Danasan Adventure Eco Park

Danasan Adventure Eco park, Danao

danasan-swimming-pool-cebuDanasan Infinity Pool (Photo by: Danasan Eco Park)

Danasan Adventure Eco Park

Danasan Adventure Eco Park is one of the best sites where one can experience challenging activities but is a more safe environment.

The adventure and activities are not only challenging (and less challenging for beginners) but also fun, exciting and relaxing.

The site is located in Danao City, Cebu, one of the most popular cities in the province. The municipality of Danao is known for its historic church, festivals, historical figures.

Now, without further adieu, let’s find out the offers at Danasan Adventure Eco Park. Let’s start with the most interesting one…

Exciting Adventures

At Danasan Adventure Eco Park, you will discover ample of adventurous activities you can do and enjoy with. However, I tell you that such activities will be very challenging and strenuous for those who are not ‘athletic’ enough. So, any adventure activity might need some preparations as they need some muscles and of course some techniques.

Now, let’s check them out…

Waterfall Exploration – Tyrolean, rappelling, and trekking
Yes, this is your way to discovering, experience and stretch your muscles, and most of all conquer your fears of heights. Through their expert guides and instructors, you will learn how to do rappelling along the sides and walls of massive rocks. You will do rappelling in a challenging river setting where water slides down the faces of rocks. What an amazing thing!

Another challenging part of your adventure is doing a Tyrolean traverse. It means that you will be hanging on a wire to cross from one point to another passing over a river or any abyss. This Tyrolean traverse is commonly used in a range of mountaineering activities including rock climbing, tree climbing, caving, water crossing and rescue activities on mountains. Yes, it is almost like a zip-line, which is another favorite activity which you might have already experienced.

Mr. Wikipedia says that Tyrolean traverse developed this system by climbers who conquered the Alps in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

In this adventure, you will be taken towards a river area where you can practice or experience the Tyrolean traverse, rappelling and trekking activities. You should be both physically and mentally prepared, and you must also trust your guide.

So, at Danasan Park, you will be rappelling down a 40feet drop waterfall, and this finish up that adventure with a big victory by jumping into a cool and refreshing waterfall pool!

danasan-waterfall-rappellingDanasan waterfall (Photo: Danasan Eco park)

Wet Cave
Be sure that you know this adventure beforehand before deciding to take on this challenge. That because this could be very challenging physically and mentally. For this experience, you need to crawl, get wet, get into dark and narrow corners of the cave.

For some, this is absorbing and fulfilling, while for many this could be the worst nightmare realized in a real situation. Of course, that is all up to you to find out. If you are willing to take on this challenge, so be it and be ready for any circumstances. However, I say that only those who take challenges in life will be successful and fulfilled. You will not know your great potentials unless you are in a situation where you truly exert your best and conquer fears or solve problems!

So, inside the cave at Danasan, you can walk, but you need to swim, crouch, crawl and roll and any possible activity that requires flexibility. You will experience a downhill trekking among other actions in this 330-foot long cave.

danasan-atv-adventureATV Adventure (Photo: Danasan Eco Park)

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Trailing
This is a kind of exciting and fun activity for individuals who love racing. Of course, this is not as fast as those Formula 1 or such fast car-racing games. Beginners can do this with proper instruction and lessons from the park’s professional instructors and guides.

This is particularly hilarious and fun when you are in a group – chasing each other while enjoying laughter and the views of Danasan’s eco-environment. The ATV of Danasan goes in the inner part of the park’s compound and go up towards the lovely hilly areas of the park.

This is also an enjoyable activity, especially when with friends who love speed and chasing. You will be riding a small ‘racing car,' but of course in a smaller version! It could be a good taste of what is like riding a racing car in real life.

danasan-skybike-adventureSkybike at Danasan Adventure Eco Park (Photo: Danasan Eco Park)

Skybike Challenge
You think that riding and learning how to ride a bike is difficult? Try this one, and you will realize that learning how to cycle on the ground if much easier and ‘safer’? Yes, you need to have a real trust on the wire and rope that will keep you on the air.

I guess this would be a lot easier for the adventurous and fearless growing children and youth, but not that easy for older guys! However, this might change your life and one of your best experiences in life!

Danasan Water Falls Adventure
In this adventure, you will experience three levels of amazing waterfalls. This needs trekking which will take about two hours. Part of this adventure is the Tyrolean traverse and the sixty-foot rappelling experience which will end at the waterfall where you will be refreshed by its cool pool of water.

The Way of the Cross and the Grotto
You can take this activity if you are a believer and willing to walk that far to experience a sense of the creator. If you do not want to walk and meditate about life, you can also take a horse on your way to the cross.

Your pilgrim starts at the lobby, and you will circumnavigate the other side of the park, see the mountains of Asturias, lakes, landscapes while breathing the cool breeze around you.

