Ging Gings Flower Garden Restaurant

Ging Gings Flower Garden Restaurant. It is a budget restaurant on the island that serves local dishes and some international menus.


Ging Ging’s is a popular budget restaurant established in Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines.

It serves delicious international as well as Filipino dishes.

The interior design is simple with lightweight plastic chairs and the ceiling is well designed with native materials for a more tropical atmosphere.

Ging Ging’s does not only serve food but also provides rooms for rent right on its second floor.

It is just a 5-minute walk to the popular white Bounty Beach of Malapascua.


Diving and Snorkeling
If you are on this island, you can arrange for a dive adventure with any of the dive centers established everywhere.

However, if you are not ready for real diving yet, you can just snorkel by the coral reefs surrounding the island and still enjoy

Popular Dive Spots in Malapascua
North Point, Monad Shoal, Gato Island, Lighthouse, Lapus Lapus, Chocolate Island, North Wall, Ka Osting, Sunken Island, Nunez Shoal, Kalamanggan Island, The East Side,

The Sand Patch, Twins, House Reef, Maria’s Point, Buhod Point, Maripipi, Chicken Curry Island, Shore Diving, Dona Marilyn Wreck, Don Macario Wreck, Tapilo Japanese Wreck and Pioneer Japanese Wreck, etc.

Walk On the Beach
Walking or hiking along the white sands is one of the popular relaxation activity that most guests do on this island. It takes about 3 hours to complete circling around the island.

If you don’t want to walk, you can still look around by renting or hiring a motorbike or bicycle available at service providers.

Another alternative is renting a boat to take you around the island, which is also the best way to see the island in a distance.


Ging Gings Flower Garden serves both Filipino and international dishes.
They are very much affordable, especially for those who come with a tight budget and just want to enjoy the beach and sea.

In particular, here are some of the menus:
Vegetarian Food
Sea Food
Asian Food,
Filipino Cuisine
International, etc.

Other offers
Fresh Shakes
Grilled Food
Toasts, eggs, etc.


Ging Ging’s (2) rooms have the basic but clean facilities. Each room provides electric fans and cold showers only (but who needs a hot shower in a tropical environment, huh!).

The check in time is at 2 pm and check out is at 12 noon the following day. However, you may arrange your stay depending on your preferences.


Mobile Phone: 0917 7256 366
Ging Ging’s is located just behind Sunsplash Resort and close to La Isla Bonita. If you find it difficult locating just ask anybody and you’ll be given the right direction.

Bounty Beach. It is just a few minutes walk from Ging-Ging's restaurant to reach this nice beach of Malapascua Island.

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