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Cesario Hotel, Mactan Island

The Bellavista Hotel PoolSwimming Pool at Cesario's sister The Bellavista Hotel

Hotel Cesario

Hotel Cesario on Mactan Island is a budget facility. It is a sister hotel to the more upscale The Bellavista Hotel on that same island.

Hotel Cesario has no rooftop swimming pool but its guests are very much welcome to use Bellavista’s pool – including its sauna.

The hotel is on the island where the Cebu Province’s Cebu-Mactan International Airport is located. So, if you are traveling via air you might want to stay at this hotel so as not waste time or miss a flight.

Aside from the proximity to the airport, it is also just less than an hour to Cebu City where you can do business, shop or sight-see places.

At Hotel Cesario is not only a place to relax or sleep but also where you can have your business or organize a conference and other serious meetings.

Now, let’s check out the hotel’s facilities and other resources you can avail for leisure or business on this island.

Facilities & Amenities

Hotel Cesario offers its guests complimentary access to the internet in its public areas, including the coffee shop, conference rooms and business center area. A complimentary access to the internet entails that the place is undoubtedly providing quality service to its valued customers.

Let’s see more about the facilities available at this hotel and its sister hotel The Bellavista Hotel. Here they are…

Restaurant, swimming pool, pool bar, conference and meeting facilities, safety deposit box, wakeup call service, room service, laundry and ironing service, concierge, hotel-airport transfers, WiFi access in the lobby and public areas, car park, security guard, credit card machine, island tour guide arrangement service, among other things.

Of course, Cesario Hotel has a 24-hour Front Desk service in case guests come late at night, leaves early, and when you need something late at night. Certainly, they can also offer something if requested and if available.

Interesting Things to Know or Do

Mactan Island is one of the most popular travel destinations in the province. That’s fundamentally due to the accessibility in terms of transports – airplanes and ships. So, we can say that tourism facilities and resorts are well-established for both local and international guests.

The following are just some of the activities you can do or enjoy with while on the island or at this hotel

Water Activities & Adventures
You can do scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, and anything you can do in the sea. The beaches and resorts on the island and nearby places are fantastic for water activities.

In fact, you don’t need to go out or leave the island to enjoy the sea or beach. Most hotels have private beach resorts at your disposal. All you need to do is pay a day’s charge to enjoy their beaches.

However, if you decide to arrange a water activity, you can, for example do an island hopping with a group. For this activity, you will visit islands, beach resorts and other interesting places. In this package deal you will enjoy sea food, other nice food, drinks, and other part of the package.

In some resorts, you can enjoy the banana ride, water ski, paragliding, among other fun and adventure activities.

Swimming Pools
Just like at The Bellavista Hotel, most medium and upscale hotels and resorts have swimming pools and others have water parks for both adults and children.

Each hotel’s and resort’s pools are unique and are beautifully created with tropical and eclectic designs.

Loungers, chairs, tables, parasols, pool bars, washrooms, snack bars and other facilities are also very accessible close to the pools.

Shopping & Local Products
On Mactan Island and Cebu City, you can easily shop or buy local products nearby. Close to the hotel are shops and malls, such as the Mactan Marina Mall. In Cebu City, you can enjoy shopping at SM Mall, Ayala Center and other huge departments stores.

Mactan Island is also quite famous for local-handmade products such as indoor and outdoor furniture, interior decors, small souvenirs (e.g. bracelets) and musical instruments (guitars).

You can find world-class furniture being exhibited in the island’s hotels like the Mactan Casino Hotel or depending on the program of the furniture organizers.

Historical Places
On Mactan Island you can visit the popular place called Mactan Shrine. This is where you can find the local hero Lapu Lapu’s statue. In this shrine you can also find the arch dedicated to the fallen Purtuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan during the “Battle of Mactan” in the 16th century.

For other nice historical places and structures, you can visit Cebu City where the famous Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, Basilica del Santo Nino, among such sites.

Magellan's CrossMagellan's Cross in Cebu City

Accommodation / Rooms

Hotel Cesario offers two types of comfortable rooms – economy and standard types. Let’s check out their facilities and amenities so that you can judge for yourself and decide if they are good enough for you.

Economy Room
It has two single beds and good only for two guests. It is an air-conditioned room with cable TV, telephone and a bathroom with both hot and cold showers. By the way, a third occupant can squeeze in but should be charged as extra.

Standard Room
It also has two single beds and can accommodate one more occupant for an extra charge. It is also an air-conditioned room with cable TV, telephone, bathroom with hot and cold showers and a hair dryer.

Room Features
In addition to the descriptions per room type aforementioned, each room has each won refrigerator, toiletress, a complimentary newspaper is offered, daily cleanup and housekeeping. For those who are not familiar with the Philippine current voltage, it is 220/240.

Finding Hotel Cesario on Mactan Island

You may use the following address or contact details below for your inquiry or reservation. Please, let us know if the address or contact details have changed.

Address:    M.L. Quezon National Highway, Pusok, Mactan Island, Cebu
Phone: (63 32) 340 0211

Getting to Cebu
If you haven’t been to Cebu Province yet, we can provide you a map guide for your travel plan. Click Getting To Cebu page and you will be shown another page with descriptions about transports.

The page includes airlines that frequents Cebu (or Cebu-Mactan International Airport). The airline carriers mentioned in that page would be coming from other countries or regions. Ships that do business and have offices in Cebu are also included with links to their respective official websites.

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Thank so much for visiting and reading to the end this page. Hopefully, this has helped you find something interesting and useful for your travel or business search.

Please, come and visit from time to time to discover more about the Province of Cebu and its beautiful islands and beaches.

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