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Elegant Beach Resort happens to be established in one of the most famous beach resort area in the province of Cebu…

San Remigio

This area in the provincial island is situated in the scenic northern side of Cebu.

It can be reach in about 2 hours by public or private vehicles from Cebu City – capital of the province.

Elegant Resort is a perfect place for a family reunion event, romantic vacations, office or school get-away, or celebration with friends.

According to the local stories, the name Remigio is not strictly related to a holy person or a saint. However, due to the bravery of Remigio (a Spanish sentinel who helped protect the locals by then from the pirates) the native settlers attributed him to be such a person of value and dignity by attaching the prefix or title “San” or ‘saint’ in English language.


Well, depending on your taste or preferences you could enjoy, have fun and experience a very memorable vacation in this place and resort.

Just to provide you some glimpses of the area or the resort, you can do the following…

Touring around San Remigio Town
If you are new to this area or a foreign visitor, you would surely enjoy and learn lots of things, interesting culture, quirky sights or festivals, among other indigenous realities in this area.

Diving (Scuba)
Yes, of course, you if haven’t tried diving – free diving or scuba diving – you may have to try just even once. Or even just snorkeling. That’s because you shouldn’t miss the diverse marine life in the area under the sea that is worth observing.

Dining seafood
Wow, this is one of the best things that you should experience first and foremost in your vacation or visit in the area. Seafood is great in San Remigio, they are freshly caught by local fishers. Depending on your preferences, you can have your seafood either fresh or cooked.

Shopping native products
If you are a culture-minded person (anthropologist maybe) or is interested in local products, you can also find local handicrafts or jewelries created by creative makers.
You can buy, as souvenirs, some shell porcelain, necklace, or home decors. (However, if the product is made from prohibited materials, such as corals, then you should think twice).

Beaches, playing golf, etc.
In San Remigio, there are many ways you can enjoy the beach: to swim or just cherish your presence of being there. However, you can truly enjoy if you dip into the water and feel the cool and refreshing waters of San Remigio!

If you are a golfer or a newbie, you can find places where you can practice your swings close to the beach or with a view of the ocean in this area.


Elegant Conference Room
This resort caters to formal events, such as conferences and meetings that can be conveniently held in this elegant room.

Elegant Coffee Shop
Yes, many of us can’t live without this drug. Elegant Coffee Shop offers you great tasting coffee from early morning to midnight for the whole week. Sit, relax, and enjoy your holiday with coffee.

Internet access
Cable TVs
And more...


Don’t worry about getting a place to sleep or stay in at Elegant’s because they have lots of rooms available.

Here are the choices you have…

Economy Rooms
Standard Rooms
De Luxe Rooms
Executive Rooms
Premium Rooms
Junior Suite
Elegant Suite

Room Rates:
The rates range is from Php1,000.00 to Php2,800 and above. It means that you have various ranges of price. You may check out their official site (below) to find out your preferred rate.

For most of the rooms, here are the amenities you can enjoy with…
Air-conditioner, cable TV, spacious room suite, refrigerator, internet access, hot and cold shower with bath tub, etc.


Address: Anapog, San Remegio, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: / 63.32.412.4928
Mobile Phone: 63.9173281601(Globe)
Fax No.:
Website: www.elegantbeachresort.com
Email: reservations@elegantcircleinn.com


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