Lagunde Beach Resort in Oslob


Lagunde Resort is located in one of the famous southernmost part of Cebu’s municipality---Oslob, Philippines.

Oslob is a town where the newly-discovered tourist attraction is situated. The resort itself is established close to Tan-awan where the whale sharks make their home.

Lagunde Beach Resort is one of the nice facilities located close  to where one can find the whale sharks.

Local and foreign visitors travel to this area to enjoy the beach resorts and most especially to watch or swim with these gentle giants.

Among other fun activities being offered by Lagunde Beach Resort, whale watching could be the most interesting experience you can have in this area.

It will take you around 3 hours to reach Oslob from Cebu City via buses, vans, taxis, motorbikes on a highway. But don’t worry since you can see nice views of beaches, towns, old churches, coconut… along the way!


In this part of the province, you can enjoy loads of relaxing and fun activities depending on your taste and preferences.

Among the many things you can do in Oslob area, the following should be the top of your choices…

Whale Shark Watching
Yes, this is one of the attractions you should not miss in this place. Tanawan Barangay (township) is the place where this tourism facility is being established. The fishermen in the area organized themselves to protect these gentle giant fishes while at the same time make a living by providing tourists such service.

CLICk here to go to the page for whale shark watching page.

Safety measures and other details about watching these marvelous fishes are available in the facility. To watch the whale sharks closely, you need to take the small boats (non-motorized) with your boat operator to bring you where the giant fishes are swimming are feeding.

Whale Shark Watching in Oslob is one of Cebu's popular attractions.

You can swim with them but you are not allowed to get too close, to touch, to take photos, nor ride on them. Anyways, you will be briefed before you start your exciting adventure!

To watch the whale sharks closely, you need to pay around Php300 for the guide service and safety gears included.

Swimming & Snorkeling
Of course, you can swim, snorkel or do anything fun on the beach of Lagunde. This is exactly the very purpose of the facility—relax, swim, sunbathe, play beach games, eat, drink, sleep & nap, daydream…

Tumalog Falls
This is an interesting place to visit, which is located not far from the resort itself. You can spend a couple of hours or a day while having a barbecue or picnic; or enjoy the cool and refreshing fresh water of the falls.
You have to take the habal-habal ride (motorbike) to get to the falls for about Php100 per person.

Sumilon Island
This island is one of the most popular islands in the area. This island itself is a resort providing upscale facilities and services. However, you don’t need to get into that facility since you can visit the island and enjoy its nice view and white beach and water.
Lagunde offers a pump boat ride to its guests to see the island for Php200 per person.

Swimming Pool
Yes, the resort has a swimming pool for those who prefer the freshwater (treated). It has a poolside bar where you can get your drinks and snacks while enjoying the water and chatting away with your friends, family, or loved ones.

The pool has 3 to 6 and a half feet deep, which means that both children and adults can avail the pool safely. Just make sure your kids have safety gears—floats or life jackets.
Other facilities by the pool include: store, seats for relaxation, tables, etc.


Lagunde Beach Resort has various rooms available depending on the number and preferences of the guest(s). Let’s check out some features of these rooms…

Private Resthouse (Hannah House)
This is good for 5 to 10 persons, which means great for friends or families to stay in. this rest house has two air-conditioned bedrooms complete with blankets and pillows, of course. You can request for more blankets or pillows if necessary.

A huge receiving room (or restroom) is part of the house where you can do games or something fun, or just rest and talk about life! A cable television is available in this room only.

If the house is rented, it is fully exclusive and with other facilities and amenities you can freely use, including: kitchen gas range, dining wares, refrigerator, among other necessities for your vacation or holiday.
There is no corkage charge for food you bring in but the drinks.

The rate for this facility per night is P5000.00 as of this writing. So, please check with the management for any changes of rent rates or anything at all.

Other House
You can also book a house good for 6 to 8 people for only Php3,500 a night. This is a very cheap and affordable offer for a group who want to enjoy its services and the available natural and manmade facilities in the area. Towels are provided for free at Lagunde Beach Resort.

Other basic facilities and amenities are available including TV and air-conditioning set.


Address: Lagunde, Oslob, Cebu, the Philippines
Phone: (+63) (0)93 3612 1896


It is not difficult to get to Lagunde Resort but time travel may be longer if you start from Cebu City. However, if you love traveling and watching natural environment, then getting there would be fun and a learning experience for you.
So, let me tell you some means to get there…

You can rent a car or van (or V-Hire) from Cebu City for around  4 to 5 thousand pesos. Make sure you agree the rate first before leaving so as to prevent misunderstandings. It would take around 3 hours to get there.

If you take the van from the South V-Hire Terminal, you can pay Php250 only. However, this will make a few stops to drop other passengers along the way, which means that it could take more than three hours compared to rented one.

This is another way to getting to Oslob and a budget means. You can take the air-conditioned bus (Php160) or the non-air-con one (Php120). Go to the South Bus Terminal to get this bus that leaves every 30 minutes for air-con bus and every hour for the non-air-con bus.


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A motorized outrigger boat that is commonly used to transport passengers or for island tours. Cebu Beach.

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