Kasadya Beach Resort in Ronda


Kasadya is a transliteration of the English word ‘lively’ and other synonyms of the word ‘happy’.

It is happily located, 81 kilometers from Cebu City (capital city), in Barangay Sta Cruz, Ronda Town, Cebu Province, Philippines.

It has the famous 6-kilometer stretch of beach in the area (among the long stretch of beaches in the province).

Kasadya Resort has interesting attic cottages, pavilion with air-conditioning facilities, tree houses, and a restaurant.


At Kasadya Resort, you can surely be ‘lively’ or enjoy your holiday with the following activities, facilities and services…

Tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, shooting range, dive shop, pet zoo, picnic huts, fishpond, arboretum, aquarium, etc.

A more challenging and adrenalin pumping activities are also accessible, including: diving, fishing, biking, horseback-riding, sailing, among many.

Cebu City booking office: Tel: 253-4677.

HOUSES OF ITAC, Studio Calypso

It is an apartment/home type of establishment, located nearby Kasadya beach resort.
Houses of Itac has 2 villas with 3 rooms each, swimming pools, 2 studios, and a bamboo house.

This establishment nestles by the beach of Kasadya, where you can have a panoramic view of the sea and enjoy the beach and its water.

Facilities & Services
Airconditioning facility, WiFi, internet, heating system, TV, elevator, swimming pool, function facility, hot tub, dryer, washer, kitchen, parking lot, gym, intercom, etc.

More Basic Facilities
Houses of Itac is showing its genuine service to guests by providing the necessary tools and facilities that caters not only to able-bodied and physically-fit individuals but also to little kids and physically-challenged individuals…

Smoking area, handicap accessibility, doorman, family/kid friendly, etc.
Terrace, lounge, gardens, among other basic facilities.


Santa Cruz, Kasadya Road, Ronda, Cebu 6034, Philippines
Website: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/995812


Kasadya Aqua Park is a remote and natural resort for lovers of natural environment.
It offers you to explore and discover fun and interesting environment at Kasadya Eco Park.
This eco park is a 30-hectare natural environment filled with green plants where you can enjoy nature activities.

Most visitors come to experience nature with their back packs and with boy scouts and girl scouts’ mindsets.

In this establishment, you can enjoy dining their delicious bangus (milkfish). You can have various dishes of bangus fish that is freshly caught and prepared at their restaurant.

If you love fishing, or want to try catching fish, you will have this experience too and enjoy the feeling of catching fish yourself.


Kasadya Aqua Park offers rooms with sea views. Of course, it is always great to be close to the sea to feel and soothing sound of the breeze and the waves, as well as absorb the healing air and all.

For Single Non-Aircon Room: PhP600
For Double Aircon Room: PhP1200


Telephone: +63.32.472-9199 (TF)
Jandili-og, Sta. Cruz, Ronda/ Cebu City Cebu
Website: kasadyaquapark@yahoo.com

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