Hannahs Place Restaurant and Lodge

moalboal-beachesSwimming with sea turtles in Moalboal

Hannahs Place Restaurant and Lodge is conveniently situated in a beautiful white beach of Moalboal, Panagsama Beach.

Moalboal is one of the best places to experience beach life – sun tanning, swimming, snorkeling, diving, island-hopping, and all sorts of interesting water activities.

Moalboal Town is about 2 hours from Cebu City and more than 2 hours from Mactan Island where Cebu-Mactan International Airport is located.

So, Hannahs Place is the place where you can conveniently explore the waters, underwater, islands, exotic places and outdoors.

However, being a hotel itself, you may just stay comfortably in your room and enjoy your own tranquil and relaxing atmosphere of this tropical holiday destination.

Now, please check out some interesting features and anything that this accommodation can offer you...

Hannahs Place Restaurant & Lodge

Fun Activities & Adventures

Scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, boating… are just some of the numerous activities you will enjoy with at Hannahs Place Restaurant and Lodge.

Rooster-fight & Tuba Wine
If you are interested and willing to experience local traditions, there is a rooster fighting held every Sunday in the town’s 'bulangan' (fenced area where roosters fight). Most watchers of this event come just to enjoy the excitement of the crowd. Some come to bet on their favorite fighter rooster.

Such entertainment area is supposed to have official government permits as they involve in income generating activity. Organizers of bulangan should have proper documents before they run that 'business'.

“Tuba” Wine
A popular local and traditional drink is also available in most places – ‘tuba’ wine. This wine is great when drank fresh from the coconut tree, because it starts to ferment after some hours.

Orchid Farm
Yes, there are places for flower lovers in this place. Hannah’s Place can easily arrange it for you upon request.

Kawasan Falls
A trip to the popular Kawasan Falls is also one of the treats in this area. The falls is great for a swim and also good if you hike by the falls route surrounded by trees. You can either rent a car or bike to get there.

Fantastic Facilities & Services

Hannah’s Restaurant
It is located just right a few meters from the water. The lovely view of the turquoise ocean with blue mountainous islands at the background would certainly make you enjoy your dish with much gusto.

Dive Center
If you come to explore the depths and swim with the colorful, small and huge creatures of the sea, Hannah’s Place is always ready to make that arrangement for you.

And, if you come to learn how to scuba dive or anything similar with that matter, they also offer to make arrangements for you to learn with the proper knowledge and skills. You’ll be directly applying you skill in some select dive sites…

Certainly, you can request more fun activities, such as boating, boat touring, island-hopping, among other interesting adventures.

Airport Transfers:
Cebu-Mactan Airport to Moalboal (vice-versa) –
Car for 2 persons ($110)
Van for 3-6 persons ($190)
Coaster for 14 persons ($375)

Accommodation & Rooms

The below rates only serve as guides for those who wish to reserve a room in this place. Please, contact the establishment directly in order to get any updates of rates and changes that might have taken since this writing.

  • Deluxe Room ($50)
  • Standard Room ($40)

For ‘walk-ins’, ‘last-minutes’, and ‘special arrangements’, you may have to ask the front desk directly for the prices upon arrival.

Certainly, there are more offers than the ones presented here.

Find Hannahs Place Restaurant and Lodge

Here are the contact details you will need for your inquiries or for reservation.

Email: jutta.fritz@ammerschlag.de; or : hannah@seaquestdivecenter.ph
Webmaster: Thomas Waiblinger
email: thowai@artmoon.de; or: kontakt@tübingen-dvd.de
Website: www.hannahs-place.com (not accessible in this writing)

To get to Moalboal Municipality, you can take any public transport you prefer such as a bus, van, or a taxi.

If you decide to take the bus, which is a more convenient mode of transportation, you may proceed to Cebu South Bus Terminal and look for a signboard that says 'Moalboal' as destination.

Or, simply ask any staff inside the terminal to be quick.

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Daghang Salamat!

Thanks and visit us again soon for more updates and interesting features.
Have an enjoyable and safe holiday!

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