Some easier activities that both adults and kids can do are also very much available at Dasan Adventure Eco Park. Although some of them may sound a bit risky or dangerous, know that the park authorities have already taken precautions and that your safety is their priority.

danasan-highwire-twintowerHigh Cable Twin Tower at Danasan Eco Park

More Fun Activities

Here we come! At Danasan you can get almost any adventure activity you want because that is what they are good at. See the short descriptions below...

Wall Climbing  Twin Tower

  • needs parental guidance
  • for upper body strengthening activity
  • 120 feet high wall
  • 360 degrees perfect view on top of the wall

High Cable Twin Tower

  • adult and children – parental guidance required
  • 150 feet distance between towers to be traversed
  • 60 feet high from the ground

Rappelling Twin-Tower

  • for adults and children (parental guidance needed)
  • descend by using a line from one of Danasan TriPeaks
  • try various types of rappelling: hasty, inverted, seat-shoulder, by and seat-hip rappel
danasan-skydrop-adventureDanasan Sky Drop Adventure

Sky Drop

  • for adults and children (parental guidance needed)
  • birds-eye-view towards the Mountains of Asturias – 210 feet high
  • free fall from the pinnacle to the ground level!

Zip-line and Horse-back riding

  • 440 meters long
  • view of fresh green foliage and white clouds in blue skies above
  • 50-foot shallow cliffs, sliding with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour
  • a horse patiently awaits on the other side
danasan-wakeboardingWakeboarding (Image Source: Danasan Eco Park)

Wake Boarding

  • two hours at the Beginner’s Lake
  • exciting stunts will be taught by teaching staff


  • several camp sites are available inside the Park where you are free to do barbecue
  • sleeping with nature: quiet night, star-gazing; singing birds in the morning

Rope’s Course

  • great to build  up your muscles and develop more flexibility
  • perfect for team-building activities and personality development

Now, with all those fascinating, challenging and fun adventures and events being offered, I think you should also want to know more about Danasan Adventure Eco Park’s services available. Let’s check out the main services…

Danasan Adventure Eco Park Services

Shuttle Service is available for those who wants to go there and come back where they want to. Please inquire from them directly through the contact details below the page.
Here are the routes for the shuttle services:

  • Cebu – Danasan
  • Danao – Danasan
  • Parkmall – Danasan (6:30 AM)
  • Danao (Nano’s Pizza) – Danasan (9:00 AM)

The shuttle leaves from Danasan Adventure Eco Park’s vicinity at about 5 and 6 PM.

Tractors are available for fun activities

4x4 Farm Truck is also readily available in case you one of them for any activity you have in mind

Session Hall with Sound System
This is an open-air and non-air-conditioned space where you can hold various sorts of activities for about a hundred people. You can use this for your meetings, conferences, group development programmes or any social functions.

danasan-biking-cebuMountain Biking (Image Source: Danasan Eco Park

Room Accommodations

Danasan Adventure Eco Park offers various types of comfortable rooms for your stay while enjoying your activities. For your general information of the rooms, here are some quick descriptions…

  • air-conditioned room with cable television, ref, hot and cold showers
  • free use of the infinity swimming pool
  • allow one extra guest (some room offers)
  • non-air-con rooms are also available
  • bamboo balcony and picnic table with benches
  • mountain views, lakes and infinity pool, etc.

The descriptions above are not available in all rooms but depending on your choice of room, of course.

The cottages available can accommodate up to 15 guests with panoramic sight of the Park’s hillsides, green surroundings, and infinity pool.

A Clubhouse
This is the place where you can relax, enjoy your food and drinks later during the day or in the evening. The helpful staff will accommodate you with great hospitality. Of course, you can socialize here and talk about your day’s fun activities and exciting experiences.

The Clubhouse also offers you a relaxing atmosphere and structure that you can safely and comfortably walk around bare-foot.

Infinity Pool
Yes, you might just need to get cool-off after your activity or by the end of the day. You will simmer down while scouring the environment or observing the blue skies or crimson late afternoon.

danasan-infinity-poolDanasan Infinity Pool (Image Source: Danasan Eco Park)

Finding Danao Adventure Eco-Park

Contact Details

Telephone No. (032) 239 5653 | (032) 239 5654
Mobile No. (0917) 301 3171 GLOBE | (0922) 865 5779 SUN
Email: danasanecoadventure@gmail.com

Certainly, this could be your place for your current plan for a holiday with your family, friends, and associates. The Park offers myriad of resources from which you can choose from with reasonable rates. The place is not only for fun but could be your place to go to in support of ecological awareness, aside from developing more your physical, mental and even spiritual powers.

Thank you for reading to the end of this page. Hope you will have the best of your activity whatever it will be.

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