Church
The parish of Dalaguete started out as an extension of Carcar Parish in 1690. As the town prospered it became an independent parish in 1711, but the church building got officially established only later on in 1802.

This church is dedicated to San Guillermo de Aquitania and is an earthquake-proof structure with baroque architecture. This architecture features flying buttress on both sides with a façade separated into three levels by stone moldings. (Picture)

Of course, there are more great places to discover in this municipality, much more than what we can say here.

So, please, if you will, find out more. And if interested, you can check out some of Dalaguete’s resources including its nice beaches…


More  Resorts & Travel Destinations

If you are already or still visiting Dalaguete are be sure to check out other great possibilities of exploring and enjoying the municipality's interesting resources. Here are some of them...

Dalaguete Beach Park (Arguete Beach)
Rockwalled Adventure Resort
Kyleville Resort Bar Restaurant
Obong Spring
Gakub Spring
Sesante Beach Resort
Just Inn
Arguete Beach Resort
Osmena Peak, Mercado’s Peak, Bandera Peak
Mantalongon Dalaguete – Vegetable Basket of Cebu
Kulabyaw Cave
Kampakas Cave
Lagnason Adventure River Trek and Bat Colony
Rocks Formations
Dalaguete Zipline (for goods transport facility)

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