En-Red Floating Paradise


En-Red Resort is situated right on one of the popular beaches in Tuburan Town, Cebu, Philippines.

Well, the resort is not actually floating itself.

The operators dubbed their place as such because they have cottages that are established on tree branches high enough to make one feel great.

These trees are just close by the beach.

In addition, En-Red Resort has cottages that are actually floating in the sea reachable by a small boat… Interesting!

Okay, let’s check out what this place offers…


Tuburan area is known by many to have great natural sites where visitors and vacationers alike can enjoy with, especially those who are more adventurous and outdoor freaks!

Tuburan has the following varied natural resources for adventure…
springs, beaches, creeks, caves, forests, mountains, and other natural environment ideal for a hardliner adventurer.

In addition, En-Red Floating Paradise Resort offers more fun activities, including:

Playing Tennis
This resort has a standard tennis court that offers tennis facilities for rent (if you don’t have one with you). You can also play at night if you so desire.

Banca Ride
You can rent this outrigger boat for an hourly basis and enjoy the sea and views around. I suppose they won’t let you ride alone, an operator will kindly guide you around to bring you to some nice spots in the area.

Some games


Please, check out their interesting facilities…

Floating Cottage:
With Room (Php500/day)
Without Room (Php50/hour)

The rates provided above include the boat that will transport you to the floating facility. If you insist on swimming over to the facility they might let you ^^.

The resort has four kiosks available and have been named interesting by their creators (Gong2, Gam2, Jit2, and Mac2). Not sure what they stand for!
The rent is Php150 for each kiosk, which is quite reasonable.

Function Room Upper Level
This facility is for special events, such as birthday celebrations, gatherings or any event you want to happen in this place. This room is ideal for a maximum of 30 guests (Php1,500)

Ground Level Function Room
Another function room facility for any event which is ideal or can accommodate up to 50 guests (Php1,000)

Upper & Ground Floors
Now, if you want to use both levels for your bigger event or party, the two levels can accommodate a maximum of 80 guests. The costs is Php2,000.00 only (Please inquire for any update of their recent rates).

Videoke is available for an hourly rent (5pesos/song)

Services or events that En Red accepts include…
Wedding Receptions
Company outings
Barkada Night outs, etc.

Cheap Charges
Entrance Fees: Adult (Php10.00), below 7 years old (Php5.00)

Other facilities available (for rent)
These facilities that can help you enjoy most your holiday are not that very costly. Here they are…

Banca ride, tents, rubber boats, salbabida (inflated tubes used as floats), chess boards, billiards, and tennis court.


As you might have noticed already, the accommodations and rooms of En Red resort is pretty interesting. Here they are…

Beachside Cottages
3 Units (Neri, Nelson, Marlon for 2 guests only). These are closed cottages, which means with privacy and safety for your belongings. Per cottage is Php500.00.

2 Units (Mitch & Jeb). Each unit is for a maximum of 4 guests. It is also a closed unit for privacy and safer feeling. Each unit’s rent costs Php600.00.

2 Units (Mai-Mai & Coach Badong). Each unit can accommodate up to 10 guests for Php300.00.

Beach Tree Houses
There is a total of four branches of Tree Houses available. And, there are their “baptismal” names…

Agassi Branches: can accommodate up to 5 guests for Php400)
Federer Branch: can accommodate up to 5 guests also for Php400
Sampras Branch: max of 5 persons for Php400
Nadal Branch: max of 3 persons for Php300

Single Tree House: Hingis
It is for a maximum of 12 guests for Php600.00
Surely, if these famous tennis players would know about this place, they would be very curious about the place and its owner!


Addresss: Barangay 8, Tuburan, Cebu, Philippines
Cebu City Phone Number: 0917-3648636 /0923-8295916 (Christie)
Office Phone: 032-232-3421
Email Address: enredfloatingparadise@yahoo.com
Website: http://enredfloatingparadise.weebly.com/index.html


Molobolo Spring
Little Baguio
Marmol Cliff & Cave
Lantawan Lookout
Apalan White Beaches

Daghang Salamat!
Hope you’ll visit this website again or more often in the future.

WE wish you’ll have a wonderful holiday on the island.

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