Amazing Kawasan Falls

kawasan-fallsA view of Kawasan Falls from above

Cool Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls in Barangay Matutinao, Badian, Cebu, is one of the most a popular natural attractions drawing visitors from both domestic and international backgrounds.

From Cebu City, it takes around 3 hours to reach this Southwestern fresh waterfalls. Specifically, Kawasan is hidden within the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, Badian Municipality. It is also close to Moalboal, a popular beach resort destination in this part of the island.

I was in this area some 20 years ago (gosh!) and I can still remember that there was no structure or anything man-made around or surrounding the biggest waterfall among the three tiers. The whole place was very secluded and you could only hear the falling water and nature making their usual gushing and whispering sounds! Of course, you can still hear birds singing and sometimes monkeys calling these days.

The tour to this place long time ago was not actually for an outing or break. It was part and requirement of our psychology class – staying with the locals and learn from them their ways of relating with their families as people living outside and away from city life. Our whole class of around 60 students was loaded in two buses. I would say it was a great exposure and experience in this once rustic and peaceful tour destination.

Second tier of Kawasan Falls in Badian, CebuSecond Tier of Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Fall in Matutinao, Badian, CebuThird and biggest tier of the falls

Anyhow, I was glad that we had the chance to see this falls and even climbed up to the upper but smaller tiers above the biggest one.

Okay, let’s find out why people love this place…

Amazing Kawasan Waterfalls - The Three Cascades

Just getting to know this attraction, let's describe some of its features here..

First, the last and third tier and the biggest waterfall among the three tiers is the popular one. It has turquoise water which is cool enough to make you feel much better and refreshed after your 15-minute ascend from the base. It is the one that you can see first as you approach the area. Then, you will see a number of small stores and carenderias (makeshift restaurants). The whole picture looks inviting and somewhat mysteriously amazing!

Second, you will or can enjoy swimming the fresh water that comes straight from the bowels of the forest above and surrounding the whole area. The organizers of this attraction created an extension (a concrete elevation) from where you can dive in or rest while your friends are enjoying the waters. Life jackets are available (for rent) to ensure safety especially among children and non-swimmers.

Third, you can do picnic as a day-outing with friends, family or group. You can rent cottages, tables and even rooms for overnight stay. If you prefer, which is also advisable, you can bring with you your own provisions – barbecue, hanging rice, drinks or anything you want to eat and drink in this great place. As you know, people tend to eat more (or drink much more) when in a nice and comfortable (new) place or environment. So, make sure you bring enough, or just buy some more food from the stores/restaurants by the falls.

Fourth, aside from an outing or picnic experience, you can do a bit of hiking by climbing up to the second and first tiers of Kawasan Falls. The surroundings and the whole area is being kept natural and the nature itself being protected and preserved. This environment will give you relaxing and invigorating experience, thus offering a healthy effect as a result.

Certainly, there are more reasons why people visit the place… Discover more of them yourself!

First tier of Kawasan Falls in Badian, CebuFirst tier of the falls forming a nice turqouise pool surrounded by rocks

Simple Facilities & Services

If you want to come light and free, you can do that since you can get all the simple things you need in this attraction. Here, let me describe some of the facilities and things you can rent or buy during your tour at Kawasan Falls.

Close and within the vicinity of the third tier waterfall (the biggest one) are available cottages for rent. You have choices to fit in depending on the number of your group or family members. The rent starts from Php1,500 to 2,500. This rate serves only as a guide and it could change anytime.

Tables and chairs
There are tables and chairs available also for rent are conveniently placed close to the water or where you have a great view of the waterfalls. The table costs around Php500/day.

Rooms for rent
If you want to spend a quiet night and enjoy its environment during the stillness of darkness, you can rent a room. The rooms are cottages with various sizes and accommodation capacity depending on your group number. The rates also vary – from Php800 to Php2000. Take note that this rate could change overtime or without any prior notice from their respective management.

You don’t have to worry about food. Restaurants are available close by or surrounding the waterfalls area. They mostly serve native food while some may serve some Western style but with a Filipino way of preparing them – so don’t be surprised if you don’t get the original taste!

Snacks, drinks, ice, ice water, cold beer, foods, among others are available.

Sari-sari and Souvenir Stores
You will also enjoy inspecting the locally-made handicrafts and other local products being sold at some stores in the area. You can buy some gifts such as necklace beads, bracelets, t-shirts and some house decors made of wood or coconut materials. You may use your skills in bargaining. It would certainly help local livelihood.

If you need to buy some small things – such as candies, bubble gums, medicines, cigarettes, drinks, etc. – you can get them from small sari-sari stores in the area.

kawasan-fallsA couple exploring Kawasan Falls of Badian

Bamboo raft (and life jackets)
This is one of the things you shouldn’t miss renting. There are available proprietors offering this bamboo raft (for Php300) for about 15 minutes short adventure above the turquoise water and under the gushing waterfalls.

When you rent one of these bamboo rafts, men operators will bring you close and under the waterfalls. One ‘scary’ part is when you pass through under the huge rock and come out under the huge waterfalls. You will certainly enjoy its strong massage and get refreshed.

Getting There
If you are coming from Cebu City, take a bus from South Bus Terminal in the city that will take around 3 hours.

If you are coming from Moalboal Town, the nearest popular travel and beach destination in the area, it will only take around 40 minutes by bus or less for private vehicles.

Since there is a parking area, you can bring your own ride. An entrance fee of Php10 will be collected in the vicinity.

Thanks so much for visiting this page and hope this helps your search. Have a cool and fantastic visit to Kawasan Falls!

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