Island Eco-tourism Park

Island Eco-tourism Park

Island Eco-tourism Park

Asinan's Island Eco-tourism Park

Island Eco-tourism Park is an environmental initiative by local inhabitants and a local government.

This eco-tourism site is located on Olango Island, an island group just about 20 minutes by an outrigger boat-ride from Mactan Island.

It will take about 25 minutes by bicycle to reach the area from Santa Rosa Port of Olango Island.

There are about 15 families living in this area who are members of the association that promote this environmentally-friendly and eco-tourism resort.

Island Eco-tourism Park

Facilities & Services

As a resort, it does not offer accommodation or rooms for overnight or so stay but only facilities and services for activities for a day.

If you decide to stay overnight (or longer), you are very much welcome to pitch your tent (rental available) in a nice spot in the area.

Let me start with the free offers as you enter and when already inside the site…

Bamboo Bridge Crossing
Yes, I think you need to cross this nice-looking bamboo bridge to cross a small chasm that gently divides masses of land which comprised the resort itself.

This bamboo bridge is about 30 to 40 meters long, if I have to guess.

The first landmass is where you enter the white rough road cutting across the green lawn and gardens. The sides of this road are adorned with tropical plants and flowers which are enjoying the shades of the fully-grown and mature coconut trees.

Island Eco-tourism Park Olango Island

Yes, going back to the bridge… Underneath this bridge is the seawater that comes only during high tide but you can literally cross underneath it during low tide without any trouble at tall.

Aquarium Viewing
The resort has aquariums inhabited with some sea creatures including sea snakes, fishes, corals and others. During my first visit of the place, the aquariums needs some attention for maintenance and clean up (Most probably, they didn’t put much attention then since it was not peak season - this is just a friendly comment!).

Photo Booth Picture/photo taking
There is a place where kids or even adults where they can have photo-taking. These are the places where you can stick-out your faces from the holes of the fish-looking structure.

Parking area
The parking area is the place before crossing the bamboo bridge. It doesn’t look like a parking lot since it is a green lawn with well-trimmed grass.

It presume (since I forgot to ask) that this is the ground where you can pitch your tent for an overnight or two night stay.

Bamboo Bridge in Asinan

For rental facilities

You can avail the for rent facilities if you decide to stay a bit longer to explore and enjoy the site. Here are the simple but fun facilities…

Paddle Boats
To emphasize the purpose of the resort, they decided to only offer boats that do not use a mechanical machine, such a pump-boats, jet-skis and similar facilities.

You will certainly enjoy either paddling alone or with other friends or so around the calm waters. You can explore the area which has mangroves nearby and some islands in a distance.

Table with umbrella
By the water, you can rent a table with an umbrella that you can use for a day. It means that you will get wet, if you want to get wet, while enjoying your chat, meal, drinks or anything you do at all at this site.

Square or rectangular-shaped are also available if you need more space for more members of your group.

Island Eco-tourism Park's Souvenir ShopSouvenir shop at Island Park

Rentals rates and facilities

  • Entrance Fee: P15.00
  • Paddle Boat – 100pesos/hour
  • Round table with umbrella – 75pesos
  • Square table – 50pesos
  • Tent – 100pesos/8hour

To be sure that you have space and facilities available when you come, especially when you have a large group, better book your request ahead of time.

Barangay Asinan's  Eco-tourism Park is full and crowded during peak season – that is during vacation (March to May), Christmas and New Year and other holidays.

A maximum of 50 guests can be accommodated since the place is not that very huge.

Catering service is available as well. You can use the contact details below and near the end of this page for booking and catering services. They will certainly be happy to prepare your requests since they are gestures of support for their mission and vision.

Souvenir Shop
Island Eco-tourism Park has a small nook where you can purchase local products as souvenirs.

There are many things in the nook hanging and lying on top of the table but only some I could recognize, such as native products including necklaces, purses, shirts, among others. You can see them in the photo.

Also, you can buy some simple preserved snacks such as chips, biscuits and some soft drinks.

The place is very peaceful, fresh and relaxing. I would certainly visit the place again to both enjoy the nature and support their visions for environmental and ecological eco- tourism approach.

Island Eco-tourism Park

Finding Island Eco-tourism Park

Address:              Sitio Asinan, Barangay Sabang, Olango Island Group, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, the Philippines
Contact person: Jimmy Glomar at 09192187920
Office Phone:     341-1878

The Organization:
Name: Nagkahiusang Taga Asinan, Sabang Alang sa Kalamboan ug Kinaiyahan (NATAASKKA)
Supported by: KONKA Inc., Sabang & Lapu-Lapu City Government

Thank you for reading to the end this page. Hopefully this helps you find what you have been looking.

Have a great day!

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