Luhod Green Mountain Resort & Spa

Luhod Green Mountain Resort

luhod-green-mountain-resort-spring-spaLuhod Green Mountain Resort's pool view (photo credit: Lovelljean)

luhod Green mountain resort

Luhod Green Mountain Resort is an amazing transformation of what used to be a vast tract of vacant land now turned into a beautiful getaway resort with artful craft.

It is clandestinely situated between the unfamiliar and green surroundings of Luhod Mountain. If you wish to get away for a while from your busy life or just enjoy the silence and communicate with nature, this might be your place of repose. 

Green surroundings, tranquil atmosphere, hiking trails, swimming pool, accommodation and other services are enough to get what you need in this abode.

As you start scanning this article, let me introduce briefly the services available at this resort as in the following…

mountain facilities and spring services

The Spring and Swimming Pool

One of the prizes you will be awarded for when at this resort is not only the rejuvenating oxygen from the saturating greens all around you but also the refreshing spring water that flows into the pool coming out from the bosom of the spring mountain. 

The spring water gathered together embraced by the pool. The rhythm of the spring water can be heard creating an emerald green water. You would surely not dare to say no to the tempting view of it and would not hesitate for even a millisecond to take a plunge in the forest cold emerald green water. 

Vintage Cottage

The environment of the pool is creatively designed to make you feel all the more amazed and at home at the same time. Beside the swimming pool, you will find a nicely built Vintage Cottage where you can just settle down and relax – maybe dining and drinking your favorites drink or coffee (or tea). 

Creatively designed, while you are sitting and enjoying the cottage, you can dip your feet into the flowing cool spring water underneath the table. Fantastic idea, isn’t it?

green-mountain-resort-spring-spaA vintage cottage by the pool (photo credit: Lovelljean)

A Garden

Just adjacent to the swimming pool you will discover a small garden with a pond that supports the lives of water creatures including the sweet looking water lilies. Endemic plants, climbing shrubs, ferns, and some flowering plants abound in this small garden. 

The water that supports the pond comes from the pool itself – a smart use of resources to add more value and beauty of the whole paradise. 

Massage Service

If you want to get relieved from your stresses and somehow healed from the symptoms of a harsh life outside this paradise, you can avail the resort’s massage service. The massage area is located just a few steps from the swimming pool – a perfect place to feel relax and get pampered not only by nature but also by the healing touch of the local masseur. 

Playground & Campsite

Of course, if you are bringing your family with you including your children (and not so young children), you can enjoy the spacious environment where you can freely play any games. 

In this area, you can find swings where your kids and the kids at heart people can swing. 

You will also notice that there is a camping site for those who prefers to sleep and camp out instead of being ‘imprisoned’ by four walls of the modern houses. 

Sauna Facility

Filipino culture is not a culture that takes seriously the use and creation of sauna bathhouses (or public facilities) that you can easily find in such countries as Japan, Korea, Russia and many places. That is because we are a tropical country and we have the sun all year-round.

Now, making it short, you can enjoy Luhod Mountain Resorts sauna facility. If you want to learn about the health benefits of enjoying sauna (too hot for me though!) you can ask Mr Google or Mr Estrada (proprietor of the resort). 

barili-green-mountain-resort-saunaSauna room at Green Mountain Resort, Luhod, Barili (photo credit: Lovelljean)

accommodation / rooms available

Huts / Cottages

Yes, you can also spend quality time with your family members, friends or colleagues under the comfortable canopy of the hut, which is strategically built around the beautiful corners of the resort. 

Aside from the comforts described above, you can also take comfort in the cozy lounge of the resort. It is where you can share stories and random talks with everyone with you.


Some people cannot sleep well when they are away from the comforts of their familiar and private room. However, it might be different this time when you are at this resort. The whole atmosphere will make you feel at home, and so you will have no trouble at all sleeping quietly and comfortably at their accommodation. 

Fantastic private cottages and rooms are at your disposal if you want them. 

Of course, you won’t enjoy anything that is beautiful if your stomach is empty. In South Korea, a saying goes: The beautiful Golden Mountain is no beauty at all when you are hungry for food. 

Yes, you can have a space for cooking your favorite dish at the resort’s kitchen area. Kitchen utensils are also available. 

Accepting Reservations

As a resort with this caliber, you can hold any event by enjoying its services. You can book for any family, social or business activities including vacations, short breaks, reunions, all parties, team-building, retreats and any gathering at all. 

Quick Rates:

  • Good for 8 guests: PhP2800; air-conditioned room, free pool and kitchen, free transport service
  • Good for 3 guests: PhP1500; overnight cottage stay, free pool and kitchen, free transportation service
  • Sauna Room: PhP250/hour

finding luhod green mountain resort

Please, make use of the information below if you want to further your inquiry about the resort. Also, to be helpful to other users as well, please let us know if there are any changes in the information below.

Address: Barangay Luhod, Barili

Contact Info: 

Phone: 0933-434-3422 (Mr Carlo Estrada)

Getting to Green Mountain Spring Farm Resort and Spa

Green Mountain Spring Resort is about 8 kilometers away from the town proper of Barangay Luhod. At this stage, you will still pass through a bumpy ride leading to the resort. However, all your troubles will be paid off, and every discomfort of your travel because what lies ahead is a small paradise in the midst of this wilderness.

The suggestion is that you take the route which starts off in Barangay Gunting, an easier road compared with the many other routes heading to the resort.

Thank you so much for reading through this page. If you find it helpful and exciting, please leave a short message below.

Have a great journey.

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