Hollywood Suites on Mactan Island

Hollywood Suites Apartment

Hollywood Suites

Hollywood Suites is an apartment on Mactan Island that offers luxurious rooms with plentiful of space to relax and rest.

This establishment is furnished with the best and handcrafted Filipino furniture made by local talented craftsmen on the island.

There are 12 suites available that come with those upscale furnishings and amenities.

You can choose from a Junior Suite or an Executive Suite as your accommodation.

From Cebu-Mactan International Airport, this property is only about 5 kilometers and very much accessible by most public transports.

One of the great advantages on Mactan Island is the closeness to the sea.

It simply means that you can reach the beach in just a few minutes depending on your hotel.

Fun and interesting sea adventures and water activities can easily be arranged through dive and tour providers that offer great package deals!

Hollywood Suite RoomHollywood Suites

Facilities & Services at Hollywood Suites

The homey and very relaxing accommodation facility of Hollywood Suites are accompanied with various amenities and services that would deepen your experience and make your stay more fruitful.

At Hollywood, you will have access to the following…

  • WiFi connectivity for your internet and online needs
  • 24-hour Front Desk service
  • Fitness Center for your physical and mental health maintenance
  • An ATM cash machine for your convenience
  • An in-hour bar that serves drinks and snacks
  • Above all, you will be kindly served by friendly staff who are fluent in both English and Filipino languages.

Sweet Suite Accommodation
For your comfortable suite room you will enjoy your furnished suite with aircondition facility, a wardrobe for your luggage and clothing, iPod docking system, wall flat-screen TV and great soft sofa in the sitting area.

Your suite room has a kitchenette where you can prepare your own favorite menu if you want to. It is equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, electric kettle, kitchen utensils, etc.

In your nice en suite bathroom, you will certainly get rejuvenated with both hot and cold showers and other amenities you can use.

Great Places to See and Visit on Mactan

On Mactan Island, where Hollywood Suites is strategically located, has loads of great and fantastic places to try and visit.

Restaurants & Resorts
When on the island, you should make the mistake of missing to eat and dine at the restaurants and enjoy their local fresh sea food. You can easily find such restaurants, both independent and hotel/resort restaurants, close to your accommodation facility.

For example, you can find the following restaurants...

Sutukil Seafood Market Restaurant. It is an independent seafood restaurant located along the road making it very accessible in terms of public transports.

Maribago Grill and Restaurant. This is a restaurant inside the famous Maribago Blue Waters resort in Maribago area.

Lantaw Floating Restaurant. This is also an independent restaurant that serves delicious menus in their floating restaurant structure.

In addition to these restaurants, you can find not only Filipino one but also other foreign restaurants that serve international dishes, including Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, and other world famous dishes.

Historic Sites

Yes, you can visit a very historic site on Mactan Island if that’s one of your interest. The place looks quite simple but historic enough to be popular locally and internationally.

One of such places is the Mactan Shrine. It is where the Battle of Mactan was fought between Chieftain Lapu Lapu with his warriors and Ferdinand Magellan with his full-metal jacket soldiers.

If you don’t know, Lapu Lapu came out victorious during the battle by defeating Magellan and his soldiers.

So, what you can see in this shrine are the Lapu Lapu Statue and Magellan’s Arch to show honor and respect to both men who are part of the history of the island and the whole province of Cebu.

Inside the shrine, you can enjoy strolling around surrounded with green plants, flowers and some trees. You can also just stay and relax on the benches alone or with friends facing towards the calm blue sea with mountains in the distance.

The Mactan Shrine is just one of such historical places. If you want to see more, you can go to Cebu City where you will find other old structures built during the Spanish period since the 16th century.

In Cebu City you can visit Fort San Pedro, Magellan’s Cross, Santo Nino Basilica, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral and similar places that has survived through time.

You may use this link for more places to see: https://www.travelingcebu.com/cebu-magellan-cross.html

Beaches & Water Activities

That’s right! Beaches and other fun water activities and adventures are popular on Mactan island. It is where you can start your interesting beach and sea experience.

If you don’t want to go far, you can still enjoy the beach of Mactan through public or private beach resorts. Publicly, you can enjoy a budget and quite cheap resort in many places. You only need to pay for a small entrance and cottage or table charges and there you can swim and tan.

However, if you want to find a more ‘social’ and upscale with complete facilities and services of a beach resort, you need to invest a little bit more and enter a private resort or hotel with beach areas.

At Shangrilas, JPark Waterpark and Hotel, Crimson and such places, you can enjoy various facilities and services for a day’s rent. An entrance charge for use of their facilities will be asked since you are not a resident.

Once you are inside the establishment, you can access most of their facilities including baths and spas, restaurants and bars, swimming pools and others depending on the arrangement and amount you pay for the day.

Dive Shops & Water Activities

Now, if you want to explore deeper and further the waters of Mactan Island and its neighboring island, you need to arrange a tour or water activity through a dive shops or adventure provider shops.

Such places offer amazing and really fun water activities, including island tours, snorkel and diving trips, island hopping activities, among other interesting seawater events.

Examples of such shops are Club Kontiki and Cebudive shops.

Here are their contact details if you are interested to avail or inquire their adventure package deals.

Club Kon Tiki
Telephone: +63 32 495 2471
Website: www.kontikidivers.com.ph
Address: Buyong Beach, Maribago

Cebu Diving Shop
Telephone: +63 32 492 1922
Website: www.cebudive.com

Hollywood Room with panorama view

Finding Hollywood Suites
It would not be difficult to find this nice place on Mactan Island. You may use the following address and contact details for your inquiry or booking request.

Address: No. 1 Hollywood Blvd. Bigfoot IT and Media Park, Mactan, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:    +63 32 493 8888

Booking at Hollywood Suites

You can directly book a room at Hollywood’s through this website using Agoda’s booking system.

Agoda Smarter Booking Service is an online booking provider for a hotel room in Cebu and anywhere in the world. Agoda is a world renown and popular online booking service provider due to its quick and easy process.

You can click and directly be linked to their official website safely. Cebu-bluewaters.com is proud to be an affiliate and official partner of this online booking provider and glad to be of service to our valued travelers.

Thank you for your visit to our website. Hopefully this has helped you in some way or another. If you have questions about anything related to Cebu, please send us an email.

Have fun and enjoy your travels.

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