Kyleville Resort Bar Restaurant,
Dalaguete Municipality


Kyleville Resort is a great facility located in a secluded place in Dalaguete Municipality of Cebu, Philippines.

The establishment is geared towards providing high quality services through the resort’s facilities and environment.

Kyleville Resort Bar Restaurant is a great place for relaxation and fun activities.

Dalaguete Municipality is almost in the southernmost tip of the province where famous resorts and nice beaches can be found.

It takes around 3 hours to get to Kyleville but the scenery along the highway—blue sea, beaches, coconuts, towns, century-old churches—would be enough to forget time travel.

Let’s check out some features of Kyleville Resort…


Kyleville offers interesting facilities and services. Some of them can be easily accessed in the cities but your experience in this special place could be different. Here are some of them:

Yes, it is a bar. But it is not just a bar because most bars are located inside buildings. This one here is located on the ROOFTOP on this building.

Swimming Pool
Kyleville Resort has a swimming pool. One is located right in the middle of the resort’s buildings while the other one is outside the buildings.

The one inside is where banquets and other events can be held. You are required to use swimming trunks or swimsuits only when using the facility.

Entrance Fees: Adult PhP100 & 50 for a child from 12 years old and below
Table Fee: Php200
Time: 8AM to 10PM, Monday to Sunday

Jacuzzi is also available for those who love chattering and soaking in a round shape facility.


You have choices of rooms depending on your needs and preferences. Here are the rooms available…

Deluxe Premium
It is equipped with a queen size bed for single or double occupants. And, it has TV, air-conditioner, hot and cold showers, and a veranda that has a view of the pool area. Rate: PhP1,298.

Deluxe Premium
This room has two single beds and offers similar amenities as the one mentioned above. (Probably intended for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by each other…)

Deluxe Room
This has only one bed and offers hot and cold showers, air-con, and a veranda with a view of the pool area. The rate is more than Php1000.

Standard Room
This room has a queen size bed for one or two occupants. It is equipped with air-conditioner and cold & hot showers.

Economy Room
This is for single occupancy only for Php998. It is with air-con and cold/hot showers.

This room has a queen size bed for single or double occupancy. It is equipped with air-condition machine, hot and cold showers, and a veranda has offers a nice view of the pool area.

Function Halls
Kyleville accepts events or any social gatherings that you might want to happen in this facility.

And, if you love pizza you might want to have a pizza party at Kylevillle’s that also serves Alberto’s pizza. I luv pizzas myself!


Address: Osmena Avenue, Lalin Poblacion, Dalaguete, Cebu 6022, Philippines
Phone: (+63) (032)484-8950
Mobile: (+63) (0)916 333 0339 or 093 2877 2762


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