Gibitngil Funtastic Island, Medellin

Gibitngil Funtastic Island resort. It is a fantastic place to be refreshed by pristine water, clear air, and fun activities. It's located in Medellin, Cebu, Philippines

Gibitngil Funtastic Island Resort (photo: RarusuChin/


Gibitngil Island is a famous resort with colorful cottages on top of rocks, coral rocks and black rocks surrounded with pristine turquoise waters.

Some calls this place a ‘little’ Palawan due to its walls of rocks that look fantastic.

Gibitngil is located North of Cebu City, and it is the ninth municipality that comprises the 4th congressional district of Cebu Province. After Bogo Town, it is about a 3-hour drive from the City.

Gibitngil is being closely monitored as a protected marine sanctuary by the residents and the Sea Patrol established by the local government.

It is a very safe place for visitors, in addition to the sea patrol office nearby the resort.


The facilities of the island are basic and the management charges only a minimal entrance fee (10 pesos).

It is advisable to bring your own provisions, especially if you want to save. The facilities are not that expensive, though. As of this writing, the rates of the services and facilities are as follows…


  • Small Cottage A : 50 Pesos
  •  Small Cottage B : 75 Pesos
  • Small Cottage C : 150 Pesos
  •  Medium Kiosk with Diving Board : 200 Pesos
  • Medium Cottage with Grilling Area : 200 Pesos
  • Big Kiosk (top) : 250 Pesos

However, you can have a free cottage if you take the “Mayor Sea Patrol” boat that is being mentioned down below this page. And, you need to pay any of the cottages above if you take any of the private boats available below.


Among other fun and interesting activities you can do on the resort, you can rent/use the following facilities…

Kayak:  50 Pesos per hour
Zipline:  50 Pesos per ride (outside the resort)
Tarzan Jump: 25 pesos (outside the resort)
Watchtower: 1,200 pesos/whole day (on the water)

Cliff Jumping/diving
It is a great experience for those of you who want to face your fear of heights. Well, you can start with the lower height first if you prefer. The heights of the cliff available are: 10 ft, 20 ft, and 30+.

Snorkeling & Fish Feeding
Surely, you will enjoy swimming with a snorkel gear on your mouth/face. Since the water is very clear and clean, you can watch various sorts of fishes and other creatures underwater and within the corals.


Overnight accommodations or rooms are not very available at this stage on that island, although there is a plan to establish one or two.

Since there are no ‘real’ restaurants there, it is advisable that you bring with you your own provisions - it is practical as it is economical. If you prefer, you can buy your food and drinks from the mainland by taking a tricycle (or trisikad) to the market.


Not so close to the island are some accommodations you can rent for an overnight stay or so. For example, just a 100-meter from Medellin Hideaway resort, you can rent a room (PhP2500) with the basic facilities and amenities (aircon, TV, karaoke, bathroom, 4-6 persons).

You may contact this place with this number: 092 8507 8107. This place has a garage and the room has a balcony.


Getting to Gibitngil Island is easy…
Take a bus from North Bus Terminal bound for Kawit (leaves every hour). The fare is Php150 for Ceres (aircon) Bus and 145 for non-aircon ones. Just let the conductor know that you’re going to Gibitngil Island and he’ll drop you off at Kawit.

From Barangay Kawit, you can take a pump-boat (outrigger boat) for PhP1500, or so, that can accommodate 20 people. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the island from Alpine Pantalan (port).

Boat Available for Gibitngil Island

Bantay Dagat Boats
Bantay Dagat or “Mayor Sea Patrol” boat charges PhP2000 for a maximum of 20 passengers, including FREE cottage use (Php1500 for Medellin residents). Bantay Dagat Boats Phone: 4362031 or 09176234925.

Private Boats
Privately-owned boats are available at various rates starting from Php1000 above, which is also negotiable. Among the available private boat owners, you can contact (Jonathan) this number 09325052945. This private boat offers Php1000 for a roundtrip of 10 persons maximum passengers.

Gibitngil Coral Rocks. These rocks/walls are similar to the ones found in Palawan Island, which can also be found in Vietnam's Halong Bay and China's Jelin area.

Gibitngil Coral Rocks (Photo: RarusuChin/


Hideaway Beach Resort
Lea's Sunset View Beach Resort
Seahorse Tourist Inn
Palm's Inn & Beach Resort
Mahawak Beach Resort
ALA Mercedes Golden Village

Well, that’s how you can visit the island.
Thank you for visiting this site.
Enjoy your holiday & travel.

Have an islandful of fun!^^

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