Heather and Aspen Inn

Heather and Aspen Inn

Nice Heather and Aspen Inn

Heather and Aspen Inn is a nicely built two-storey accommodation with a Mexican inspired architecture on Bantayan Island.

The Inn is well-made and offers great abode for families, friends and couples alike. Besides being a great accommodation with free kitchen facilities, it is only a walking distance to the islands white sand beaches.

Heather and Aspen is located in the heart of Santa Fe Town. It is close to the laid back life of the town’s market, port and other centers of the town.

Let’s check out its facilities and other offers for your holiday…

Tropical Beach Facilities

If you are staying at this Inn, you will have a choice to either order or eat out your meals or cook your favorite dish.

That’s because Heather and Aspen Inn has a free kitchen area and facilities for your cooking expertise. Yes, you can cook your own food and save some money for your activities on the island.

This is advisable for families and bigger groups. Surely, a couple can prepare their own meals as well – your own choosing.

So, you can use their stove, kitchen wares, bread toaster, microwave oven and other cooking and kitchen facilities you need. Happy cooking while on holidays!

Guest Lounge Area
The lounge area is a nice and spacious place for all and serves as the welcoming area for new arrivals.

You would feel comfortable, homey and excited at the same time upon arrival as you step in inside. The lounge is furnished with furniture, table, decors and other home-related effects.

Complimentary WiFi
Yup, the place has a free WiFi for all who want to connect to the internet world while on the island. Would be nice and comforting and healing if you limit your usage to give you time to fully relax and get rid of the hassles of the busy world where you came from. It’s up to you, anyway!

Drinking water is also complimentary.

Roof Deck
You can search the island through this part of the building during day time. You might need your shades and telescope to see better and enjoy deeper the beauty of the island.

And at night, this roof deck is a great place to relax and enjoy the night’s breeze with your company, friends or family chatting the night away. You will certainly, enjoy the moon and stars, which is a nice spectacle since the town has no blaring lights at night.

Fun Bantayan Island's Activities

You will certainly enjoy all sorts of events and activities if you decide which one you want to avail with.

There are various adventure shops, tour guide shops, and other offers for various sorts of activities that a visitor dreamed of doing.

However, if you decide not to avail any of those offers from adventure or tour shops, you can also still spend a beautiful and unforgettable time on the island. Here are some of the things you can do…

Strolling by the beach
The island is huge with vast and wide shorelines fantastic for strolling. It is safe and not hard to do strolling, watching and enjoying things around. Occasionally, you can dip into the water and lie down on the white sand to get tanned or simply enjoy the environment.

It is a great way to see the island and everything in it. You can hike without so much trouble since you can easily take shelter from the shades of trees, coconut trees or even from the local’s houses.

Renting Bicycles, Motorbikes, Scooter, etc.
Yes, you can move around the island faster and see things quicker by renting such vehicles for a minimum amount.

You can rent any of them from many shops available around. To make sure you are getting it right, better ask your resort to give your advice where and get some tips on pricing.

Restaurants & Bars
The island has lots of nice restaurants and bars that offer delicious food and great drinks. You can choose from local dishes to international ones available at various restaurants. Don’t forget to enjoy the fresh seafood – king crabs, shrimps, etc.

Heather and Aspen Inn's Accommodation

The Inn has four hotel rooms with equipped with nice bedrooms, hot showers, aircon facilities, satellite/cable TV, among other amenities.

Chakra Room
This offers you a king size bed in its spacious, furnished, hardwood laminated floor room. Around 3 to 5 guests can be accommodated comfortably in this room.

Bhakti Room
Another nice room with one queen size soft and cozy bed. The room has an aircon facility, bathroom with hot and cold showers, a satellite TV and other amenities you can avail.

Prana Room
This has a twin bed room equipped with aircon facility, satellite TV, hot showers, nice bathroom and other amenities. Ideal for two guests.

Fan Room (Mukti Room)
This is the budget room with a bunk style or double-decked bed. You can also enjoy its hot and cold showers and nice bathroom.

Depending on the season when you book, the rate varies from 500 to 1500 Philippine peso, which is quite reasonable.

Finding Heather & Aspen Inn

Finding Heather & Aspen Inn
Please, use the following contact details if you wish to inquire more or even book your accommodation.

Phone:           Sun 0922-831-1552  &  Globe 0917-502-0197
For booking: txt 09228745746.

This is located between Portuguese and Blue Ice Restaurants in Santa Fe Town. Just ask around and you won’t miss finding it easily.

Getting to Bantayan Island is not difficult to do. There are lots of transports available that can take you there. Yes, you need to transfer from a bus (van or taxi) coming from Cebu or any point, and then take a ferry or boat for Santa Fe.

Click Getting to Bantayan to get more guides regarding transports and other helpful tips for your trip. Enjoy!

Resort & Hotel Booking

Booking a Resort
Online booking is quite easy nowadays. You may use your own favorite service or agency if you wish.

However, we also recommend you to reserve or book your hotel/resort through our trustworthy partner online provider.

Click Agoda Online Smarter Booking Service to check out your room availability. You can also see photos, rates, the availability and confirmation quickly. Agoda offers fast, safe and easy methods in booking.

Thanks for visiting website. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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