Danao Greenlake Park Resort
"Nature at its best in a lake on an island"

Green Greenlake Park Resort

Greenlake Park Resort

Danao Lake is where the so-called 'Greenlake Park Resort' is located. This lake is the only one not only in San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu Province.

It has a 1.5-hectare of some hardwood, tropical trees, mangrove forest, and certainly coconut trees dotting the area.

Lake Danao has a total of 700 hectares of fresh water in diameter, and the only biggest natural lake in Cebu Province.

Environmental Education

Although many trees have been cut down all throughout the country, there are still various species of tropical trees in this area exist and are under the protection of national law.

Trees nursery is being established and being used to improve and make the whole area greener.

The lake itself is is being used as a breeding ground for freshwater fishes.

Danao Lake on Camotes Islands offer boat rides including kayaks and other motorized boats. www.cebu-bluewaters.com

Greenlake Park Resort. It is the only fresh water and the largest lake in the province of Cebu. It is best for family picnics as well as for lovers space. Greenlake park is itself located in Danao Lake of Camotes Islands in San Francisco.Greenlake Park Resort, Danao Lake, Camotes Islands (photo: cocogrovenature.com)

Students from mostly Cebu Province are having exposure outside of the four walls of school education in this Lake. That makes study more interesting!

Students learn in real life situation ecology and environmental protection. Some of them compose poems or paint this beautiful place.

Flora & Fauna

The whole park is serene and relaxing. The nature around the place and surrounding you can bring back your energy and refresh your being.

The fresh water of the Lake is abundant of fresh water fish, such as Tilapia, which you can fish and grill by the lakeside.

Lake Danao is home to wild ducks, purple herons, other water fowls, and various species of tropical fishes endemic only to this island.

In order to maintain the park, a cheaper entrance fee will be collected as you enter the premises.

By the Green Lake park, you can find some mini food stores. However, it would be much more practical and economical if you brought with you your own preferred snacks of food for the outing.

Greenlake Park resort is located on Camotes Islands, Cebu Province, Philippines. www.cebu-bluewaters.com

Romantic Lake

As you would surely agree, lakes are romantic in its nature.

So is Greenlake Park. Couples and lovers from all over the province and from other regions come to experience the serenity of the place and share their intimate time together by the lakeside.

Just like most couples or lovers do, visitors take a boat and paddle around the lake…
There is also a boat available to take a limited number of couples. It is provided with native style chairs and tables making it look like a simple floating restaurant.

“Sakanaw” is the name of this outrigger motor-powered boat. Since many visitors want to ride this boat, the local government is in the process of developing a bigger one that can accommodate more than 10 persons.

Finding Greenlake Park Resort

Once you are on the island, it is so easy to get to this park.

Location: Green Lake, Lake Danao, San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines.

Getting There

The best way to get to Camotes Islands is from Cebu City. Take a jeepney (or taxi) that goes to Danao City where you can take a ferry for that island.

From Cebu City, you can also take a Van (from SM City) that passes Danao City Port. You'll arrive on San Francisco Port, Pacijan Island. Take a waiting multicab or motorbikes that would bring you to your destinations.

By Land/Sea Travel

Cebu City is very accessible by ships, ferries or fast boats from any point of the peninsula. You can certainly take a long ride in a bus from Luzon to Cebu via land and sea.

Ormoc City of Leyte Province is the closest city to Camotes Island. It takes about an hour by boat.  Please, let us know should you need more information on getting there.

If you really need a much more descriptive guide, the following link might be of great help: getting to Camotes Islands.

Camotes Island Beach Resort. www.cebu-bluewaters.comBakhaw Beach Resort, Camotes Islands

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Please, enjoy the lake and everything in it.
Have your picnic and take that boat to make your visit more memorable.

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