Kandugyap House by the Sea

Kandugyap House

Great Kandugypa House By The Sea

Kandugyap House (or Villa Dolores) is a great accommodation located on Bantayan Island, Cebu.

The main building is named after the proprietor, Dolores, a highly respected person in the community who helped her fellow islanders improve their lives. The villa has used to be an exclusive family use only.

However, the family thought it would be great to let guests use their facilities and enjoy the beauty of the island and sea.

The villa itself is well-built with strong materials to withstand strong Southwest monsoon. It is designed by a famous and local architect with an Afro-Mediterranean style – quite fitting for a beach environment.

Fun Activities on Bantayan Island

There are lots of activities and adventures you can enjoy with while on the island. Or, you can choose to do nothing but experience the beauty sitting on the lounger or bench, stroll the seashores or scan the wide open blue sea.

Anyway, here are some of the things you might be interested in…

  • Boat Tours
  • Snorkeling
  • Island Tours
  • Water Sports
  • Scuba Diving
  • Bicycling or Motorcycling, etc.

Most of those activities can be arranged through your resort/hotel and they are also available outside at tour shops, dive shops and all those island tour guide shops.

Better learn in advance or ask your resort regarding such activity offers to get expert advice where to avail and other tips.

Villas & Rooms at Kandugyap House

The resort was opened in 2011 to the public as a private resort with its villa and rooms for rent.

Maria Veronica and Maria Isabel
These are the two bungalow rooms available at this resort. The two bedrooms and connected to each other but divided by a common wall on one side.

The great thing is their location. They are just a few meters or a stone’s throw away from the beach and sea.

Each room has their separate entrance. This accommodation is great for two couples, groups or families.

Each bungalow room has their own bathroom, toilet, hot and cold showers and other toiletries.

For your comfortable holiday, you can enjoy its comfortable bed, air-condition facility, digital TV set, refrigerator and other in-room amenities.

And, you can use your electronic device to contact the internet world since they have a WiFi access.

Villa Dolores
This is the main house with great design and materials making it strong against monsoon winds. It is built with high quality construction materials including hardwoods and modern materials.

The main house has rooms that can accommodate certain number of guests. Here are the capacities for each room and their temporary rates (quoted as of this writing)…

For 2 guests > PhP6,000/night
For 4 guests > Php6,000/night
For 2 guests > PhP4,000/night

Important Information
If you decide to reserve a room, you need to deposit 50% in order to have your room booked. And then you can fully pay the rest when checking in.

If you cancel your reservation 7 day before your arrival for no valid reason at all, your 50% deposit will be charged a surcharge based on your deposit amount. So, better decide well or make a valid reason if you think of cancelling a week before your expected arrival date.

And, if you cancel your reservation 3 day prior your expected arrival, you will be charged 50% surcharge based on your deposit amount.

A management fee of Php500 is required for all refunds.

Finding Kandugyap House by the Sea

Here’s how you can contact the resort if you got interested. Use the address or contact details if you need to inquire or book your room.

Address: Tourist Road, Barangay Pooc, Bantayan Island, Santa Fe, Cebu 6047, Philippines
Phone:    09224060331; 09209026291 or 0922406331 DORIVIC S.G. ESPINA
Email:      kandugyaphouse@gmail.com

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